Professional Goals in Pharmacy Administration Essay Example
Professional Goals in Pharmacy Administration Essay Example

Professional Goals in Pharmacy Administration Essay Example

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  • Published: November 18, 2021
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I am Talal Ali Alharbi from Saudi Arabia seeking to enroll my master’s degree in pharmacy administration, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. I am a graduate of Riyadh College of dentistry and pharmacy, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences with second class honors. I am also a holder of a diploma in pharmacy from the Institute of the Health Sciences. I am also a licensed ICDL certificate holder where I have been trained in the basics of information technology especially computerized file management and window applications. My rich academic background and previous technical experience in various have developed my passion into securing my master’s degree in pharmacy administration. This course would enable me familiarize myself with the intricacies involved in the area of pharmacy administration. My long term career objective is to be a pharm


acy administrator in big organizations in my country.

The Institute of the Health Sciences, where I pursued a diploma in pharmacy is unforgettable in my career path. The basis and the motivation towards pharmaceutical sciences were sown and founded in this institution. I maintained a good rapport with the school fraternity and this motivated me towards an exemplary performance where a scored a GPA of 3.29. During this time, I participated in a leadership program where I was recognized for my creativity and leadership roles by king Abdulaziz foundation. I also acquired skills in information technology especially in computerized file management. Riyadh College of Dentistry and Pharmacy was my next academic destination, where I pursued a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences. While there, I expanded my knowledge base in pharmaceutical sciences by engaging in practical lab work.

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I proved my academic prowess by securing 4.33 GPA out 5, building my motivation and confidence in my academic predilection. My degree helped me in acquiring firm footing in pharmaceutical topics such as pharmaceutics, inorganic chemistry and pharmacology, through excellent interactions with pharmaceutical professionals. As part of my academics, I have also completed a basic course in Cardiac Life Support, providing me with basics in cardiac emergencies such as stroke and the ways of handling the cardiac arrest victims.

I have worked as a quality control analyst in Al Jazeera Pharmaceutical Industries, where I was involved in documenting report deviations, trend analysis, and protocol testing. I was also involved in testing monitoring procedures, to ensure the tests met the necessary standards, protocols and specifications. I also validated the analytical methods in accordance with the set organizational guidelines and policies. I have worked as a pharmacy technician, in the Prince Sultan Military Medical City, in the Outpatient Pharmacy of Family and Community medicine. Here, I was involved in ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the pharmacy, while complying with the set rules, regulations and procedures. I also did medical preparations where I assisted the pharmacist in dispensing medicines, by preparing labels, reading prescriptions and medication orders, assembling pharmaceutical therapies and intravenous solutions while also calculating medical quantities. I was also chartered with report generation, by collecting information and summarizing the said information accordingly. My theoretical knowledge played a role in understanding these practical approaches with ease.

My exemplary performance, and hard work saw my enumeration into being the pharmacist-in- charge in the Prince Sultan Military Medical City, in the Outpatient Pharmacy of Family and Community Medicine, a position

I have held from 2014 up to present. In my position, I am responsible for maintaining transaction records in the pharmacy, to ensure accountability and accuracy for all drugs as a requirement by state rules, regulations and laws. I ensure that the pharmacy operations follow the legal requirements such as meeting inspection rules, laws and regulations as well as any other state requirement governing the pharmaceutical operations. I am also the overall supervisor of the support staff, paraprofessional and professional staff in the respective pharmacy, and I also oversee and organize for their training, duty assignment and performance evaluations.

This duty also parades me with the role of documenting and reporting medication errors directly to the supervisor. This has been made possible through my good communication skills, decision making and problem solving attitude that I have solicited during my academic journey. My experiences in the pharmaceutical field, have developed in me the managerial, analytical and leadership skills that I believe I should further, through a master’s degree in pharmaceutical administration.

My uniqueness in the pharmaceutical field is proved by my participation in the Oral Presentation between 12th and 14th of March, which was organized by the International & Exhibition Center Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates where I emerged the best oral poster presenter. This too earned me a certificate from my college, Riyadh College of dentistry and pharmacy, for bringing honor and recognition to the school. Through this achievement, I was rewarded a job at the PSMMC, in the same period, with a promise of 10 percent salary increment for a one-year period. I am also a team leader and a cofounder of the PHARMA MAP

where I co-designed and developed the project concepts and goals, focusing on presenting information visually for pharmacology and health science students.

I also assign task to the members and make follow ups to ensure quality and timely completion of the research. I oversee the generation of new ideas by listening to the ideas of the team members and building upon the current achievements. The project was awarded the 6th place Pharmacy Student Thematic Poster Award at Dubai International Conference for Pharmacy and Technology, in the year 2013.My good leadership and organizing skills also foresaw my awarding of a certificate of appreciation in 2011, for being a valuable organizer of the 6th, Riyadh International Pharmacy Meeting and Exhibition.

I am a native speaker of Arabic and I am good in English. My managerial skills have seen me involved in training and management of 6 employees previously. My good leadership skills have made me a co-founder and a leader of the PHARMA MAP group while at Riyadh College. My creativity has been recognized by King Abdulaziz through a participation certificate. I am passionate in creative research, focused on providing solutions to the needs in the pharmaceutical industry. My masters would enable me perfect my managerial, leadership and planning skills.

I am looking forward to joining your prime institution known for nurturing professionals in pharmacy, where I will develop professional skills in research, management and leadership. My long term goal is to become a pharmaceutical administrator, a role which I have prepared through hard work in academics and a rich practical experience. It would be pleasure and satisfaction to utilize the knowledge I shall acquire from this university in a real

world scenario.

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