My Favorite CIO (Chief Information Officer)

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The term ‘CIO’ is an abbreviation for the Chief Information Officer of a given company or enterprise. Usually the CIO is responsible for the information technology and computer systems of that specific company. Mr. Anthony E. Scott is my favorite C.I.O. He is the chief information officer of Microsoft Corporation which is the world’s largest software maker and one of the most reputable companies in the world. He is a much respected information technology executive; Mr. Scott is well known for his great experience in running the operations of global information technology (IT) for around 25 years.

As the CIO of Microsoft, Anthony Scott is in charge of the company’s technology. He oversees the infrastructure of the software as well as its security. His task is also to drive the existing business processes of Microsoft, to identify and develop the corporation’s capability to use new tools, and with identifying and exploiting the knowledge resources at the company. Mr. Scott is also a key contributor in the formulation of strategic goals for the corporation. He also manages the implementation of technology at Microsoft to increase the information accessibility.

In an interview with Shane O’Neil (2010), Mr. Scott said that the most challenging aspect of his work is the fact that in spite of a certain technological system appearing perfect, there is always an unexpected element. With the dynamic nature of today’s world, it is usually difficult to predict how the market is likely to react to a given product. Mr. Scott evaluates the progress of Microsoft through certain established objective and subjective measures. Among these the key factors are customer feedback and employee satisfaction. Lastly, his work as the CIO involves giving guidance to the employees of Microsoft on the new and existing software applications.

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