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Dear (Name of Recipient) Greetings I am, (Name), and I am applying to your university for a major in Economics.

My initial interest in Economics grew from my early exposure in this field. Many of my relatives are active practitioners. Another reason I have chosen this as my major is my innate curiosity in the subject especially when I read about it newspaper articles or book. However, my limited knowledge leads to my having difficulties interpreting the more complicated aspect of Economics.Hence, I would like to pursue formal studies in the field. In furtherance of greater exposure I am currently a part-time accounting assistant California Dining, a Kaiser Permanente firm.

As a part-time accounting assistant, I have learned much about the circulation of money, taxation business and financial affairs. I am also learned in marketing and with the general aspects of accounting. I would like to compare actual working practice with the theories and principles taught in school for a more wholesome education.Besides receiving a bachelor’s degree I also intend on taking up further studies in Economics. A Masters or even a ph.

D are in the horizon for me if given the opportunity. Upon graduation, I intend to work for an economist particularly in the analyst field of economics. Ultimately, I plan to be a professor in Economics hopefully in this university. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to study Economics in your school. I am eager to learn, if you have any further questions feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience. Respectfully, Name.

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