Cancellation of UFC Essay Example
Cancellation of UFC Essay Example

Cancellation of UFC Essay Example

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  • Published: September 17, 2017
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On August 23rd, 2012, Dana White spoke these words and would endure the first cancellation of a UFC event in the history of the organization under the ZUFFA streamer. This could be considered as the UFC’s largest crisis to day of the month.

What is a crisis? A crisis is any menace to an athletics entity’s image, repute, and perceptual experience ( Sigmon, 2014 ). The cancellation of UFC 151 qualifies as a crisis because all three of these facets were at hazard for the UFC during this state of affairs. The UFC’s image was at interest due to the high profiled nature of the chief event between lifting star, Jon Jones, and dateless fable, Dan Henderson. The UFC’s repute was at interest because they had ne'er been forced to call off an event in the history of their organization. The U


FC’s perceptual experience was at hazard due to the canceling of a full battle card and the fans nonunderstanding the full state of affairs. For these three grounds entirely, this state of affairs would measure up as a crisis.

What precisely happened on August 23rd, 2012? Dana White, the president of the UFC, set up a conference call with the media. During this call, he stated that Dan Henderson, the current # 1 rival to the Light-Heavyweight rubric, had suffered an hurt. Harmonizing to, Henderson “suffered a lacerate median collateral ligament in his right knee” ( UFC 151 Cancelled, 2012 ) . With the battle scheduled for September 1st, 2012, the hurt could non hold come at a worse clip. The Co-Main Event had already taken a hit as a welterweight ( 170lbs. ) Josh

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Koscheck had to retreat from a turn with Jake Ellenberger mentioning a back hurt. This was rapidly fixed nevertheless, as UFC Veteran Jay Heiron stepped in to contend Jake Ellenberger in the topographic point of the injured Koscheck ( UFC 151 Cancelled, 2012 ) . On the twenty-four hours prior to talking to the media, Dana White and his associates at UFC searched long and hard for an opposition to replace Henderson.

Within proceedings of being told of Henderson’s backdown from the battle, Dana White was told that Chael Sonnen, a former middleweight ( 185lbs. ) rubric rival on two separate occasions, had volunteered to take the battle to replace Henderson. White so contacted Light-Heavyweight title-holder, Jon Jones, to discourse the replacing opposition. What happened following, White ne'er saw coming. Jon Jones refused to contend with Chael Sonnen. Dana White so had to travel to the populace to denote what had transpired in the past 24 hours.

August 23rd, 2012; the twenty-four hours of the media conference call. White began the call by saying that the battle would be canceled. He announced Henderson’s hurt. Then, he discussed how the procedures of happening a replacing battle for Jones. He explained how a title-holder turning down a battle had ne'er happened earlier. He besides explained how the battle would be moved to September 22neodymium, 2012 on the card taking topographic point in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Jones would be contending Lyoto Machida. Following this proclamation, White took inquiries from the media. During this part, White took a chance to throw Jones under the coach. He blamed Jon Jones and his manager, Greg Jackson, as the exclusive grounds why the

card was canceled. He explained that Greg Jackson had advised Jones against the Sonnen battle because it would be a large error. White said during the conference call, “Jones’s trainer, Greg Jackson, told Jon that taking the battle with Chael would be the biggest error of his life. That’s what he told Jon Jones. Let me state to you, this cat ( Greg Jackson ) is an athletics killer.” ( UFC Press Release, 2012 ) White so went on to denote that Lyoto Machida would be contending Jones for the rubric on September 22neodymium, 2012. However, hours subsequently, Machida would turn down the battle. When the dust cleared, it appeared that Machida had ne'er committed to the fight 100 %, and White did non precisely tell the truth during the conference call.

So, who was responsible for the release of information to the populace? Dana White became the exclusive agency of information referring to this state of affairs when he made himself available to the media via conference call. He did so simply hours after Jones refused the battle. In that respects, the release of information was seasonal which allowed the media the necessary readying in order to run into single deadlines. He stated the necessary information right off the chiropteran. He clearly said what the nature of the call was, so provided the necessary information to back up why they were call offing the full card. White seemed really prepared for this call, nevertheless, he was nonright referring to Lyoto Machida. He stated Machida would contend Jones on September 22neodymium, when in fact, Machida had non agreed to the battle. Late that twenty-four hours on

August 23rd, Machida officially informed the UFC he was turning the rubric fight down.

Despite this release being timed good for the media, it was non so good for the fans. The proclamation came 9 years before the scheduled battle. The UFC fan base was harmed in some ways by being robbed of this fight card. The largest part of UFC fans affected would be the persons who were traveling to be in attending on September 1stat the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas, NV. These fans had purchased tickets, travel agreements, hotel suites, etc…These fans had been be after months in progress for this card. The cancellation affected these people straight and more badly than most others.

Another group of the populace that was harmed was the other combatants on the card. All the undercard combatants found themselves with no battle. This means that they can’t pay their preparation spouses, trainers, measures, auto payments, etc… The life of the lesser-known combatant is non needfully a hapless one, but when they spend multiple hebdomads developing as their business to win a battle, and all of sudden that battle is canceled, they find themselves in a sinking ship. Some battles were fortunate plenty to be moved to the later day of the months. However, some battles were unluckily scrapped wholly. This group of people decidedly suffered the most in the thick of this state of affairs.

The scheme used to let go of this information was through the usage of a conference call with media members. This was a good scheme implemented by the UFC. The UFC is unlike other national athletics conferences in that about all imperativeness conferences

are streamed unrecorded online either on the picture or on audio. The UFC ever does a great occupation doing certain they use Twitter and Facebook to denote these imperativeness conferences rapidly and seasonably. The easiness of accessing the unrecorded conference call to the media on August 23rd, 2012 was really easy and user-friendly so all fans could tune in. Using technological progress such as unrecorded cyclosis has helped the UFC to stand out when let go of information to the populace.

What could hold been changed in this state of affairs? The one obvious reply is that the UFC could hold decided to noncall off the battle, and had merely canceled the chief event rubric battle. Equally far as relaying information goes, White should hold spoken to Machida before the conference call. It was a premise that Machida would non turn the battle down. This media conference call was a great thought in order to let go of information, but all the facts should hold been clearer at the clip of the call.


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