Rizals Travel Essay Example
Rizals Travel Essay Example

Rizals Travel Essay Example

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  • Published: September 19, 2017
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– ( May 3. 1882 ) During the ocean trip he carefully observed the people and things on board the soft-shell clam.
– There were 16 riders. He was the lone Filipino and the remainder were Spaniards. British. and Indian Blacks.

– The captain of the ship. Donato Lecha befriended Rizal.
– To kill ennui of the ocean trip. Rizal played cheat with his fellow riders. He so defeated them many times. for he was a good cheat participant.
– On May 9. the Salvadora docked at Singapore. He so stayed at Hotel de la Paz and spent two yearss on a sightseeing soiree of the metropolis.
– He saw the celebrated Botanical Garden. The beautiful Buddhist templets. the busy shopping territory. and the statue of Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles. who was the laminitis of Singapore.

*Colombo ...

r>– After yearss of remaining in Singapore. Rizal boarded the ship Djemnah. which was a Gallic soft-shell clam and left Singapore for Europe on May 11. It was a larger and cleaner vas which carried more riders. – Gallic was spoken on board and Rizal attempted to discourse with his fellow riders in Gallic. but he found out that his book French could non be understood. so he spoke a assorted Spanish-Latin and with the aid chalk outing on paper. By discoursing daily with the Gallic riders. he so was able to better his cognition of the Gallic linguistic communication. – On May 17. the Djemnah reached Point Galle. a seacoast town in southern Ceylon. Rizal was unimpressed by this town. The undermentioned twenty-four hours the ocean trip resumed towards Colombo. the capital of Ceylon. After a few hours of sailing. Rizal reached the metropolis

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Rizal was amazed by Colombo because of this scenic beauty and elegant edifice.

*Suez Canal
– Through Suez Canal from Colombo. the Djemnah continued the ocean trip traversing the Indian Ocean to the Cape seashore of Africa. Rizal sighted the waste seashore of Africa. for the first clip. which he called an inhospitable land but celebrated. – The following way station was in Aden. He found the metropolis. hotter than Manila and was amused to see the camels for it was besides his first clip seeing them. – From Aden the ship proceeded to the metropolis of Suez. the Red Sea terminus of Suez Canal. Upon reaching. Rizal disembarked and went sightseeing. What impressed him most was the beautiful moonshine which reminded him of Calamba and his household. – The Djemnah took five yearss to track the Suez Canal. Rizal was thrilled because it was his first trip through this canal which was build by Ferdinand de Lasseps. At Port Said. Rizal landed in order to see the interesting sights. He was fascinated to hear multi-racial dwellers talking a broad assortment of linguistic communication.

*Naples and Marseilles
– From Port Said. the ship proceeded on its manner to Europe. On June 11. Rizal reached Naples. This metropolis pleased Rizal because of its concern activity. its lively people and its scenic beauty. He was fascinated by the Mouth Vesuvius. the Castle of St. Telmo and other historic sights of the metropolis. – The dark of June 12. the soft-shell clam docked at the Gallic seaport of Marseilles. Rizal command farewell to his fellow riders. He visited the celebrated Chateau d’ low frequency where Dantes. was imprisoned. He stayed two and

a half yearss in Marsailles.

– On the afternoon of May 15. Rizal left Marseilles to continue to Spain via train. He crossed the Pyrenees and stopped for a twenty-four hours at the frontier town of Port Bou. – After the passport review at Port Bou. Rizal continued his trip by rail. eventually making Barcelona on June 16. 1882. His first feeling of Barcelona was unfavourable. He thought of it as an ugly. dirty and its occupants are inhospitable. Subsequently. he changed his feeling and liked the metropolis. He found it as a great metropolis. with an ambiance of freedom and liberalism. – He besides found its people were open-hearted. hospitable. and brave. He enjoyed parading along Las Ramblas which was the celebrated street in Barcelona. – Filipinos in Barcelona were some of his schoolmates in Ateneo. welcomed him. They gave him a party at Cafe laza de Cataluna. After toasts. Rizal in bend gave them the latest intelligence and chitchats in the Philippines.

– In Barcelona. Rizal wrote a chauvinistic essay entitled “Amor Patrio” which was his first written article on Spain’s dirt. He so sent his article to Basilio Teodoro Moran. publishing house of Diariong Tagalog. Basilio was profoundly impressed by the article congratulated Rizal and asked Rizal to print more articles. – While life in Barcelona. Rizal received bad intelligence about the cholera eruption harrying Manila and the states. Many people died and more were deceasing daily. Sad intelligence was that his darling Leonor Rivera was acquiring dilutant because of the absence of her loved 1. Besides. Paciano advised Rizal to go on his medical class in Madrid. Heeding his advice. Rizal left Barcelona

in the autumn of 1882 and proceeded to Madrid.

– On November 3. 1882. Rizal enrolled in the Universidad Central de Madrid. He took up took courses—Medicine and Philosophy and Letters. Aside from the two major classs. he besides studied picture and sculpture in the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando ; he took lessons in French. German. and English under private teachers ; and assiduously practiced fence and shot in the Hall of Arms of Sanz y Carbonell.

– Rizal lived a simple life in Madrid and knew that he came to Spain to analyze and fix himself for the service of his homeland. He budgets his money and clip and ne'er wasted a peseta for chancing. vino and adult females. On Saturday eventide. he visits the place of Don Pablo Ortiga y Rey who lived with his boy and girl. Don Pablo has been metropolis city manager of Manila. – Rizal so had a love matter with Consuelo Ortiga y Perez. the girl of Don Pablo. Rizal. being a alone adult male in a foreign state and far from his natal land. was attracted by Consuelo’s beauty and vivacity. Their love did non boom because he was still engaged to Leonor Rivera and a friend of Rizal is besides in-love with Consuelo.

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