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Acid Fast Stain Gi Tract Gram Positive Rods
COMLEX Level 2 Infectious Disease and Antibiotics (First Aid Step 1 Edition) – Flashcards 63 terms
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Acid Fast Stain
Micro II-A – Flashcards 72 terms
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Acid Fast Stain Parasitology
Electron Transport Chain Microbiology Flashcard Machine 70 terms
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Acid Fast Stain Cell Mediated Immune Response Gram Positive Cocci
OCTC-Micro-Chapter 19 – Flashcards 197 terms
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Acid Fast Stain Cell Membrane
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Acid Fast Staining steps and dyes usedWhat color is positive and negative?
1. Application carbolfuchsin (primary stain)2. Heat (mordant)3. Acid Alcohol (decolorizer)4. Methylene Blue (counterstain)-Pink = +-Blue = –
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acid fast stain: what does it stain, what do the colors indicate
stains LPS or mycolic acid layers
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What are the steps for acid fast staining?
primary stain (carbolfuchsin red) for 5 minutes then rinse, decolorizer (HCl, alcohol), and then counterstain with methylene blue or malachite green for 1-3 minutes
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How does the acid fast stain work?
Mycolic acid in mycobacteria cell wall binds to basic fuchsin and cannot be washed out by treatment with acid alcohol.
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A mother brings her child to your office complaining that the girl has had secretory diarrhea for the past week. This is worrysome because the child’s history shows immunosuppression due to chemotherapy for cancer. ;The child recently visited a local, public pool. ;A fecal smear reveals small oocysts that stain pink with an acid fast stain. This is most likely:
Cryptosporidium parvum
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Steps of Acid Fast Stain
1) Carbolfuschin2) Steam3) Acid-alcohol4) Methylene blue
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Acid fast stain erobic rod…
mycobacterium tuberculosis
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