My Ideal Job Description Essay Example
My Ideal Job Description Essay Example

My Ideal Job Description Essay Example

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  • Published: November 18, 2021
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My ideal job is working as a forensic nurse where I would use my experience in serving as an expert clinician in various forensic settings. I am aware that the fieldof forensic science is relatively new and requires a lot of qualifications, but am up to the task. As an aspiring forensic nurse I will start my path towards my career by enrolling in a master’s degree program in nursing. My current academic qualifications in the computer science field will prove imperative towards attaining my desired career goal. The field of nursing and more so in forensic nursing requires not only the primary knowledge of computers, but more about detailed computer skills. Since I possess a degree in computer science, it will serve as an important booster while operating as a forensic nurse.


The desire to work as a f


orensic nurse is driven by interests in specialized areas. The specialized practices are based on the nature of the task where a forensic nurse provides treatment as well as support to victims of violent crime like rape and assault. The work further entails giving testimony on behalf of the victims during legal proceedings. One of the notable practices that interest me relates to assessment where a forensic nurse is required to work with response teams that visit scenes of crime in order to assist victims. Engaging in the assessment process requires a forensic nurse to remain on call during various periods in both day and night. Once a forensic nurse visits the scene of crime, the nurse evaluates psychological or physical traumas that the victim has encountered. Undertaking such a role will serve towards achievement of my

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ultimate goal of helping those in need within the society.

The next notable interest in my ideal job relates to offering treatment to victims. Forensic registered nurses receive extensive training in treatment procedures that allow them to respond in a prompt and effective manner at crime scenes. In situations where treatment is required at a crime scene, it is the role of a forensic nurse to provide such treatment. It is equally the role of a forensic nurse to provide referrals to victims so as to ensure that they receive additional treatment. Engaging in such roles will prove imperative in my course towards helping the society. The last role that interests and motivates me towards becoming a forensic nurse relates to testimony provision. Effective support for victims of crime is accompanied by sufficient testimony that helps in bringing retribution to the offended. Forensic nurses are subjected to training in criminal justice, perpetrator theory, criminal law and victimology that proves of significant importance while testifying in a court of law. As such, it signifies that I will help in providing expert witness to help victims of crime where my services are used.

Skills I want to use

Working and succeeding as a forensic nurse will require application of various skills. These skills are attained during the learning process right from the time of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in nursing science though acquisition of a master’s degree in nursing. It is equally important noting that work experience as a nurse and practical programs during the learning process serves in adding the skills of a forensic registered nurse. Continuous learning while practicing by attending seminars, workshops and other learning programs for

nurses equally serves in sharpening the skills of an individual. The primary skills that I will use while practicing as a forensic nurse comprise of pediatric nursing, medical surgical nursing, psychiatric nursing together with pharmacology as well as nursing fundamentals. Application of these skills will serve in helping victims of crimes to recover from possible harm that may have been caused by a perpetrator. Skills in psychiatric nursing will prove crucial while dealing with victims of psychological trauma. Other than the skills in the nursing and medical field, I equally intend to use the computer skills acquired in my bachelor’s degree in computer science.

The computer skills will help in the compilation of medical reports for patients throughout my career. Evidence compilation further requires statistical knowledge with the skills learned while undertaking my undergraduate degree in computer science serving an important role compiling and preparing the best evidence. Application of psychiatric nursing skills will equally prove imperative during my course of operations as a family nurse practitioner. That results not from failure of encountering situations that require application of such skills, but more so from the fact that I will have to deal with victims of trauma..


In every working environment, various values that organizations maintain serve in affecting the achievement of employees. As with the case of other health care settings, maintaining specified forms of values in an organization where I will work as a forensic nurse will help in achieving both organizational and individual career and private goals. One notable value that I would want my ideal organization to observe relates to professionalism. While it is unlikely that an organization that requires the services of

a forensic nurse will fail to adhere to professionalism, adhering to professional values of the highest level in every set of operations and level is important. Such a value will serve in achieving excellent results among individuals and also in developing expertise. The other important value that I would require within my ideal organization to observe relates to work-life balance. The role of a family nurse practitioner is focused on delivering family-focused care through different cultures within a given population.

Therefore, providing adequate time for the profession to overcome such challenges there is need to balance the hours spent on work and those spent on private life. It is my believe that subjecting an individual to more hours of work while ignoring their private life is counterproductive. Where there is a work/life balance, an individual worker becomes industrious as the person is relieved in the mind. As a result of the industriousness of workers within the health care set up, the quality of care delivered is improved. Another important value I consider is giving back to the society where an organization may engage in corporate social responsibility practices and require every member of an organization to play a specified role.


Success in the nursing field and especially for forensic nurses is attained while working in collaboration with others. In my desired working environment as a forensic nurse, I would love working with colleagues that are compassionate. By being compassionate, it signifies that my colleagues should possess a feeling of sympathy and concern for others. It is important understanding that the types of client that forensic nurses attend to are crime victims serving as an indication that they

is need to handle them with great care. The family and friends of the victims of crimes are equally worried about the risk of losing their loved ones. Individual victims on the other hand are worried about regaining their normal life. It is therefore the role of the forensic nurse to show compassion towards ensuring that the patients are put in the right path in order to recover and get back to their normal day-to-day operations.

The other type of people I would love working with in my dream organization are individuals that are selfless. Selflessness entails the ability of taking into consideration others concerns before thinking about personal gains. The role of a forensic nurse extends beyond the normal scheduled duties to a feeling and calling thus requiring one to show qualities of selflessness.I would further enjoy working with individuals that value team work due to the challenges that forensic nurses encounter in the course of their operations. While it is possible to operate as an autonomous profession, seeking help from others on different issues that keep changing in the nursing field is important.I would however, hate working with people that do not value human dignity. Working with persons that do not value humanity is the worst thing I will need to encounter in my career. Irrespective of the level of nursing or the roles played by different nurses, the practice focuses on improving the quality of care of patients. Therefore, working with people that do not value humanity will serve as a hindrance towards attaining quality care.

Working environment

A good working environment serves in influencing the success of a worker as it leads to elimination

of factors that may inhibit performance. My desire to work as a forensic nurse was influenced by a feeling that I should take part in not only helping victims of crime, but more so in ensuring that justice is served to the. Based on the population within urban centers while compared to rural areas, crimes are high within urban centers as opposed to the rural areas. It is therefore my interest to work in a jurisdiction that covers a city. Due to such factors, I would love my job to be located within the city center.

For example, if I was working in New York City, I would love my office to be located closer to the Federal Bureau of Investigation office within the city. That will serve in ensuring that I am within close proximity to scenes of crime. In order to eliminate factors like traffic jam that may hinder accessibility of crime scenes, I would prefer a personal car as the primary mode of commuting with casual dress code for out and in the office jobs with only a badge of identification so that patients and other people identify easier with the health team.

Salary and Benefits

Working as a forensic nurse attracts a huge amount of salary while compared to most other fields of nursing most notably working as a registered nurse. While the primary driver towards working as a forensic nurse emanates from the need to take part in helping victims of crime to recover and also in ensuring that justice is served.I equally expect a specified salary and benefits that will sustain me to the middle-class status. Although am single and already in

the middle-class, it is my wish to sustain my family in the perfect life of a middle-class American. A forensic nurse earns a higher salary than a registered nurse while equally earning differential benefits earned based on the forensic work undertaken within a given month.

Based on the existing statistics, an average registered nurse in the U.S earns $5,643 monthly with the lowest earners earning around $4,533 as the highest earners are paid around $6,704 monthly. For forensic nurses, they earn a benefit of around $150 to $400 per case. I thus intend to earn around $9,000 monthly with additional benefits of $900 per month. The total earnings will help in meeting my fixed expenses of around $3,100 monthly, my discretionary spending of $2500 per month and remain with a saving of around $4,300. The earnings and consequent estimated spending will prove imperative towards sustaining my family in a middle-class life something that will prove imperative towards attaining a better future for my child.

Long term goals

While it is clear that am still young in my professional career, setting long-term goals will prove important towards achieving my ideal job. Currently, am enrolling for a master’s degree in nursing that will prove an important measure in the journey to become a forensic nurse. My long-term goals are captured in the expected achievements within the next five years. The normal learning and completion time for a master’s degree in family nurse practitioner takes two years. As such, I intend to put all my effort in learning and achieving a good grade that will help me in completing my master’s degree in family nurse practitionerwithout repeating any of the units

taught in the learning process.

Repeating some units serves in delaying students from completing studies in normal time. Therefore, within the next two years, my goal is to complete my master’s degree in family nursing practitioner. Following completion of the course I will seek employment as a family nursing practitioner with a reputable health facility to improve my experience in the field and also in sharpening my skills. Therefore, my goal for the next two years is to complete my master’s degreeand then begin working as a family nurse practitioner upon completion. After operating as a nursing practitioner for two years, it is when I intend to seek for a master’s degree in forensic nursing as a part-time student towards attaining my ideal job as a forensic nurse.

Lifestyle and motivation

My lifestyle and motivation towards becoming a forensic nurse emanates from the need to have a family and succeed in the life of a middle-class family. Currently, I am single and working as a registered nurse in the U.S. However, motivated by the need to have my own family and own a good home near an ocean, I will strive hard towards achieving my ideal job as it will provide me with the necessary resources required to live a good middle-class life. Furthermore, it has always been my dream to live near the ocean where I hope to purchase a home in the future. With a good salary and consequent benefits associated with practicing as a forensic nurse, it is possible to secure a mortgage so as to purchase a home in the coastal region.

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