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Discuss the Causes and Effects of the Digital Divide Essay Example
2686 words 6 pages

Digital divide is the difference between people that have access to information and technology and can use it anytime they want to compare to those that have little or no access to information technology. They are a number of factors that influence digital divide like economic factors, geographic, social and political factors. Digital divide also […]

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Cyprus Developed Country Developing Country Geography Human Development Index Internet Law Politics Poverty Society Technology Wealth
Geography in Othello Essay Example
1438 words 3 pages

While the focus of Shakespeare’s Othello is often on the domestic conflict of Othello and Desdemona, these events are purposefully fixed in specific geographic locations: Venice and Cyprus. Shakespeare creates a comparison of Venice with Cyprus that permeates the play, and the influence that geography has on the play can be vital to understanding why […]

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Cyprus Geography Iago Othello
Impacts Of Tourism In Cyprus Tourism Essay Example
1536 words 3 pages

List and depict the possible positive and negative socio-cultural impacts of touristry in an country of your pick. Tourism is a merchandise that is produced and consumed at the same clip. Tourism affects the economic system and lives of communities and has proven to be a lifeguard for many finishs. Impacts occur when touristry changes […]

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Behavior Community Cyprus Tourism
Developing vs. Developed Essay Example
1131 words 3 pages

Countries with more advanced economies than other developing nations but that have not yet demonstrated signs of a developed country, are often categorized under the term newly industrialized Definition[edit] Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the united Nations, defined a developed country as follows. “A developed country is one that allows all its citizens to […]

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Popular Questions About Cyprus

Is Cyprus safe country?
Cyprus is a remarkably safe country, with very little violent crime.
What is Cyprus famous for?
Cyprus, Greek Kípros, Turkish Kıbrıs, an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea renowned since ancient times for its mineral wealth, superb wines and produce, and natural beauty.
Do they speak English in Cyprus?
On average, Cypriots speak 1.2 foreign languages. According to the Eurobarometer, 76% of people of Cyprus can speak English, 12% can speak French and 5% can speak German.