A to the P Essay Example
A to the P Essay Example

A to the P Essay Example

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The passage describes a scenario that sheds light on Sammy's character and motives. Although the narrative provides insight into Sammy's personality, his motivations remain uncertain. Other characters are introduced to offer a comparison to Sammy. Despite its brevity, the story leaves us pondering what prompted Sammy's actions. The writer employs Sammy's youth and straightforward language from the beginning to highlight his immaturity and boyish demeanor.

In the opening line of the Tory, three girls enter wearing only bathing suits. Sammy describes the girls in a sexually explicit manner, commenting on one girl's attractive posterior and white tan lines. It is clear that Sammy views these girls as objects of lust or potential romantic interest.

Upon initial examination, the narrative could be perceived as a young boy quitting his job to make an impression on girls. However


, upon further observation of his actions, it becomes evident that Sammy is actually self-centered and immature. It is apparent that Sammy's self-centeredness manifests when he allows the girls to keep shopping despite their inappropriate attire for the store. This selfish behavior stems from his desire to ogle them in their swimsuits. Additionally, do not overlook visiting How to Date a Browngirl.

Sammy's self-centeredness is further demonstrated by his disappointment towards the end when the girls do not acknowledge his actions on their behalf. If Sammy were truly selfless and principled, he would have done what was right regardless of gaining attention from an attractive girl. However, we see Sammy's integrity when he resigns from his job in protest of how the manager mistreats the girls by forcefully removing them from the store due to their inappropriate attire.


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align="justify">In this text, Sammy is displaying his principles by sacrificing his job to demonstrate his disagreement with the manager and support for the girls. As a result, Sammy is portrayed as having good ethics and personal integrity, establishing him as a morally upright character. Moreover, when Sammy confidently declares "I quit," and responds to Lineal's skepticism by asserting "I know you don't [understand], but I do," it becomes evident that he is fully aware of his actions. Additionally, when Lineal expresses concern about the impact on Sammy's parents, Sammy acknowledges the truth of it by admitting, "I don't [want to do this to them]."

However, it appears to me that once a gesture is initiated, it is essential to see it through. This indicates that the person showing the gesture possesses enough maturity to follow through with their actions instead of being deceptive. In general, this individual transitions from being completely focused on themselves to standing up for something and making a sacrifice on behalf of others. Interestingly, both of Sammy's modes involve girls who are shopping while dressed for the beach. By examining the situation in which "A;P" unfolds, we can gain insight into Sammy's personality and intentions. Furthermore, several other characters serve as contrasts to Sammy throughout the story.

Sammy shares a story about a teenager who quits his job to impress three girls. The boy's motivations are entirely self-centered, as he only wants the attention of the girls. However, Sammy sees him as an embodiment of moral integrity and personal honesty. When someone questions Sammy's judgment, he confidently replies, "I am certain."

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