1.02 Understand career opportunities in marketing to make career decisions

Identify types of businesses that offer careers in marketing.
Almost all type of business have their marketing careers
Identify some of the types of careers
manufacturing, retail, wholesale, transportation services, community/social services, education, etc. Those are some examples of them.
What is the great things about marketing
its it a function that is need in all company in business. SO that will also bring alot of jobs.
Marketing research
learn about the markets and what influences customers’ purchasing decisions.
reach out and attract customers
Product management
functions pertaining to the product component of the marketing mix.
channel management
influencing the customer to purchase
store management
Service marketing
marketing intangibles
Customer service
satisfying customers
Public relations
improving the company’s image
What are some of the traits and skills need in the marketing career
Honest and trustworthy, Knowledgeable,
Enthusiastic, Technically savvy, Reliable, Self-motivated and goal oriented
What is a very important trait more important then all this.
Communication skills (communication is at the center of all marketing activities)
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