Impacts Of Tourism In Cyprus Tourism
Impacts Of Tourism In Cyprus Tourism

Impacts Of Tourism In Cyprus Tourism

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  • Published: October 24, 2017
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List and depict the possible positive and negative socio-cultural impacts of touristry in an country of your pick.

Tourism is a merchandise that is produced and consumed at the same clip. Tourism affects the economic system and lives of communities and has proven to be a lifeguard for many finishs. Impacts occur when touristry changes the value systems/ behaviour, endangering native individuality and that alterations occur in community construction, household relationships, ceremonials, corporate traditional manners and morality. Tourism can besides do positive impacts as it can function as a helpful force for peace, assist avoid urban resettlement by making local occupations and surrogate pride in cultural traditions. The type of tourer will hold a differing consequence on the host community. The mass tourer is less likely to accommodate to the local civilizations and will seek comfortss and criterions found in his place community. On the other manus the independent tourer will accommodate more readily. The procedure of touristry development is really of import because the velocity and nature of development can be a major influence on the magnitude and way of socio-cultural alterations. The term socio-cultural impacts refer to alterations to resident ‘s mundane experiences, ev


ery bit good as to their values, manner of life, and rational and artistic merchandises.


Tourism can do alter / loss of local individuality and values by:

  • Commodification
  • Standardization
  • Loss of genuineness / staged genuineness
  • Adaptation to tourist demands


  • The publicity of cross-cultural apprehension
  • The inducement value of touristry in continuing local civilization and heritage
  • The publicity of societal stableness through positive economic results

The possible positive and negative socio-cultural impacts in Cyprus

The positive and negative impacts of touristry on the Cyprus socio-cultural construction has been an issue for a long clip. Social impacts can be considered as alterations in the lives of people who live in finish communities, which are connected with tourer actions in respect to moral behavior, originative looks. Cultural impacts can be the alterations in the humanistic disciplines, traditional ceremonials, imposts and rites and architecture of people that result from touristry activity. Witt ( 1991 ) claims that, “the greater the difference between the host community and the tourers the greater will be the affect of touristry on society” . This presents a challenge to determination shapers in respect to the type of touristry that a finish is seeking to pull. Thus, for illustration, at the national degree a specific development might be justified on the evidences that it is positive for the society as a whole even if on norm it is non positive for the host community. All travellers seek touristry experience, yet really different ends and aims are required through different functions and behaviours. This occurs because in Cyprus are many different types of tourers. Each type of tourer can be expected to act otherwise while sing a finish. Certain groups can b

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seen as more exploitative and less sensitive to societal and cultural values. Explorers blend into the Cyprus life as local people do and remain longer but they have contact with fewer people than members of a charter circuit that moves through Cyprus for shopping or rubber-necking.

In the instance of Cyprus, the tourer policy of the Cyprus Tourism Organization aims to pull in-between and high-income category tourers in order to minimise possible bitterness between locals and tourers. Harmonizing to statistics by ‘Eurostat ‘ , Cypriots enjoy a higher criterion of life than other parts and the type of tourer that visits the island is non the typical high and in-between category income tourer but largely childs who tend to make their bounds once they are abroad. The effects of tourers ‘ behaviour and activities on immature people in the country are really noticeable. The addition in drug trafficking and offense are the two major effects of touristry on the local community. Young people tend to pass a batch of their free clip off from their households and from community activities since they spend more clip in the tourer countries traveling out clubbing or at bars. As a consequence, we have an addition in the figure of school dropouts and in the figure of people smoking at early phases of their age. Cyprus is considered to be one of the few finishs that have controlled touristry well, and it is now refunding the benefits.

Cyprus is still an up market finish offering a friendly ambiance and high quality service. Cyprus has ever marketed itself as a prestigiousness resort. Surveys show that many occupants see the tourers as a breath of fresh air into the society, economic system and life of the locals. The Cyprus Tourism Organization is taking to maintain its high quality and consequently it ‘s up market patronages by offering first-class installations and different types of touristry activities such as Agro Tourism, Bird Watching and Cycling. To accomplish this selective advertisement and publicity are adopted in order to pull this type of client.

The development of the Tourist Industry led to an betterment in the criterion of life for the local people in several countries as touristry outgo increases the income and better the criterion of life and the quality of life for the locals. Tourism besides contributes to the development of substructure with the edifice of airdromes, new roads, eating houses and infirmaries, attractive force to enable greatest figure of citizens to profit from the cultural, recreational and leisure activities of the touristry sector. Tourism has besides aided in originating the involvement for art festivals and trades, for illustration weaving, embellishment, wood crafting, clayware etc that have been practiced in little small towns for 100s of old ages.

The impact of touristry on the preservation of old edifices is besides both positive and negative. Cyprus occupants claim that tourers look for and appreciate local architecture and reliable traditional manner, so a batch of edifices are being renovated or conserved as chiefly tourer attractive forces, which would hold been destroyed by eager proprietor. On the other manus, old edifices do non hold adequate

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