The Mystery Of Reincarnation Essay Example
The Mystery Of Reincarnation Essay Example

The Mystery Of Reincarnation Essay Example

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  • Published: March 22, 2022
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One of the mysteries baffling the minds of human beings since humanity came into existence is the idea of reincarnation which in a literal sense means to take on the flesh one more time. As civilization has evolved over time, beliefs got disseminated and discriminated in some religions. A considerable minority of people from the Western part of the world believe in reincarnation, although they do not belong to the religions which teach about it. This relationship about their beliefs to their personal identity is open to discussion. In parts of the world where reincarnation has is allowed, three forms of pre-natal and post-natal identity can be identified; The continuing soul, the dissolution of the soul and family identity. Similar perceptions within the modern West might be referred to as modern, postmodern and family based. This paper considers


three types of evidence; stories which are contained in Reincarnation International magazine, everyday conversations and an interview study of twenty children and thirty-two adults. It is convincing that, the understanding of the processes of reincarnation of close family members which is found in some American, African tribes and the known Hindu religion may be something which is unusual in another part of the world like Britain. Also, it is clear that people play with past identities which cannot be easily matched with postmodern theories concerning the soul. Also, the past characters which have been constructed bear a strong likeness to current identities which may be considered part of the modernist development of the self. In this paper, the description of reincarnation has been given as it has been perceived by some religions and various new religious movement

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based on the research evidence.


"The Reincarnation of James, the Submarine Man" by Rick Brown reveals how the concept of reincarnation has been in existence both in the past and present. This text is about a U.S submarine which was sunk in depth and destroyed by "Amatsukaze" a Japanese destroyer in the year 1942 (Brown 1). Everyone on board including James Edward drowned but his spirit was later reincarnated in the body of Bruce Kelly in the year 1953. In hypnosis, Kelly appears to have a vivid and clear memory of the past life as James. A description of this past life is given in 1987 during a soothing regression of a patient who was being treated for claustrophobia and a fear of water. This paper is an evidence of reincarnation in the past where memories of a life lived in the past is uncovered in the present during a hypnotic regression.

Textual Connections

In this text, the past of James reveals how science and technology and the beliefs of reincarnation have evolved over time. The war setting in the American society, from the past the American's have used submarines and other types of advanced tools and equipment to go into war. Also, a therapist, who through hypnotic regression can uncover the past of a soldier who died during a war in the year 1942 whose soul, has been reborn in the life of another person. Through this text, the existence of reincarnation and technology of America has been revealed.

Textual connections summary

Research shows that American beliefs on reincarnation have existed in the past. It also concludes that American and technology has evolved over time. This text shows how

therapists' have been using of hypnotic regression to collect data of memories from their patients. It is also evident from this hypnosis that American's use of submarine and such advanced warfare equipment is something that has remained constant. The evolvement of American beliefs about reincarnation has been disseminated and discriminated into some religions. This journal is appropriate for science and history students who are interested in uncovering the mysteries surrounding reincarnation and science and how it has changed over time.

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  1. Brown, Rick. "The reincarnation of James: The submarine man." The Journal of Regression Therapy, V,(1) (1991): 62-71.
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