Different Social Ecological Perspectives Sociology Essay Example
Different Social Ecological Perspectives Sociology Essay Example

Different Social Ecological Perspectives Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 17, 2017
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Social ecological position is a subject which tries to look into assorted consequences and correlativity of societal factors in the environment. It besides examines the interaction among people within a certain natural environment and the challenges on the of import affordances for cognition which are provided by the really environment. Generally it provides the penetration on how people in a certain environment influence one another in a manner ( Naess, 1989 ) . This manner, ecology is both reactive and originative ; it besides makes people contemplate on the alterations within the system and around the environment. Social ecological systems go beyond an person, since the universe we live in have a greater impact on how we live.

Bronfenbrenner ( 1979 ) argues that it is non merely the environment which affects the individual straight, but there are some other beds factors. Harmonizing to his research which fund


amentally began with thesis equations Bronfenbrenner provinces that behavior depends on the environment and the individual. Bronfenbrenner ( 1979 ) besides considered ; community, single, civilization and environment as snuggled factors. This is clearly illustrated in Charles morning book on web of life. There are several results which consequences from cross-level influences and interactions between and within degrees that societal ecology positions address. Interactions are analogues or discontinuities and cross-level effects harmonizing to ( Rousseau & A ; House 1994 ) . Therefore this paper is traveling to supply a comprehensive overview on the theoretical constructs and concepts associating to societal ecological positions, reappraisal on favoritism and inequality in relationship to this subject and so reason by foregrounding on how to accomplish a better societal position.

Degrees of influence comprise

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of ; Individual, interpersonal, organisational, community and public policies. The societal ecological position looks into correlated relationship which occurs between single and environment they live in.

In single degrees people are mandated to implement and heighten the lifestyle fluctuations to minimise hazard and have better wellness. Family history, personal attitudes, beliefs all contribute to single influence. They can be eliminated by promoting good beliefs, behaviour and attitude. Persons who habitually engage In many unhealthy and unsafe behaviour, for illustration consumption of concentrated fats, irregular slumber, deficiency of frequent physical exercisings, alcohol addiction, high degree of frequent emphasiss, live unhealthy life styles which can be controlled at single degree. The alteration of individual form of unhealthy behaviour can be modified. This can be archived through societal influence spiels like alteration of an person 's behaviour, attitude and ideas in footings of actions and the manner others feel. Some of the ways in which to accomplish societal influence is ; cognitive alteration where there is alteration of persons sentiments and how he/she feels. Behavior alteration entails persons alteration on how he or she views the surrounding and effectual alteration with a displacement with 1s appraisal of entities.

Interpersonal degrees are a aggregation factors which raises hazard as a consequence of relationship with household, equals and intimate spouses. These are seen to modify behaviour and experiences. These can be eliminated by advancing equal plans that educate on equality, trust and common regard among others. These interpersonal properties are strong on how an single perceives oneself. These qualities and factors can be learned, like in rank of a group, but many are ingrained ( e.g. , ethnicity, gender ) . ``

In the interpersonal sphere, there are besides many constituents of the person, including psychological and cognitive factors, like personality, cognition and beliefs '' ( Gregson, 2001 ) . Gregson continues by saying that ;

The person in his or her ain micro system is invariably shaped, non merely by the environment, but by any brush or other single they come in contact with '' . This defining is good explored in kid development, as it would be unreasonable to believe a kid is entirely a merchandise of the social environment. There are multiple, coincident influences in child behaviour and larning including civilization, school, instructor, parental support and instruction degree, engagement in extracurricular activities, etc. Examples of Microsystems outside the ego besides include groups of friends, household, unorganised sports, or societal nines ( Gregson, 2001 )

The community degree factor depends on an person 's experiences and how he/she interacts with community in general involves societal environment for illustration a vicinity, schools and work topographic points. `` This can be promoted through societal and norm runs based on trust, regard among others. A clear illustration is fleshy and fleshiness where people usually believe that it is an person 's duty which is right to some grade '' ( David, 2001 ) . The community besides plays a important function for illustration where work topographic points, schools nutrient shops or eating houses do non supply healthy nutrient options, in the vicinity and where there are no Fieldss for jogging, topographic points for exercisings, safe and accessible installations for kids to play, no proper healthy installations and where physical instruction is non offered in school.

All this are community duties. Harmonizing

to David ( 2001 ) the community can advance healthy behaviour through execution of policies and environmental factors such as healthy cafeteria repasts, Incentives for bikes and prosaic commuters, smoke free workplaces, pavements and motorcycle waies, insurance screen for preventative services like baccy surcease and work site wellness plans. These can take down the hazards of diseases like shot, diabetes, malignant neoplastic disease and other bosom diseases. The barriers to healthy behaviours are interwoven among the community in general. When these barriers are eliminated or lowered, behavior alteration will be achieved. Behavior alteration will so go more sustainable, this is harmonizing to James ( 2003 ) . Harmonizing to Gregson ( 2001 ) on the other manus these facets can be regulations, policies, and acceptable concern etiquette within a more formal organisation. He farther argues that `` there are some organisations that foster wholly different ambiances than other corporations giving an illustration of Google, where employees may have on pyjama to the office '' . `` The organisational constituent is particularly influential with younger, more waxy employees, as it helps to determine the moralss and outlooks of a typical organisation for these persons. Examples include schools, companies, churches, and athleticss squads '' ( Bronfenbrenner, 1979 ) . Bronfenbrenner besides claimed that the richer the medium for communicating in this system, the more influential it is on the micro system.

Social degrees are larger things that influence single behaviour, they include ; faith, gender, social norms, cultural beliefs and social policies.

This can be prevented by working in concurrence with societal organic structures associated with policies, common regard, societal norms, gender equality, common regard, trust, and surrogate confidant

relationship. These influences are more easy seen than the other factors, chiefly due to the magnitude of the impact. Examples of important intercultural effects include Communism, Western civilization, Military, Islam, and Christianity. For case, the macro system of Communism is a Marxist doctrine that believes that wealth should be shared in the macro system. A Communist state, such as Cuba ( exo ) , governs and regulates the environment within which corporations ( meso ) and society or persons ( micro ) exist. Media plays a important function on all degrees, as it communicates information and aids in the development of outlooks for all persons in the several civilization ( Bronfenbrenner 1979 )

The best manner of accomplishing healthy behaviour is put in to consideration of factors at all degree which are ; interpersonal, organisational, single, public and single. By so making, behavior alteration will be implemented and sustained.

In the corporate scenario a batch of dissensions are apprehensible others while others are expressed. In these scenarios there are stakeholders who are workers, clients, stockholders and directors who usually raise struggles. Synergistic and cross-level effects while detecting from a different angle are seen, this is because a batch of companies think they merely have the responsibility of making pecuniary value for the stakeholders whilst continuing duties to their clients. In some organisations, it is normally difficult to state events where devotedness is taken excessively far towards proprietors and workers at the disbursal of the clients.

Directions of influence

`` Isomorphism 's are analogues that cause impact on one degree so the ensuing impact affects other degrees '' ( Rinderle 2006 ) . People transporting out Researcher on isomorphous theoretical

accounts are required to see an equal impact on both the magnitude and way in instances where at least one cause alterations in degree displacements.

Discontinuities are fundamentally antonyms of isomorphy. They cause consequence one degree or group hence bring forthing an unequal, potentially in the opposite way, they cause impact on at least one or more groups.

Top-down effects are most outstanding of any societal ecological constituent, harmonizing to5 ( MCLeroy 1996 ) the environmental results shapes the individuals behaviour. The nested factors are rudimentss which react while in crisis state of affairss ( Rinderle 2006 ) . `` OK-FIRST '' is a plan that alienates people on how to assist others react to whether related dangers in a better manner ( Oetz 2006 ) . Historical interactions besides shape peoples conflict behaviour. This is clearly illustrated in several state of affairss as observed in the many struggles of the society. Media besides plays an of import function in beef uping these issues.

Bottom-up effects exemplify how people or society affect the upper degrees, as in how people form alliances to accomplish their ends 7 ( Rinderle 2006 ) . There are besides effects on civilizations as a consequence of planetary corporations ' being in some states. For illustration, China has raised the handiness of intelligence to make a larger audience in a Communist state. 8 Guerrero ( 2006 ) shows emotions are as a consequence of feelings which includes choler, green-eyed monster, greed, guilt among others and the feelings affects the events likely to go on.

Synergistic effects are mutualist variables and taking topographic point at the same time in many groups 10 ( Rousseau & A

; House 1994 ) . For illustration in Italy where culturally different workgroups, struggles among group members may happen. This deters relationship impacts in carry throughing the end of group members for an organisation and acquisition at the personal degree. Thus engineering besides plays an of import function in community, civilizations, interpersonal struggle and organisation ( Rousseau & A ; House 1994 ) .

Political struggle

The function of political relations is in the doing up of determinations. Politicss encompasses the appeasing of all stakeholders towards recognizing an ultimate aim, `` determination may be required of an person, organisation, community, or state. A determination a congresswoman makes affects anyone in his or her legal power. If one makes determination non to vote for the President of the United States, one has given oneself no voice in the 15election '' ( Ungar, 2002 ) . If a batch other people decide non to set in their attempts to vote, they would hold accidentally permitted a greater portion of others to transport the twenty-four hours on their behalf. Internationally if the disposal of a state like America decides to populate another state say in the Middle East, this will non merely have an influence on the disposal of that state but it will besides hold an consequence on American soldiers and the whole environment where they come from. Another thing is that when America uses financess on struggles that are political in nature, the value of the U.S. currency may be negatively affected. This shows that many cross-level and synergistic effects of a determination can originate. An illustration of this is like the act of a terrorist could perchance

disrupt with the lives of soldiers, the lives of people near to them and the state at big.


Basically, from a top-down position point, the physical environment determines a considerable extend to the life style of a individual and the state as whole. If the country is hilly or really dry and there is limited land for agricultural activities, the state by and large will non turn compared to other states. The general, human wonts, cultural features and economic sciences are shaped by geographics and end product is determined by natural resources, engineering and human resources. Entrepreneurial head has an impact on engineering. These indicates that there exits bottom-up effects on economic sciences.


Peoples 's attempts to modify their ain healthy patterns are largely dictated by societal, economic and cultural reverses. Poor educational position, clip and money, energy and chronic exposure to neighborhood violent and propinquity to friends and household members who frequently exhibit healthy threatening behaviour are some of state of affairs factors that can impact people 's best attempts that and purposes to better their wellness patterns.

There are several ecological variables that can better or halt danger to persons healthy physically. To extinguish diseases, an person should maintain off from an environment in which they may be more open to virus or where there organic structure defence system would be compromised. This besides entails perchance avoiding workgroup if they are take a breathing or inspiration dangers or maintaining off from a ill work mate. Some environments are good for wellness benefits. Staying around people who are physically fit will promote you to be active, good diet and physical exercisings in general. The province seting a

prohibition on concentrated fats industry may add value to top-down consequence on person 's wellness in a state.

`` Attempts to carry a individual to follow wellness patterns can be unfruitful if the individual is non ready to encompass the suggested behaviour. This can besides be limited by exposure to environmental toxins and safety jeopardies '' ( Haekel, 2003 ) . The current research studied forecasters of health-related societal influence tactic usage in close relationships. Harmonizing to the societal ecological position, forecasters were grouped as reflecting features of the agent of societal influence, features of the mark of societal influence, features of the agent and mark 's relationship, and features of the societal influence state of affairs. One hundred and nine partners reported on state of affairss in which each spouse was trying to act upon his or her partner to alter a health-related behaviour. Using the actor-partner mutuality analysis attack, consequences revealed merely actor effects for features of the agent, chiefly spouse effects for features of the mark, and both histrion and spouse effects for features of the state of affairs when foretelling health-related tactic usage. Effectss for relationship features merely emerged in interactions with answering sex. These consequences indicate that societal influence in matrimony involves reciprocality and mutuality.

Physical and societal environment can function as a media for disease transmit ion ; waterborne and airborne diseases. The environment can besides move as a stressor exercising damaging effects on people 's temper, public presentation and physiology as a consequence of their exposure to unmanageable demands such as noise, political turbulence or interpersonal relationship. The environment can move as beginning of safety or danger ; shacking in

an country contaminated by chemicals, geographically insecure, or socially violent.tne environment can besides function as an enabler of healthier behaviour exemplified by inspiration of safety devices in motor vehicles, propinquity of physical fittingness devices to work topographic point or place and exposure to interpersonal mold or cultural patterns that foster wellness behaviour. The environment can move as supplier of wellness resources such effectual communicating sanitation systems, public wellness services and statute law guaranting citizens entree to wellness insurance and primary attention.

Hazard communicating

In event of a natural catastrophe or jeopardy, there are ways of guaranting that people who are affected are safe. SEM can be required in assisting one analyze when information and receiving systems and those involved. These conditions are environmental influences which are far making. The individual 's degree of instruction, apprehension, and privileged fortunes may find the sort of information the individual receives and the mediums through which the information is conveyed. If the information received is altered through the manner of communicating, there would be a bottom-up consequence on the people involved.

In general MCLeroy ( 1996 ) points out that:

The societal positions try to, extinguish obstructions on healthy hazards, generate conditions favourable for persons good being plus all people around, creates a positive response on how people be at vary, facilitates persons mutuality, coexistence and interrelatednesss that are found among other persons and the society as a whole, they try to demo in which manner ; broader physical, societal, political, economical, cultural and cultural context and histories influence the ways in which persons ( and other people ) make intending out of observation and experience and it embraces the sense of attention

and concern for others ( MCLeroy 1996 ) .

Other things that societal positions accomplish are ; they help in the acknowledgment of competitory involvements, entree to resources and relationship with authorization which is seen to pull strings people 's abilities, societies and states to derive stableness. These positions besides assist in the contemplation of ego and believing critically that finally ends in positive actions, encourages societal justness, helps scholars to counter the of all time shifting universe, and enables vernal people to look past their egos while working towards outlooks and a future encouraging people in taking necessary actions where appropriate in order to develop better healthy patterns.

Bullying and Victimization

The thought of a multiple society act uponing an entity is non a new construct. In fact much has been researched on the interplay between the person, household, equal group, school, community and civilization. This mutual interplay between persons involved in the bully/victim continuum can be clearly illustrated, the societal ecological position can be applied to the conceptualisation of strong-arming behaviour.

Harmonizing to Dolls ( 2001 ) , `` in a nut shell, strong-arming does non happen in isolation. This phenomena is encouraged/or incited as a consequence of complex relationship between the person, household, equal group, school community and civilization. The person is the Centre of his/her societal ecology '' . The single involved ion intimidation may be involved as a bully, bully victim, victim or by stander. Individual factors will act upon engagement in intimidation. `` Ecological systems theory intents that all persons are portion of the interconnected systems that locate an person at the Centre and travel out of the Centre to include all the

systems that affect the person '' cubic decimeter Bronfenbrenner ( 1977 ) . Harmonizing to his theory, a kid is inseparable portion of societal web consisting of four interconnected systems: Microsystems, mesosystems, exosystems and Microsystems.

The kid is at the Centre of and actively involved with this interplay of systems. The micro system involves the kid 's relationship with one system ; place, schoolroom or resort area. The Microsystems depicts he the kid 's immediate interaction with others, and including others reaction towards strong-arming behaviour. This conceptualisation of Microsystems besides includes the position of the kid along the bully/victim continuum. Thus the bully, bully victim, victim or bystander interact with others in his or her societal environment, and this interaction either exacerbates or extenuate intimidation and/or victimization behaviour. The mesosystem includes the interrelatedness between system in the kid 's life ; place and school. The mesosystems depicts the congruity between two or more environments such as congruity between and place and school in respect to strong-arming behaviour. The exosystems includes influences from other context, such as the effects of a schools territory anti bully policy or parental engagement in the school system.

Finally, the macro system is the influence of cultural mores, such as social attitude towards strong-arming behaviour. The societal ecology that encompasses the day-to-day life of young person dictates the battle and non battle in strong-arming and/or victimization behaviours. 19Simons ( 2000 ) because person are affected by their milieus, it logically follows that intercession the environment in which young person map. Interventions that do non follow the mark multiple environments in which young person exists are likely to be fewer effectives than intercessions that

address societal ecology.

This averment is related to consistent findings that the young person who are involved in aggressive behaviour experience jobs in multiple country including the household, equal group, school, and community.

It is of import to find whether or non an intercession is effectual in forestalling and /or extinguishing strong-arming behaviour. Thus appraisal of strong-arming phenomena must use multiple methods of appraisals, use multiple sources and include appraisals across the context.

While this can be a dashing undertaking, best patterns demands that we asses all the societal ecological if we are to accurately find the effects strong-arming bar and intercession scheduling. An illustration of this type of best pattern is reflected in scheme proposed and implemented by Simons ( 2000 ) these surveies province that informations should be collected across all scenes ( place, school, community, research lab and others ) , by multiple sources, perceivers, kids equals, parents, instructors and utilizing multiple methods place observations, lab undertakings, schoolroom, resort area questionnaires, records among others.


We can reason that a better societal position can be achieved by seting into consideration of factors at all degree which are ; interpersonal, organisational, public and single. Behavior alteration entails persons alteration on how he or she views the surrounding and effectual alteration with a displacement with 1s appraisal of entities. By so making, behavior alteration will be implemented and sustained.

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