Movie Review. Dead Poets’ Society Essay Example
Movie Review. Dead Poets’ Society Essay Example

Movie Review. Dead Poets’ Society Essay Example

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  • Published: May 28, 2018
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Dead Poets' Society is an inspiring movie, with truly memorable quotes, and great acting. John Keating is a teacher who believes in more then just teaching about what is in the book, he believes in teaching about life, to live each day to your fullest and to follow your dreams. The English teacher stretches his students minds, when he lectures he actively engages them as he discusses new concepts and gain new understandings from each other's perspectives. His unorthodox methods of teaching makes everyone realize the importance of taking charge of your life and make a stand for what you believe.

The overarching principle of the Mr. Keating's teaching philosophy is “Carpe Diem”, usually translated as “seize the day”. Carpe diem is an emphasis on the value of each moment, expressing appreciation for the opportu


nities found in every day’s life. Mr. Keating tells his class that he wants them to learn to think for themselves. Marcus Aurelius would say “The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts; therefore guard accordingly”. With Mr. Keating poetry has nothing to do with rhyming: poetry becomes pure artistic expression, freedom of expression.

When he says “let go, just say what comes into your head” the student suddenly becomes able to magically create great poetry. The spirit of poetry is in their souls, it is the spirit of carpe diem, it is like a candle in some boys and fire in others. The young boys had been taught to conform to some one else's plan, and put their beliefs aside. The brave English teacher brings passion, warmth, and humor into his students’ life, to stand up for their

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convictions throughout their lives no matter how hard it may prove, and how much the opposing forces deny the basic truth.

His encouragement of individualism leads to dramatic consequences for one of his students. Neil Perry learns to follow his own dreams and ambitions. He disregard his father's authority, and decides to act in a students’ play. Confronted by the authoritarian father, who wants him to become a doctor, he commits suicide because he is unable to figure out a different way to achieve his dream. He cannot stand up to his dream and convince his father to change the desires and ambitions he has for him. Parents should not put so much pressure on their children and should let them take their decisions. When Mr.

Keating tells the students about the Dead Poets' Society , he encourages them to engage in collaborative tasks to achieve specific goals. In fact, the first meeting of the renewed Dead Poet Society is a tremendous success. The boys really gets into reading poetry, reciting it with passion; they read a verse of Henry David Thoreau about “going to the woods” in order “to live deliberately, to live deep and suck out the marrow of life, so that when they come to die they would not discover that they had not lived at all. ” At this meeting the students are performing in a level normally not attainable in independent work.

This partecipation is what Vygotsky called “the zone of proximal development”: the students participate in authentic interaction outside the classroom and they are able to achieve a certain outcome; in the wood the boys feel the real and deep spirit of

poetry, the “carpe diem” This movie educates students to always take the opportunities in life. It has not only touched my heart and brought me to tears, but I think it is a tribute to the teaching profession, because it inspires me to be a better teacher, a better mother, and hopefully to have a lifelong impact on my own children and students’ life.

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