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High heels My speech today is about high heel shoes, how was it invented, and how it has evolved today. High heels were invented in 1660 by a shoemaker named Nicholas Lestage, were he designed high heeled shoes for Louis the Great, King of France, because the king was short in height. The high heel is the man’s best inventory, although the disadvantages of it surpluses the advantages of wearing it, the high heel has evolved in the past centuries and will continue to do so in the future.

What I want you to know is that the main reason high heel shoes are originally made was to give extra height for short people, and to keep your feet clean from whatever is on the ground. People first started using high heel shoes as a way to help them function in certain tasks, but it have evolved into fashion statements. Today we can go out at any time and sea at least one person wearing high heel shoes, whether it’s the girl working at the mall or the secretary behind the desk at the doctor’s office. We even know girls that have to wear heel shoes every day because they have to

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look very dressy with their shoes.

Now we know why was it invented, so let’s look at who wears them. The high heel shoe was not and has not only been worn by women. To quote Elizabeth Semmelhack , author of Heights of fashion; A history of the Elevated Shoe, she says “ The high heels has been traced to male horse riding warriors in the middle east, who used high heels for functionality”. Today, both men and women wear high heels. Men work how by boots, which is a high heel to them, even though the heel is not too high but it’s still a heel.

Women wear high heels weather it’s a boot or it’s a dressy shoe. Where the fashion is taking this shoe today? “We have entered the moment of heightened impracticality in a foot wear” Elizabeth says. In todays fashion, these shoes are seen as anything from a girls must have to an unnecessary absurdity. I think of Lady Gaga when she has her 12 inch shoes, and she has to walk around laying on a man’s shoulder to just keep her stable and upright. That seems like an absurdity to me. However, high heels have occurred for many years and it will continue to exist in the future.

High heels were invented to add height to short people, help people function in certain tasks, and to prevent your feet from whatever dirt is on the ground. There is a high risk of injuries to your feet while wearing your stylish high heels. However, this incredible invention is increasing and developing every year, and it will continue to do so in the coming generations.

References: Davis, O. (2009).

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