Baby Dumping Causes and Effects Essay Example
Baby Dumping Causes and Effects Essay Example

Baby Dumping Causes and Effects Essay Example

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  • Published: November 24, 2016
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Young minds think differently towards sex. The guys think its fun and the girls think that it will strengthen their relationship towards their boyfriends. Some ladies made it a business to save them from poverty, under estimating the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancy is the result of careless decision and unprotected sex. Due to immaturity, teenage mother tried to escape from the consequences for them to commit abortion or to dump the baby somewhere upon giving birth.

In Malaysia, increasing cases of Baby Dumping has been reported to reach alarming rate that calls the attention of the Authorities. Baby Dumping have more implications comparing to Abortion. Without proper medical care, the mother could loss massive amount of blood, injuries on her vaginal area during delivery and lack of sanitation will make her pro


ne to infection. The infant in the other hand, has low mortality rate without proper medical attention and proper care upon abandonment.

Likewise, if the infant managed to survive, the child should be of tender care to avoid the extreme behaviors brought by the parent’s abandonment. According to the research of Hugh McKinney (2007) Sexual Health Research demonstrates that teenagers are well informed about sex education and contraception. However, addressing this issue among teenagers with the use of vulgar languages or direct terms to specifically explain the matter is quite embarrassing that’s why according to the research of Carolyn Lester (2002) and Alexandra Allen (2003) sex education vary considerably in quality and content.

Lack of discussion about the matter may lead to misconception of certain information and unanswered question may lead to blin

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decisions. Religion plays a vital role in our moral values towards our self and towards life. Each life is sacred according to the Catholic’s belief. Life should be respected and taken cared of. As values, each and every religion follows their religious laws to maintain righteousness and to maintain their dignity. For Muslims, behavior is the fundamental mortalities of Islam.

The proper way of addressing the problem is to suppress all the reasons that caused the problem. And the moral values of Buddhism states to be kind to all creatures of love and respect for all other creatures that have the right to live. Lacking of religious values may direct an individual to immoral acts that results to improper behavior. Easy access of pornography and lacking of guidance from parents affects the teenager’s behavior. According to Dr.

Ismail Thamby (Bermana,2010) “young people will not think of the consequences and will be easily driven by factors that influenced them such as pornography and lack of religious beliefs”. Also, negligent parents are unaware of their child’s situation and behavior. Thus, parents not only have to pay attention to their children activities and whereabouts but also setting limitations will minimize their children’s misbehavior. Deaths of this abandoned children can be minimized by sending them to institution that could give them shelter and proper care.

The National Government, Non-Government Organizations and the Charity Institutions set up orphanages to provide care and foster parents for these children whose biological parents were unable to raise them. The process of adaption will take place legally for the abandoned children to have legal rights and identity of their adopted parents.

An individual, regardless of gender should be well equipped with awareness and consequences of their own action. Not only that, but also taking responsibility for the action they have made. Baby Dumping is a serious crime that could lead to death of exposed child.

There are laws that protect these innocent children. Authorities should take action and the community should spread awareness to prevent the increasing number of Baby Dumping Cases. Teenagers should take control of their actions and think carefully before making any decisions. Parents on the other hand, should be aware of their children situation. An open conversation will enable them to give proper advice and share their children’s thoughts. All of us needs love and care, so as these innocent infants abandoned in the streets.

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