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Many people want to study economic elements for the practical sense of earning a living, but I have to admit that my purpose goes well beyond getting a well paid job.

I draw my interest in the field economics mainly from my family, and my love of reading. I grew up in a home where family members were either bankers or accountants. It can be said that economics is in my blood. It is not uncommon that our dinner table conversations would be full of discussions about the economy both here and abroad and so I learned a lot along my way to growing up.

My second inspiration is derived from my early exposure to literature in economics. I’ve been a fan of the Economist since I was in high school. Primarily, my main goal in applying for a course in Economics is to fully understand concepts and theories that I only have notions of at the moment. My work experience in a CPA office has exposed me to many concepts such as circulation of money, taxation business, and financial affairs while my experience in a broadcasting company taught me about marketing and management. I aim to gain a complete understanding of such concepts in a formal college program.

Like I said, my interest in Economics goes beyond utilitarian purposes. I plan to finish my studies up to a postgraduate degree and involve myself extensively in academic research along the way. In the time that I will spend in the university, I aim not simply to understand existing concepts, but to make my own contribution in the academe through exploring the possibilities of current concepts and researches. That is why my intended career is to be a full-blooded economist who will write about and teach economics on a regular basis. I want to enlighten students and readers about the economy and how it works.

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