Significance of Continuing Academic Success Essay Example
Significance of Continuing Academic Success Essay Example

Significance of Continuing Academic Success Essay Example

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  • Published: November 18, 2021
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Planning and pursuing goals in education, demonstrating developed skills in writing in combination with analyzing personal learning method and useful knowledge resources will significantly contribute to bringing success in education and career even though maintaining integrity in academics is also required. The benefits associated with setting educational goals, including one educational goal for myself.

Firstly creating a goal in education or any other goal helps people to be focused, keep on track and tie people to completing what they target to accomplish. Like the University of Phoenix States about time management and goals setting (2014) goals are achievable, measurable, relevant, specific and timely. Therefore, educational goals help to provide the necessary motivation that is required for educational success. This is because setting goals give a student something specific which he or she


can strive for resulting to motivation. Secondly setting goals also helps a student to raise the student’s confidence because goals emphasize on a student’s capability to achieve and succeed as every step he or she accomplish his skills and self-confidence. My educational objective is to have fully understood the writing process and all the information that is required to be successful in my career by the time I accomplish this course (Ellis, 2015).

Knowing personal learning style and how it assists me to be successful in my career and program.
My personal learning style is kinesthetic. This is a learning style where a student understands well by doing physical activities other than watching a demonstration or just listening. By students knowing their personal learning style it allows them to focus on the required resources of learning and helps the students to rescue valuable time for othe

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affairs that may arise. For example in the case where I have to study a topic which I am unfamiliar with, and I don’t fully understand, knowing that my style of learning is kinesthetic I will prefer to use an example on the topic and then observe how theory is applied in practice. Knowing of learning style will hence help a student to succeed in his education as he will be able to have a good understanding. Knowing of a person’s learning style is also important in one’s career as it helps to bring better cooperation among colleagues in workplaces. This is because they can understand each other strength and weakness which contribute to bringing a better working environment (Singh, 2014).

How writing process can help to advance your education and career

Having good writing styles is vital for a person who needs to succeed in his or her education and career. Since Writing style are used in many activities such as diplomas, research projects and when writing application letters students who have, good writing skills will not have a hard time in these areas. Good writing skills are also necessary when a person is writing CV personal statement because it helps give the first impression regarding the applicant of the job. This, therefore, affects whether a person will be chosen for a job or not. Proper writing skills also play a major role in one's career as they help to avert mistakes such as incorrect spelling and incorrect grammar. This is especially for people whose job depends on their writing skills such as reporters. Therefore proper writing skills help to avoid reputation that may arise such

as being fired from work (Nazario, Borchers & Lewis, 2013)

Resources inside and outside university that can help to reach goals and make you more successful

There are a lot of valuable resources that can be used when one want to reach success in academics. The first helpful tool found in the university is using resources from the center for writing excellence which is located in the library tab. This can be of great assistance in practicing and developing the necessary writing skills. Guides page and the Tutorial also contain the different resources that can be used to assist in the improvement of the writing skills. This section also contains the information about formatting academic essay and writing process tips. Plagiarism section that is also found in the University is another important section for improving writing skills since most students have a lot of challenges in this area. University library also has various media resources and eBooks which contain the information on how to make one’s writing skills better and both can be used to provide proper assistance to personal development which can result in academic success in the future.

There are also valuable outside resources which can be used to provide a full and contemporary understanding of how to get the proper writing skills such as APA website and search engine. I always use the search engine to find out the definition of something which I am not sure or that which I fail to understand. In case I want to read about something related to plagiarism I visit the APA website which provides the full information. Another resource that is also used is the citation machine

which provides references in APA style. This is done by entering the information about the paper and information of its author. These resources are very helpful (Ellis, 2015).

An explanation about the importance of having academic integrity

Maintaining high standards of studying and integrity is what students are expected to while studying at the University. An inspiration quote that states that integrity in academics is a commitment, even at times of adversity, to the 5 fundamental values: trust, honesty, respect, responsibility, and fairness. From the following values arises the philosophy of behavior that assists academic communities to change ideals into action (center for integrity in academic, Duke University 1999). Dishonesty in academic therefore, leads to loss of qualities that are mentioned in the quote above. A person who also practices dishonesty in academic also lessens learning of materials. When students submit assignments in the university, students adhere to rules of submitting which states that her or his work be original and that the work should not be plagiarized. Adhering to academic integrity, therefore, enables students to maintain high reputation of the universities and also helps to create a society in which people have the values such as trust, honesty, fairness, respect, and responsibility. These values are rare among people, and any person who is observed to possess them is very much appreciated by the employers. Maintaining integrity also helps you to discover your abilities hence very important in attaining profession and academic success (Craswell & Poore, 2012).


To achieve continued success in academics, setting of goals is very essential. This is because goals help students to set targets of what he or she want to achieve at the

end of his academic hence making it easier for success in his education. However, success in education for a student is also contributed by other factors such as the knowing the most suitable style of learning he or she uses to understand. This is necessary because it helps the students to have easy understanding while studying different topics making it easier to have success in his education and career. Having the proper learning resources can also greatly contribute towards having success in the academic as they equip the student with the necessary skills that are required to succeed in education such as the proper writing skills which are helpful in both career and education of a student. However for a student to achieve success in his education, he or she needs to have academic integrity that is required for a student to have academic and career success (Singh, 2014).


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