The needs of society Essay Example
The needs of society Essay Example

The needs of society Essay Example

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  • Published: October 2, 2017
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Sensitivity and consciousness to the demands of society helps governments of educational establishments guide pupils toward success non merely for themselves but for their state every bit good. Reading about the No Child Left Behind Act ( NCLB ) and the connexions of Human Resource Development with vocational preparation reinforces my belief that instruction is simply reassigning cognition. Understanding the demands of society helps decision makers of educational establishments organize our ain plans that would take towards the success of instruction as a tool for America’s economic domination.

However. upon reading intelligence such as the one by USATODAY. com’s Richard Benedetto ( 2003 ) . my ain negative belief in the NCLB has been reinforced. My experience showed me that kids have their ain strengths and failings that do non


ever affect faculty members. NCLB seems to be an ideal political move but it has uneffective because of its incorrect rules. The existent causes of pupil academic failure most of the clip is rooted on household issues. What NCLB and those who are interested in making a good work force for the USA must see is that success has to cover with more than merely academic and accomplishments preparation.

How of import are faculty members and accomplishments developing compared to the ingraining of moral values? If No Child must be Left Behind. so what sort of criterions can we practically create when kids are persons who have their ain failings and strengths that are non ever academic based? Gary Becker ( 1992 ) . Nobel Prize Winner. believes that employees can merely be true assets of a company if they are non merely trained with accomplishments bu

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besides if they learn how to cover with their colleagues…a subject non mentioned in the articles that keep concentrating on the demands of the future labour force.

With households disinterested in academic success for kids and companies disregarding the thought that workers win if they have better relationships. does the job truly lie on the establishments built or the precedences our state has truly learned to put importance on?


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