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A clip ago in many administrations and concerns the manual method was used for doing internal coverage which was normally an result of accounting system associating to some statistics which was clip devouring associating to public presentation of direction Before day of the month had to be gathered manually by utilizing manpower which required money and clip both and so the information required was separated as required by the administration for utilizing intent, so it consumed a batch of clip.This aggregation of informations was so stored in a shops in cabinets and other storage topographic points. Computer was ab initio used to maintain path of the receivable and payables but shortly applications were developed to give director thoughts about the gross revenues and the stocks hence the term ‘MIS ‘ came out in mention to those applications..Currently it is used in a systems like DSS, RAPM, retrieval of databases and e.t.c. and the list goes on. Today, the term is used loosely in a figure of contexts and includes ( but is non limited to ) : determination support systems, resource and people direction applications, undertaking direction and database retrieval application. ( beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // accessed on 20/12/2009 )

When the word system appears the thoughts of systematic agreements come in heads with the programs and options to execute things MIS which means Management Information System is the combinations of Information, Management and the System.A natural information is deserving nil and can non be understood or analysed unless its transformed in to an information which gives intending to it, which makes it an of import input during the determination doing procedure.For illustration 2008 25000 these figures are natural informations and means nil but if one says that during the twelvemonth 2008 Lashkar-e-Taiba say Mr. X earned 25000 as a Christmas fillip makes some appropriate sense and hence these figures can now be understood.

A s Stair in 19969 said that In order to accomplish the aims of administrations direction plays a critical portion since it is a procedure which allocates the input for the administration through way, planning, monitoring and forming for the intent of bring forthing good as required by the consumers.

A selling information system consists of people, equipment, and processs to garner, kind, analyze, evaluate, and distribute needed, seasonably, and accurate information to selling determination shapers. ”

Philip Kotler 2006

A direction information system

( MIS ) is fundamentally a subset of the controls which are internal to a concern covering the application ( MIS ) is fundamentally a subset of the controls which are internal to a concern covering the application

Peoples Documents Technologies Procedures

by the aid of the histories of direction to work out the issues associating to the concerns such as pricing, bing schemes refering concern issues. Management Information systems can be differentiated from the usual information systems due to the fact that they chiefly used to analyze other information systems linked to activities of the organisation operations ( ‘Brien, J ( 1999 ) .Management Information Systems – Pull offing Information Technology Boston: Irwin McGraw-Hill. ) . Academically this term is used to complect the human determination doing to direction information techniques such as Decision Support Systems, Expert systems, and Executive information systems. ( ‘Brien, J ( 1999 ) .Management Information Systems – Pull offing Information Technology Irwin McGraw-Hill ) .There are many types of Management Information Systems being used now adays and amongst the most popular 1s are AMIS which stands for Accounting Management information System which generates all the studies related to histories similar to it is FMIS where F stands for Financial giving information associating to finance and hence Fabrication and Selling and even HRMIS which stands for Human Resource Management Information system is being used to assist houses in recruiting and preparation e.t.c.

The organisation. “ ( hypertext transfer protocol: // accessed 24/12/2009 ) Information is the blood of all organisations – doing it critical for its endurance more than of all time. MIS professionals work as systems analysts, undertaking directors, systems decision makers, e.t.c.

To hold a brief thought of different sorts of information systems Lashkar-e-Taibas have a expression at few of them below:

Executive Support System

A type of system designed to help the top degree directors in their strategic determination doing.It collects and analyses informations in order to bring forth drumhead for the directors in order to assist them out in their determination devising

Management Information Systems

A Management Information System is linked with the information of internal sections.It normally collects informations from the dealing treating systems explained below and summarises it into utile information for the directors as study

Decision Support Systems

DSS or Decision Support Systems are lineations in a manner to assist directors out in their determination to scenerios where they may be uncertainness of the possibilities.It helps by roll uping informations and information in order to supply alternate determinations by utilizing the what if theoretical accounts.

Knowledge Management Systems

This type of information system is used in administrations which concerns about invention and thoughts creative activity so with this systems it gets shared with other members of administrations in order to make chances commercially.An illustration would be history, enlisting advisers e.t.c. It is based around systems which involves the sharing of cognition

Tramsaction Processing Systems

Transaction Processing Systems are designed to transport out the procedure of the minutess on everyday footing seasonably and expeditiously. A concern may incorporate more so one dealing processing system For e.g. To cipher the hours worked by employees to pay, directing measures to consumers Lashkar-e-Taibas say VodaPhone bring forthing paper statements for clients every month, ciphering the entire purchase and subtracting gross revenues from it to happen the stocks required.

Office Automation Systems

An office mechanization system may be described as a system to increase the efficiency in an persons work for e.g a individual utilizing Microsoft Excel can input values and the mathematical computations would be performed rapidly and right by the package in order to salvage his /her clip.

Chosen Organisation

Standard Chartered Bank came into being when the the Standard Ban of Africa and Chartered Bank of Australia, India and China merged in 1869.It is one of the oldest Bankss of Pakistan which is spreadover internationally holding more so 145 subdivisions.Union Bank of Pakistan was acquired by SCB in 2006 doing it the one of the largest Bankss of Pakistan. . ( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // ( Pakistan )

Vision and Mission

The vision of Standard Chartered Bank is To go the figure 1 and most preferred supplier of the fiscal merchandises through Islamic means in market. Its mission is to carry through the leading in the market by following Islamic Shariah regulations in their merchandises and service and in its characteristics

MAIN Services:

Consumer Banking:

Standard Chartered provides a scope of installations which includes Mortgages, Personal Loan, Islamic Banking Credit cards e.t.c. and in order to make it expeditiously and efficaciously it besides provides 24/7 telephone banking with other cards facilities..

Sweeping Banking:

Their Sweeping banking provides sedimentation merchandises including serves of Corporate Finance and other assorted options such as Commodity finance e.t.c.

Muslim Banking:

Keeping the Islamic values in head Standard Chartered Saadiq ‘s Banking squad provides comprehensive international banking services including a broad scope of fiscal merchandises under the visible radiation and conformity of Shariah ( Islamic regulation of life )


Standard Chartered have subdivisions in all the chief 25 metropoliss of Pakistan. It has more so 150 subdivisions in Pakistan.

( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // )


In Pakistan Standard chartered is runing n more so 20 metropoliss holding more so 140 subdivisions.Having a history of over a century in banking sector it operates with an sole planetary web of more so a 1000 subdivisions in more so 60 countires from Asia to England and Srates employying more so 50,000 people cover across more so 85 nationalities The diverseness is in its blood which helps it to turn twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours dark by dark.



As standard chartered started their concern in Pakistan in 2006 so as such there is no Pre-IS epoch of criterion chartered bank in Pakistan. They are utilizing IT since the start of their concern in Pakistan. IT creates an development in whole universe in every concern and so in banking system. Now in criterion chartered with the aid of IS the day-to-day minutess are recorded in subdivision computing machines and these subdivision computing machines are so connected to the chief caput office waiter so in this manner they keep their day-to-day procedure update on day-to-day footing. As Time is money, and due to IS standard chartered bank do 1000s of minutess per twenty-four hours. In fact, IS makes whole procedure much more speedy, simple and dependable. Due to IS employees can easy link with other subdivisions, client service get improved, on-line banking emerged and batch of others benefits. ( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . Its Online Banking is unque which can be taileoed harmonizing to the desire of the clients doing one to director easy and seasonably

Management Overview

Organisation Management Chart

Management Process Model

Beginning ( hypertext transfer protocol: // imgurl=https: // )

Organization calculating resources:

Software Resources: –

Following package ‘s are used for the operation of our information system and

organisation ;

Application Software: –

Following application package ‘s are used in our organisation and operation of + our information system ;

  • Microsoft Office
  • NOD32 Anti-Virus
  • Adobe Reader

System Software: –

Following application package ‘s are used in our organisation and operation of

our information system ;

Operating System ( Windows XP and Linux ) for Personal computer ‘s.

Windows 2003 waiter for mainframes.

Hardware Resources: –

Following hardware resources are required for the functionality of IS and


  • Personal computing machines
  • Canon Document Scanners
  • HP Printers
  • Networking cards
  • Currency counter
  • Coin counters
  • HP Digital Scanners
  • Dell Mainframes

Calculating Type: –

In Standard chartered bank, they are utilizing client/server web because it is accessible and the employees easy portion the information and this web is cheaper than others and this is easy maintainable and manageable. All the informations save in chief waiter or HUB and employees can easy entree it. This type of calculating system provides an easy entree and efficient flow of informations, which increase the functionality of organisation.

In administrations portion of cognition and information is necessary in order to pull off the operations expeditiously. In the section of finance information system is used to bring forth studies sing histories, commanding of stock list and roll uping fiscal informations in order to maintain a path on the finance of the administration and through generating and supplying information ‘s it helps assorted sections to maintain the control of their quality and confidence sing their merchandises and services in order to pull off their public presentation.Managing information is the nucleus beginning which provides information associating to the analysis of market, legers of gross revenues, annually studies and charts of finance.

Depending on the handiness of budget and finance the selling section is allotted budget for the publicities and selling runs budget to vie in market to pull clients from rivals in order to increase the grosss and the consciousness of the consumers.Similarly with the aid of direction information systems the HR ( Human Resource ) section decides the fillips of the employees and preparation and development programs for employees.It besides helps the Human Resource section to make up one’s mind when to enroll more staff and frailty versa like when to take staff.The sum of money spent for the preparation and development.

Three degree constitutes an administration get downing with the underside comes the Operational degree which is fundamentally the degree of operational directors in this degree the directors here normally follow the order coming from the top hence over here TPS which stands for the TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEM is used at this degree to transport out the day-to-day undertaking and modus operandis.Then comes the Management Level where Middle director plants, over here DSS which stands for DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS are used to transport out determination on the order passed on by the top degree directors from Strategic degree and on the top is the Strategic Level comprising of senior director such as Executives, Vice Presidents, CEO e.t.c.

All the orders and determinations are made at the Strategic Level.ESS which is the EXECUTIVE SUPPORT SYSTEMS are used in this level.. An Executive Supports system is designed to help the Top Management to do their determination on strategic degree by garnering and analyzing the internal and external information available for the administration in the signifier of a study drumhead.To make it more easy an ESS or Executive Support Systems can be regarded as the instrument panel demoing the Top degree directors the way and feasibleness to do move.It used a batch of informations analysis on the footing of What -If in order to ease the determination made at strategic degree.The Strategic Level Managers keep path of all the information sing fiscal or promotional e.t.c fundamentally all the administration path records in order to do determination and upon any job generate study with the aid of direction information systems to analyze the issues.All these informations can be viewed through flow charts, pie chart representations or graphical representation of the figures and stairss taken by the administrations.ESS helps the directors to make up one’s mind the market needs and the tendencies, it besides assist them to analyze which sector of the concern is come oning good and which sector needs particular aid.Through Executive support systems strategic degree directors can have feedback from clients and employees and any issues of struggle in order to better the concern countries and merchandises.

Reports are generated by the Management Information Systems when the Transaction Processing System passes the information of the administration to Management Information System. These studies are fundamentally made by Management Information System by analyzing the given informations and transforming so into utile information.The studies and information from Management Information System in trunkss MIS and Transaction Processing Systems can be taken by the Decision Support Systems for the intent of doing determination by the Middle line troughs and Strategic Level directors.

TPS in Standard chartered bank:

Effective dealing processing system is working in Standard chartered bank that offer enterprise the agencies to pull off the informations flow rapidly and seasonably through out

Payroll TPS

In Standard Chartered paysheet TPS is designed to acquire information and record of the employ and so to cipher his/her one-year gaining. It acquire information about the employee from the employee ‘s section and from general leger and direct it to payroll TPS from where it links that information with the old record and fix a study which is forwarded to direction. ( beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // ) Management takes notice the “LN” record of the employee ‘s efficiency to work and may declare added fillip or other inducement. This study is checked and approved by the subdivision director after which cheque is issued to the employee. And when that cheque is cashed, the record is updated in the general leger every bit good as the maestro paysheet ( HUB )

Customer Designation:

In Standard Chartered bank there is their ain information direction named package called “Virses” which is connected to NADRA. So if any new client wants to open an history in the bank the system automatically direct a petition to NADRA to look into and verify the client ID figure. Which helps the direction to place whether he/she is utilizing his original ID card or non. The single enters the personal Idaho figure which goes to “Virses” for look intoing it with NADRA.Upon blessing from NADRA it is sent to the HUB where they store this information and so a transcript is sent out to direction to take the application farther.

Employees Record:

All employees are supposed to login when they enter the bank and logout on go forthing, by following their thumb feelings on biometric device. This device is connected with the HUB which continuously makes record of their hours spent in the bank. Furthermore, the bank has their ain apparatus named “LN” which makes records of all the minutess made by an employee. This aid direction to supervise the on the job efficiency of an employee

When the employee login their personal Idaho figure which is stored in the database is matched and their clip in starts. In the similar manner when they logout their clip is logged out in the Biometric Device and LN which through the difference between clip in and clip out calculate the sum of clip spent and direct the information to HUB where it is stored.It besides checks the attending of all employees and can even give study who was absent and when and who worked overtime.

Real clip Banking

In this fast gait society velocity is what matters a batch and when it comes to Bankss people want speedier services because cipher likes waiting to cognize information about their ain money.

In Standard Chartered Bank people when a client takes out money and involves in some kind of dealing the system gets updated harmonizing to it and can be viewed by them, for case if some withdraws hard currency the sum of hard currency withdrawn is deducted from the old balance and the new balance after the backdown is shown in order for clients to maintain them updated with their history.As seen above the new dealing goes through the LN and which so gets updated and the information is stored in the hub and the hub proved a transcript of information back to the LN with the updated history inside informations, hence clients can see their balance instantly after the backdown or any other alterations they did.

Online Complains:

Complains plays an of import portion in bettering the service.With the aid of complains one can rectify any mistakes being caused or any considerable country to be looked at which helps companies to vie with their rivals.Now a yearss one can see in many or about all the Bankss that their is ever a ailment box.One can see in Barclays as they promote stating that to compose down the ailment in order to assist them better their service.Standard Chartered bank allows clients the options of online complains. ( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // qid=20070907055501AApxlvY ) .The client submits the online complain which is so processed by Customer Service TPS which is linked by direction and after the job designation it is send to the concerned section


As all of the record of the clients are stored in chief waiter ( HUB ) of Standard Chartered bank, so in instance if person history balance is acquiring near to zero the system automatically alarm the direction about that. Then director take manual action and direct him/her the advice ( a missive, mail or phone call ) to look into the history balance.

Account Opening

This TPS is designed for opening a new history in the bank. Input signal: Give bio informations, NIC ordinal number, income, metropolis name. Procedure: Information send to the “virses” . End product: new history opened in the bank

Online Activity

Purpose: Transfer financess with the organisation. Input signal: Concerned Branch codification, metropolis name, account title, sum & A ; the dealing. Procedure: The information will direct to organisation waiter ( HUB ) . End product: Transportation of fund to the concerned subdivision

ATM Card

Purpose: Easy with draw of cash.Input: Give bio informations, income sum-up, company name, NIC.Process: NIC no. and bio informations send to “virses” which straight linked to NADRA. If information is right so it is frontward to client service Centre. End product: Issue of recognition card.

Car Financing

Purpose: Renting a new car.Input: Account rubric, down payment sum. Procedure: the information is send to the HUB and verify the history of client and do the

agenda for renting for the given period of clip. End product: Customer can acquire a new auto.

Management information system

Relationship of MIS with TPS

MIS studies and summarizes the organisation ‘s basic operations and these studies come from the basic passage treating systems. In instance of our organisation the TPS ‘s of ATM Cards, Payroll and Customer designation etc. supply the basic information about the organisation ‘s activities. These activities are so summarized in the signifier of studies for the director so that they can look into whether the house is working decently or non. ( Beginning: hypertext transfer protocol: // qid=20070907055501AApxlvY ) .If there are some defects so they take control steps to repair those defects

Transaction Management Information

Processing System


Transaction Management Information

Processing System


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