Writing and Path Builder Essay Example
Writing and Path Builder Essay Example

Writing and Path Builder Essay Example

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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The results of the My Foundations Lab Path Builder were as follows: After completing the Writing Learning Path Builder, it provides suggestions for further expanding knowledge in areas where performance was not strong. However, it did not display the next suggested steps for me to take, as it indicated that I have mastered all available subjects.

How can the accomplishments be applied to your academic and professional life? Throughout my academic life, I will need to utilize these accomplishments in order to complete assignments. It would be impossible for me to hand in an assignment with poor grammar and punctuation and still expect to receive a high grade. Additionally, I will eventually have to write an essay or something similar for a major class. How can one compose an essay without proper sentence skills? These skills are essential for ach


ieving good grades.

In my professional life, the skills I acquired in the Writing Path Builder are highly valuable. These include sentence skills and the craft of writing.

Punctuation, mechanics, and spelling are important skills that should be applied in everyone's professional life.

Having inadequate spelling and grammar abilities can greatly affect your prospects of securing a well-paid job with benefits. The outcomes of the Writing Path Builder might have caught you off guard, but personally, I was quite amazed by my own results. While I felt sure about most of my responses, there were a few that left me unsure. These are the areas where I would need to concentrate on enhancing. Nevertheless, finishing the path builder and getting confirmation that I had accomplished all the challenging skills was an immensely rewarding experience.

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