International Trade Debate

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International trade provides business across international boundaries. Any country (developed and developing countries) which are interested to trade is accepted in the international trade. Impacts of this trade include; advanced in transportation, industrialization, globalization and employment. The international trade promotes long term advancement / development among the economy of developing countries.

Although losses are common to appear in the short run, the international trade guarantees expansion of economy, economic welfare, offers high employment and develop social relationship among countries bond in the international trade. As presented in the contention, the trade makes a developing country do business internationally without an assortment. This leads to liberalization and democratization of such countries. Although a developing country is less strict when it comes to trade, the country controls / free to what goods and businesses the country wanted to entertain.Consequently, both developing countries and developed countries benefit from free trade.

Although domestic corporation protection, control of foreign market and regulation of foreign imported products can not be done in free trade market, a country bonded in a free trade market is subject to competitions, which in turn, generates businesses with international standards. Free trade creates high competition among countries; developing countries can export their local products globally without / less tariff.Thus, increasing / expanding a country’s economy through making business globally. To conclude, government (country) under restricted trade is subjected to obstruction (of produce) among countries bonded in free trade. Communication is making available under free trade, thus, advancement of resources and technology is straightforward en route for international trade / free trade.ReferenceShah, Anup.

(2007). Free Trade and Globalization. URL http://www. globalissues. org/TradeRelated/FreeTrade.

asp. Retrived September 16, 2007.

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