Reaction Paper on Sociological Imagination

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Mills focused on the perspective which tackles about people belonging to the modern society as being alienated. This alienation may also be referred to as separation from the whole society. It can be directly pointed out to the individual focusing on his personal life, emotion, problem and other personal things that he had forgotten the bigger group that he belongs to.

The estranged individual may completely forget the existence of other people and focus more on personal achievements and problems.This type of people often fails to recognize the connection between him or the individual and the society. The failure to see society as a factor in shaping one’s individuality may result to the person being trapped or having the focus on himself only. Some other results that the individual may suffer from are moral breakdown, lack of common values and information overload.

There is a popular saying that “no man is an island. ” In layman’s term the saying means that no man in this world can live and survive on his own.Every person existing in this world needs each other in order to survive. Also each and every person can create a great impact on the other people’s lives.

Like for example the global financial crisis, it does not only affect the countries involved or their leaders, it also has an effect on the countrymen because of the rising of prices of goods and services that may affect the budget of the consumers and the choice of supply of the suppliers. Every person needs help from others in order to succeed.Another example is that of a person not being able to finish a requirement for graduation, like his thesis, because of his failure to seek advice from the professor assigned to him. In this part, the student may seem too confident of himself or too afraid or too shy to approach the professor that he has failed to finish the requirement. Depression on the part of the student was experienced that he has decided to stop schooling and just look for a job. There is also a possibility that the student be affected psychologically because of the committed failure.

Sociological imagination mainly deals with the interconnection of an individual to the biography, society and history. To understand the connection between the individual and history, biography and the society is one of the main ideas in dealing with sociological imagination. History has an effect to the individual mainly because past happenings and experiences that they have had can contribute to the kind of individual that he or she is in the present. Biography enters the picture because it serves as a record of the events that are occurring and have occurred in an individual’s life.

The biography is a record of sequential events of the individual. Society has a great impact on the individual’s life because it helps shape the individual on the person he has become and may become. There exists a positive relationship between society and the individual because of the fact that the individual’s actions can affect the society where he belongs and in return the incidents being done by the members of the society can also affect the individual.The individual and the society are changing.

Nothing remains permanent in the world because of the changes that may and have occurred. At some point, there is a need for an individual to spend time with himself alone in order to sort things out and to try to discover things himself to be able to get to know himself better but he must not ignore the fact that he belongs in a bigger group, in a society.That in this society his own behavior may affect the other people surrounding him and the behavior of the people belonging to the society can also have an effect on him. The individual can help shape other people’s behavior and personality as well as the society can shape the individual’s behavior and personality. Belonging to a bigger group can help a person realize more his purpose in this world and also to develop communication and socialization skills and also through decision making.

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