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Anatomy And Physiology Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes
Surgery: The Breast – Flashcards 107 terms
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Linda Lynch
107 terms
Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes Dentistry
GI – Oropharyngeal Pathology – Flashcards 82 terms
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Andrew Hubbs
82 terms
Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes
Lymph system – Flashcards 25 terms
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Pedro Huang
25 terms
Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes
Immuno: lymphatic drainage – Flashcards 24 terms
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Charles Clay
24 terms
Anesthesia Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes Medical/Clerical Assisting Neuromuscular Blocking Drugs
Assessment: Anesthesia Preoperative Evaluation and Assessment – Flashcards 138 terms
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Steven Colyer
138 terms
Which muscle needs to be made more prominent on a patient to achieve effective palpation of the region where the superior deep cervical lymph nodes are located
Sternocleidomastoid muscle
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