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* What were the results of your My Foundations Lab Path Builder? After finishing my Writing Learning Path Builder in My Foundations Lab. it suggests what the following stairss for you would be to farther spread out your cognition in the countries you didn’t make so good in. It did non demo me the following suggested stairss I needed to take as it says I have mastered all the available subjects. * How make the accomplishments apply to your academic life?

Throughout my academic life I will necessitate these accomplishments to use them to an assignment that I will hold to make. I can non turn in an assignment with hapless grammar or punctuation and anticipate to be able to have a high class. Besides at some point I will hold to compose an essay or something for a major class. And how can one compose an essay if they don’t have the proper sentence accomplishments? Without these accomplishments I do non see anyone acquiring a good class. * How make the accomplishments apply to your professional life?

The accomplishments that I completed in the Writing Path Builder were: Sentence accomplishments. The Craft of Writing. Punctuation. Mechanics. and Spelling. These are all of import accomplishments that need to be applied in everybody’s professional life. What sort of employer would desire a individual working for them that could non spell or organize a complete punctuated sentence? Without these accomplishments you can reason that you will non hold a high paying occupation with benefits. * Were you surprised by the consequences? Why or why non?

I was really surprised by my consequences in the Writing Path Builder. I was really confident in most of my replies but there were besides a few that I was a small weary of on. And those would be the 1s I would necessitate to work on a small more. But to complete the way builder and it to state me I have mastered all the accomplishments it challenged me with was an astonishing feeling.

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