Ethical Perspectives The Mysterious Roses and Cold Feet

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Ethics Game Dilemmas as my final assignment. I was not sure what to expect of the simulation and what kind of decisions I would face. It was a challenging experience and I learned about myself and my decisions through this process. The first ethical issue that was presented to me in the simulation was answering Gayle’s request for confidentiality.

Gayle Dornier was a ead sales representative who came to me, her marketing director with a request to meet to discuss a problem she was facing with confidentiality. It was brought to my attention from my administrative assistant who thought it was important that I know Bill Witherspoon a Research Scientist was going out of his way to show Gayle attention through various actions. I also received an e-mail from Bill indicating that Gayle was going through a hard time and that her sales were suffering.

He believed he was trying to be supportive during this difficult time. During this exercise I was given two ethical lenses to work with on this issue, Rights/Responsibilities Lens and the Results lens. When using the Rights/Responsibility Lens I thought that I leaned toward rationality and allowed Gayle to maintain responsibility for her actions and I provided my ethical duty by following standard of action. When using the Results

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