Participant observation in terms of ethics access reactivity Essay Example
Participant observation in terms of ethics access reactivity Essay Example

Participant observation in terms of ethics access reactivity Essay Example

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  • Published: August 10, 2017
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Critically evaluate the different signifiers of participant observation in footings of moralss, entree and responsiveness. To what extent do all signifiers of participant observation affect some facet of covert research?

Widely spread outing globalization has brought civilizations and administrations closer. For this ground researching and larning about differences between ways of working and populating drama important function in societal research. Qualitative attack seems to give the best consequence in researching above issues. Among many qualitative schemes merely participant observation gives chance to come in deeply researched universe. Literature provides many definition of this scheme for case harmonizing to Gill and Johnson ( 2002 ) participant observation enables researcher to portion topics ' experiences through really experiencing it. Further, the research worker is able to take part wholly in their lives and activities and besides be associated with their group, community or administration. The roots of participant observation can be found in anthropology, besides Chicago School of societal research extremely contributed in 1920s and 1930s to the enlargement of observation pattern in societal research. ( May 2001 )

The purpose of this essay is to critically measure different signifiers of participant observation in footings of moralss that relate to inquiries about elucidation of research subject, informations aggregation, informations analysis ; issues with the entree, how we can come in the field and eventually responsiveness - the influence that presence of perceiver exert on topics ' behavior. Besides it focuses on the extent to what all signifiers of participant observation affect some facet of covert research.<



Covert every bit good as open attack can been adapted while carry oning participant observation. Overt research requires informed consent from participants whereas covert occurs when research intent is non revealed. Within covert and open attacks four signifiers of participant observation can be distinguished. The division of the signifiers is besides based on the research worker 's degree of activity. Participant as perceiver is active and open signifier, complete participant is besides active but covert signifier. Two inactive signifiers are observer as participant and complete perceiver. Former is open and latter covert signifier. This categorization has been developed by Buford Junker ( Junker 1952, cited in Gold 1958 ) and further analysed by Gold ( 1958 ) . More recent books devoted to research methods draw besides on this categorization, for case Gill and Johnson Research Methods for Managers, Bryman and Bell Business Research Methods. Nevertheless it is deserving observing that some writers adapted different naming of above signifiers. Therefore Norris ( 1993 ) in his field work with Police followed typology created by John Van Maanen ( Maanen 1978, cited in Norris 1993 ) . These include four functions that research worker can suit: Spy, Member, Voyeur and Fan. The Spy function corresponds with complete participant, Member with participant as observer whereas Voyeur equates with complete perceiver signifier and eventually Fan corresponds with perceiver as participant. ( Norris 1993 )

The covert signifiers of participant observation where research worker individuality is concealed have roused argument on moralss in footings of fraudulence and the deficiency of informed consent from topics of the research ( Bulmer, 1982 ) . There i

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besides plausibleness of privateness invasion and deficiency of the right to retreat from the research procedure ( Saunders, 2009 ) . Erikson cited in Bulmer ( 1982 ) compares cover research to medical experiments conducted on people without their understanding, sometimes it can wound topics in the manner that can ne'er be compensated afterwards. In the function of complete observer ethical issues may look to be less pressing as the function detach research worker from societal interactions with topics. However there is possibility of ethnocentrism. The point of position, apprehension of ascertained is ignored hence it can do subjective analysis of informations and inaccurate illation. Besides methods used like uninterrupted eavesdropping and reconnaissance can go against people 's privateness ( Gold, 1958 ) . On the other manus, the complete participant when come ining the research field aims to construct trust every bit good as relationships with topics in order to to intermix into the societal scenes therefore the absence of informed consent can do direct injury to the research topics. Besides it can harm research worker as he invariably needs to feign and be sensitive to any of his Acts of the Apostless. ( Gold, 1958 ) Furthermore, as participant observation preponderantly cover drawn-out period of clip uninterrupted privacy of individuality contrives anxiousness in research worker and the force per unit area on the research worker is really high. ( Schwartz and Schwartz, 1955 ) The treachery of participants trust can besides negatively affect the standing of the sociology every bit good as spoil the field for other researches ( Bulmer, 1982 ) . However some writers do non recommend this point of view: Homan ( 1980 ) , Humphrey ( 1975 ) . They argue that detecting the truth in societal scientific discipline have a precedence over any other concerns.

The illustration of covert research that illustrates ethical jobs could be Humphreys 's research on impersonal sexual activity between male homophiles. He conducted hidden observations that involved tape entering in public rest-rooms and besides took inside informations of participants ' autos, province and license Numberss. Afterwards he declared himself as market research worker to patrol in order to get names and references of the sample. He besides used their names in the wellness study he was engaged at that point. As his was concerned that the participants might retrieve him from the observation he waited a twelvemonth before he conducted the study, furthermore he changed his visual aspect and auto ( Burgess, 1991 ) . There is a clear misrepresentation, high invasion of privateness, deficiency of informed consent and deficiency of regard for human self-respect in all phases of this peculiar research.

Beside all the ethical jobs that covert research can dwell of, it can be argued that covert research in some context is necessary ; otherwise the research can non be conducted. Li ( 2008 ) in the survey of female gamblers, she was concerned with the ethical issues therefore she revealed the intent of her presence in casinos after close conversations with topics and as the consequence she met with refusal of farther engagement.

The open signifiers of participant

observation do non elicit as much contention in relation to ethics nevertheless there are general ethical issues that need to be concerned. The British Sociological Association provides the guideline to research workers about ethical issues that may happen during research procedure. The chief rule provinces that research worker should give those involved appropriate inside informations of the research, particularly in the field work this should be carry out as a procedure with renegotiations over the clip of research. It is besides of import to esteem privateness of others, administer confidentiality and avoid injury of participants. The consequences of the research should be dependable and have clearly stated restrictions ( BSA, 2002 ) . Notwithstanding, taking into history Norris survey with Police, there is possibility of complex ethical jobs even with open research therefore research workers should be more cognizant of ethical and moral facets and take full duty for their actions from get downing to the terminal of the research ( Norris, 1993 ) .

The entree in participant observation is a uninterrupted procedure and includes physical entree every bit good as cognitive entree. The latest can be achieved if participants are willing to portion rich information with research worker ( Saunders, 2009 ) . Pull offing the entree can be besides seen as a political procedure ( Brannen, 1987 ) . Furthermore some issues of entree apply to all signifiers of participant observations. For case gender of the research worker is of import in civilization surveies or those affecting deficiency of diverseness. Li ( 2008 ) studies, sharing same gender helped her in acquiring entree to female gamblers as she was non seen as a menace, besides her age helped her to derive informations as researched felt they have a responsibility to warn her about negative effects of chancing. The initial contact once more may be important for the research advancement ( Burgess 1991 ) . The participants may go leery about research worker or experience uncomfortable in his presence hence bound entree. Furthermore, cardinal sources in participant observation are utile beginning of information therefore it is helpful to construct positive relation with them nevertheless the attending needs to be besides drawn to the job of disregarding positions of others participants, elect prejudices while interfering ( Bryman and Bell, 2007 ) . Finally, the clip spent in the field besides eases entree, aid to comprehend forms of behavior, recognise chief values and detect elusive elements peculiarly in community research ( Fatterman,1998 ) .

The covert signifiers harmonizing to Bryman and Bell ( 2007 ) can easy the entree as the research worker do non necessitate to ask permission to come in the field. Furthermore it can be the lone available attack to carry on surveies of for case sexual aberrance, spiritual patterns or corruptness. The function as the complete participant involves changeless pretense besides it is of import to move as state of affairs requires otherwise the farther entree can be denied and research failed ( Gold, 1958 ) . Roy ( 1952 ) in his research on production behavior gained entree through the employment in the machine store. He became

a member of the radial-drill operators group hence he had opportunity to take portion in all activities, conversations and acquire the inside position of the jobs. As he province, uncovering the intent of the presence in machine store would hold the entree. Besides advantages of garnering inside information in footings of entree in complete participant function, there is a danger of 'going native ' issue. Researcher may set up excessively close dealingss with participants and acquire overly involved in engagement. It affects data collected as the findings can non be reported objectively ( Hammersley, Atkinson, 1983 ) . The other covert function, complete perceiver gives physical entree to any societal scenes that can be accessed by public but it does non give cognitive entree hence the research worker ne'er can entree the true significance of ascertained Acts of the Apostless. As suggest by Gold ( 1958 ) this function should be used to subordinate the superior functions.

Uncovering the intent of the survey can besides ease the entree is some instances. Davis ( 1986 ) in the illustration of researching community functional dimension and its wellness position by nurse advocators that overt and active signifier of participant observation promote engagement and aid to name cardinal respondents. Access in open signifiers of participant observation may besides depend on the gatekeepers, individuals that possess power to allow entry to societal scenes or people ( Burgess, 1984 ) . Particularly elites, successful people or administrations are in most instances non willing to be studied therefore set uping with gatekeepers relation based on the trust, bargaining may assist in nearing them ( Hornsby-Smith, 1993 ) . Furthermore packs are barely accomplishable without gatekeepers. Whyte ( 1955 ) was able to analyze American pack thanks to his close relationship with the pack leader. Another issue with entree when obtaining the function as participant-observer is acquiring permission to carry on research, non ever everyone will accept the presence of research worker even if the entry is allowed. Consequently the entree needs to be invariably renegotiated with each person to avoid intuitions and supply valid informations ( Friedman, McDaniel, 1998 ) . Other position on this issue can be seen in Norris survey. He notifies officers about the intent of the research but merely partially, merely to do the researched comfortable. Merely when asked he supply broader account but do non continuously renegotiate entree to avoid intuitions and unneeded tenseness ( Norris, 1993 ) . Finally when using observer as participant function the entree is largely physical and happening the significances topics give to different state of affairss is hard. ( Burgess, 1991 )

Responsiveness in the research is defined as reaction of the studied on the research worker presence and his research instruments ( Bryman, 1988 ) . Undertaking a covert signifier of participant observation can supply solution to these issues ( Saunders, 2009 ) . However as Burgess ( 1991 ) states a function of complete participant can besides alarm the behavior of topics. Entering the established community or administration where work force alterations are rare will ever lift intuitions and cause alteration of behavior even if

researcher individuality is concealed. In order to minimise this consequence the research worker integrating with societal scene should happen. Despite the responsiveness in complete perceiver function is really low the adaptation to the visual aspect of the remainder of the studied in the group is necessary. One of the illustrations where above affair is Norris ( 1993 ) survey, he was able to hear private conversation between officers as he maintained same frock codification so his presence did non alarm those non cognizant of the research.

The job of the responsiveness is extremely seeable in the open signifiers of participant observation. Subjects are cognizant of the intent of the research and can move otherwise to fulfill research worker and demo positive attitudes. However over the clip the responsiveness degree can be reduced. In the Schwartz and Schwartz ( 1955 ) participant observation conducted in the little mental infirmary, responsiveness of the participant as perceiver and perceiver as participant has been assessed. When the research worker entered the ward his presence inflicted wonder every bit good as intuitions among patients and staff. Over about six months clip responsiveness diminished and research worker was treated as staff member. This could be achieved through empathy, regard and resonance. The perceiver as participant function was adapted in order to look into how the demands are fulfilled on the ward. The more degage research worker was the lupus erythematosus he affected the state of affairss. However responsiveness appeared to be lower, the research worker was still identified as foreigner and his consequence on the events was difficult to measure.

Punch ( 1993 ) every bit good as Norris ( 1993 ) recognize the influence of the linguistic communication and adopted working forms in overmastering responsiveness. Willingness to work same hours as officers and talking same slang can precipitate procedure of addiction in active signifiers of participant observation. On the other manus addiction can set researcher in uncomfortable place as he can go informant of scenes, albeit valuable, doing moral quandary. Norris ( 1993 ) experienced it by detecting incident in canteen. He should describe misconduct or should maintain his promise of non describing to higher ranks.

The advantage of participant observation is its inductive character. The research worker set the inquiries at the beginning of the field work nevertheless the new inquiries arise while carry oning observations. Furthermore people through stating their narratives enable research worker to detect important concerns ( Raymond and McDaniel, 1998 ) . This issue is robustly related with mutualness of the signifiers that can be adapted in participant observation. As Gold ( 1958 ) advocated, playing and accommodating different functions during the research is a status of garnering rich informations. Norris ( 1993 ) paramount function was Fan, detecting and listening while go toing street incidents. However he experienced all four signifiers. He felt like Spy when concealment in lavatory to jot down notes, when catching officers ' conversations he was a Voyeur and a Member when he actively took portion in the apprehension of drug-user and was introduced to the populace as fellow constabulary officer. Adapting at induction overt signifiers will ever

affect some state of affairs where covert observation develops. As Burgess ( 1991 ) indicates non all topics know about the research and its rules every bit good as everyone can construe them in different manner particularly if the sample is big. Mentioning one time more to the Norris survey, the greater entree we obtain the more opportunity to be portion of informal, outside the work topographic point interaction. Participants may make non gestate that the research worker observe continuously. Besides there is a job of the public engagement. Participant observer analyzing countries where interactions with public are involved is non ever able to acquire informed consent from those affected. Norris ( 1993 ) when go toing intercession in domestic difference, everyday Michigan decided to non province intent of his presence as he wanted to avoid happening of responsiveness besides in some instances ( fight intercessions ) it was merely impossible and could merely raise farther nuisance.

In decision, participant observation is really demanding. The research worker should be good prepared before come ining the field, intensive literature reappraisal is extremely recommended. Acquaintance with the effects of determinations in footings of moralss anterior to research and as research develops should happen. The literature discerns three ethical places to follow. The legalistic attack advises to follow professional codification of behavior as British Sociological Association. It credits confidentiality, privateness and rule of informed consent. The situational attack on the other manus recognises the complexness of the ethical issues in determination devising procedure. Decisions need to be made upon consideration of participants ' beliefs, values. The last point of view is the antinomian where cognition is the Centre of the attending. There should non any limitations exist in chase of cognition ( Norris, 1993 ) . As discussed in the essay signifiers of participant observation have their strengths as good restrictions in footings of moralss, entree and responsiveness. Overt forms nevertheless more ethical might non ease entree and raise the job of responsiveness. Alternatively covert signifiers ease the entree in most instances and responsiveness there is really low, ethically evoke troubles. Active signifiers enable at hand contact with topics but encompass some signifier of fraudulence and maltreatment people trust. Passive signifiers concentrate merely on observation hence do non harm researched but feasibleness of prejudice is high therefore the cogency of findings can be questioned. Participant observer function is to be able to follow different signifiers consequently to the state of affairs. It helps to cut down impact of failings of each signifier and supply valid informations.