The Filipino and the Drunkard Essay Example
The Filipino and the Drunkard Essay Example

The Filipino and the Drunkard Essay Example

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  • Published: April 1, 2018
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The Filipino and the Drunkard In the story "The Filipino and the Drunkard" by William Cesarean, a young Fillip ion and a war veteran begin to have conflict. In the beginning, the young Filipino wanted no trouble, but the war veteran was drunk and kept harassing the boy. Soon, it escalated to the y nouns Filipino hiding. When he hid, the drunkard began banging on the door, telling him to g et out or he'll come in. The Filipino, Of course, got mad. He wasn't mad because the drunkard d was chasing him, but because he was scared of him.

Pulling out his knife, he told him to baa k off and there won't be any trouble. Unfortunately, the drunkard didn't back off and in the e rid, he had gotten stabbed. However, he didn't go out without a fight. Tr


ying to choke the young boy for hurting him, he died. Now, people knew what was going on. They knew the Filipino boo y was getting harassed and threatened by a war veteran who was drunk.

Yet, they didn't do anything. And that's what began the downfall. Those people who witnessed everything, they knew they could've stopped it. However, they didn't. They were either too scared, nervous, or they thought it wasn't their pr bobble.

In all onsets though, they could've prevented from a man dying and a young boy room becoming a murderer.

So whose fault is it really? Personally, think it's all of their faults. The Filipino for not controlling his anger r, the drunkard for drinking too much, and the people who witnessed everything but still din' t do anything abou

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it. Everyone in the story contributed whether they thought so or not. M costly, I think its the people who didn't do anything about it. They could've done something.

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