The Perils of Texting Essay

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CASE # 1 THE PERILS OF TEXTING 1. Which of the five moral dimensions on the information system identified in this text is involved in this case? In my opinion in this case we can see many things involved, one of them is the Information rights and obligations, because it is true that the people have many rights and freedom for doing what they want, but it is true also that all of us have the obligations to keep control about ourselves while we are driving and expose others life; and the obligation in this case is not text driving and enforce laws.

Just the beep of the message is distracting and people started to think about the recent conversation or message. With the accountability and control the ethical position or the right thing is to pay the harm to individual, collective and property rights, because other people will suffer the consequences and the only way to apply the law and keep a good system quality and the quality of life that everyone deserve. 2. What are the Ethical, social and political issues raised by this case?

In this case many states have banned texting while driving so the Ethical, social and political issue have agreed that is the only way to reduce cars accidents, but the problem still and it is to deal with the individual in the ethical, social and political level; which is different for each person and depend on their education, the other thing is there are interest opposed in to do the legislation as usual is with politic. 3.

Which of the ethical principles described in the text are useful for decision making about texting while driving? For me the ethical principles described in the text are the pressure to stay connected, the addiction to the digital devices. On the other hand, auto makers and, and safety researches, have argued that it is possible texting while driving with the proper technology; but I am still thinking that it is a risk for everyone even having the best technology.

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