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Business Decision Support System Educational Technology Images Natural Language Processing Nominal Group Technique Technology
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Interpersonal Communication Linguistics Nominal Group Technique Transactional Model Of Communication
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Business Management Decision Analysis Decision Support System Nominal Group Technique Strategic Decision Making
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Business Management Change Management Process Marketing Nominal Group Technique Public Relations Sports Marketing
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Group Psychology Nominal Group Technique Organizational Behavior Social Identity Theory
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1980s And 1990s Business Management First Line Managers Management Nominal Group Technique Time And Motion Studies
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Business Management Full Time Workers Human Resource Planning Nominal Group Technique Occupational Health And Safety
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Cause And Effect Nominal Group Technique Quantitative And Qualitative
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Group Decision Making Nominal Group Technique Project Life Cycle Project Scope Statement
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Business Decision Analysis Decision Making Process Nominal Group Technique The Environment
Unit 3 Economy – Flashcards 119 terms
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Conflict Conflict Management Hire And Fire Knowledge And Expertise Limited Decision Making Nominal Group Technique
MAN320F Final – Flashcards 40 terms
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Business Management Change Management Process History of the Americas Nominal Group Technique
MGT 3013 – Flashcards 125 terms
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125 terms
An advantage of using the nominal group technique is that:
it encourages participation from everyone.
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nominal group technique (NGT)
a group of problem-solving method in which group members write down and evaluate ideas to be shared with the group
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Peter is assigned to manage a causeway construction project. He is conducting a Facilitated Workshop with all the key stakeholders to gather the project’s requirements. During the meeting a lot of ideas are generated, one leading to another. It is very easy to lose track of all these ideas when there is a large group of participants. Which graphical analysis technique should Peter use to help document the ideas being generated, as well as connecting them together so that the trail is not lost? A.) Brainstorming B.) Nominal Group Technique C.) Affinity Diagram D.) Mind Map
Correct answer is D Explanation: Brainstorming and Nominal Group Techniques are not graphical analysis techniques. Although the Affinity Diagram is a type of graphical analysis technique, this technique sorts different ideas into groups but does not record their trail. A Mind Map is a diagram that spawns from a point and records each idea as a branch of its parent idea, and therefore records the trail. Reference: PMBOK Guide 5th Edition, page 115
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Mary is assigned to carry out a manufacturing process improvement project. The process to be improved involves a number of departments, and soliciting everyone’s input is essential for the success of the project. Mary wants to define the project requirements and thinks that carrying out individual one-on-one interviews with the key cross-functional stakeholders will be too time-consuming. She decides to invite the key stakeholders to a meeting where they can all share their ideas and expectations. This would not only save time for Mary, but also result in better requirements definitions for her project. Which requirements gathering technique is Mary planning to use? A.) Focus Group B.) Facilitated Workshop C.) Nominal Group Technique D.) Delphi Technique
Correct answer is B Explanation: Mary is planning to invite key stakeholders and not the subject matter experts. Therefore it isn’t a Focus Group because that requires the presence of pre-qualified stakeholders and subject matter experts to help ‘understand’ the project requirements. What Mary is doing is an example of a Facilitated Workshop where the key stakeholders, who indirectly own the project, ‘define’ the project requirements. There is a very subtle difference between the two techniques. During Focus Group meetings, the idea is to obtain subject matter experts’ opinions on a product’s requirements and other details. A Facilitated Workshop is used to collect the project’s requirements, based on the expectations of the key stakeholders. Reference: PMBOK Guide 5th Edition, page 114
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Brainstorming, affinity grouping, and nominal group techniques are tools and techniques used during performance improvement initiatives to facilitate ____________ among employees. Communication Knowledge Quality improvement Cooperation
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