Organizational Behavior Example #3

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Assignment Questions

The following questions require you to think critically about the content presented in your text, synthesize the materials and/or reflect upon how the concepts apply in your own experience.

Answer each question clearly and comprehensively in the order specified, making sure you tie in all appropriate and relevant terms and theoretical concepts from your text. Your answer to each question should be around 500 words in length and be properly formatted. You can use headings in answers or other formats to structure your responses. Where you use outside sources, you should use APA referencing.

Please include student ID number, course and section number. Also, number your pages.

Submit the assignment as a Word attachment no later than the deadline posted on the course site in the assignment schedule. Any assignment not submitted by the time listed above will be graded as ‘0’ unless a valid and relevant medical certificate is presented which explains the failure to meet the deadline. If you have other conflicts which might impact on your ability to meet the deadline, contact me as soon as possible.

1. Consider a group situation in which you have worked. To what extent did the group rely on the technical skills of the group members vs. their interpersonal skills? Which skills seemed most important in helping the group function well?

2. An employee does an unsatisfactory job on an assigned project. Explain the attribution process that this person’s manager will use to form judgments about this employee’s job performance.

3. “Thirty-five years ago, young employees we hired were ambitious, conscientious, hard-working, and honest. Today’s young workers don’t have the same values.” Do you agree or disagree with this manager’s comments? Support your position.

4. One of the members of your team continually arrives late for meetings and does not turn drafts of assignments in on time. Choose one of the available theories and indicate how the theory explains the member’s current behaviour and how the theory could be used to motivate the group member to perform more responsibly.

5. How could you use the punctuated-equilibrium model to better understand group behaviour?

6. Using the concept of channel richness, give examples of messages best conveyed by email, by face-to-face communication, and on the company bulletin board.

7. “Politics isn’t inherently bad. It is merely a way to get things accomplished within organizations.” Do you agree or disagree? Defend your position.

8. Identify an example of someone you think of as a good leader. What traits did they have? How did these traits differ from someone you identify as a bad leader?

9. What factors do you think differentiate good decision makers from poor ones? Relate your answer back to the six-step rational model.

10. Contrast individual personality and organizational culture. How are they similar? How are they different?

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