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Change Management Process General Accounting Office Management
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Change Management Process Customer Service Representative Voice Over Internet Protocol
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Business Management Change Management Process Marketing Nominal Group Technique Public Relations Sports Marketing
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Change Management Process
Ch. 11 – Security and Personnel – Flashcards 43 terms
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Business Management Change Management Process History of the Americas Nominal Group Technique
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What are the objectives of the change management process?
1. to ensure that the evolution of the system is controlled and that the most urgent and cost-effective changes are prioritized 2. Process of analyzing the costs and benefits of proposed changes, approving those changes that are cost-effective, and tracking which components in the system have been changed
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Managing the adoption and implementation of new processes is called: Management by design Change management Process flow implementation Visioning
Change management
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9. During a project team meeting, a team member suggests an enhancement to the scope that is beyond the scope of the project charter. The project manager points out that the team needs to concentrate on completing all the work and only the work required. This is an example of: A. Change management process B. Scope management C. Quality analysis D. Scope decomposition
Answer B The team member is suggesting an enhancement that is outside the scope of the project charter. Scope management involves focusing on doing the work and only the work in the project management plan that meets the objectives of the project charter. The project manager is performing scope management.
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