Civil diobedience
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Not everyone knows what civil disobedience is. Civil is something relating to a community or to a citizen. Disobedience is failure or refusal to obey. Therefore, civil disobedience is citizens failing to obey the law. Not meaning robbery or murder but to protest against something. Speaking your mind when something is not right. For example […]

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Summary of the Perils of Obedience
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In The Perils of Obedience, Stanley Milgram expresses his findings of an experiment he conducted trying to prove the lengths people will go to be obedient to authority. The first experiments included a group of undergraduates from Yale. The experiments involved three subjects: the experimenter, the “teacher” and the “learner”. The teacher would read off […]

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Milgram (1963) destructive obedience
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Milgram (1963) claimed that destructive obedience is not a consequence of moral weakness or an evil character; rather it is a response to a particular set of situational factors. Evaluate this statement. In order to evaluate this statement it is important to first understand what Milgram meant. This essay will first consider what is meant […]

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