Psychological Benefits of Fashion Essay Example
Psychological Benefits of Fashion Essay Example

Psychological Benefits of Fashion Essay Example

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  • Published: September 5, 2017
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Manner has been identified as one of the prevailing entities that can be observed all throughout history. It is an indicant of manners and imposts that are widely practiced at a peculiar clip. However. the use of such term is ever associated with vesture. However. in a greater sense. the construct of manner encompasses more than clothing— it is something that pertains to a much bigger image. The involvement if worlds in manner are non merely of recent beginning.

To turn out such point. since the pre-historic many people have adorned their teguments with coloured clays and even tattoos. while vesture has been considered as one of the most engrossing yet was besides treated as an of import issue in life as it represents many things approximately life as a whole. However. while manner from the yesteryear was regarded as an face


t merely reserved for the affluent public. the influence of such entity can now be felt everyplace. anytime at this minute.

Today. from the poorest to the richest. from the dwellers of the most metropolitan countries to the dwellers of the most rural topographic points. many persons indulge in excessive manner. From here. one can merely inquire what is it with manner that motivates people to acknowledge it as a powerful entity? While physically manner postulate tonss of benefits for persons following the latest tendency. limited surveies were centered in understanding the benefits that manner can offer for those who follow it.

In this regard. this paper sought to reply the inquiry: What are the psychological benefits of manner for persons following the tendency? What is manner? In order to give deepness to the topic being taken.

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it is hence an jussive mood to discourse what manner is. One research worker pointed out that manner is “a series of repeating alterations in the picks of a group of people. which though they may be accompanied by public-service corporation. are non determined by it… Fashion is marked by rhythmic and invention. by alternate uniformity and alteration. but neither of these stages obeys the rule of utility” ( Ross. N.

p. qtd. in Hurlock. 4 ) . From the given position. it can so be assumed that manner is a response to the on-going rhythm of alteration. Although it can non be widely utilised. manner for many is a solution for the conventionality of life. Therefore. there is a greater component of luxury and lesser component of serviceability. Because of this. manner has become an built-in portion of the societal environment. Today. manner affects about all facets in life. Manner can now be seen in architecture. mode. cars. place trappingss. personal adornments. music. games and the likes.

As the society tends to go an organized group that perceives manner as something more. it is therefore possible that the opportunities of manner to keep on for long is high. because manners are movable from one person to another within the groups they belong because of the sense of imitation ( Hurlock ) . So what is it that motivates persons to follow such tendency? The reply is simple ; it benefits their psychological well- being other than the physical utility of such entity. Psychological benefits of manner

Sense of credence and belongingness Both ridicule and contempt are the countenances that force people to encompass manner. and in such

instance the dissident is said to be powerless in such mode. When one refuses manner that has been widely accepted by many. the dissident is more likely to ache himself. but seldom hurts manner itself. Public sentiment is a powerful entity which can carry a individual to accept manner ( Hurlock ) . Today. nevertheless. manner is now more of a paving that leads an person to derive entry to a peculiar group.

For case. a group wears a certain memorabilia so as to bespeak their commitments to education. Peoples follow manner. most particularly in the context of have oning apparels. in conformity to their age cohorts. cultural backgrounds. societal category and professional associations. It is notable that every person has the innate desire to belong to a system or an established group. therefore acknowledging manner is one manner of signaling rank within a relevant in-group ( Baumeister and Leary. 1995 qtd. in Saad. 2007 ) .

There are legion patterns that are done in order to solidify the behaviour of an in-group. one of which is their ingestion picks that re-affirm the rank of persons. The manner industry is frequently seen as a group exercising of conformance and designation. In short. the innate demand to belong is sufficed by the manner industry. As an industry that is followed by 1000000s of persons ; consumers are hence repeatedly prosecuting in behaviours that guarantee that they so belong to the “fashionable group.

” Thus. manner in itself has usurped the innate demands of worlds to belong. Specifically. the open signals of belongingness are labile in nature such as in order to go stylish and to derive entry to a

stylish group an person must continuously purchase the continuously altering manner. accoutrements and adornments. While some claim that manner tendencies are mere representations of the pretentious life of wealth and are merely made available to the privileged categories ( Locke and De Chamfort qtd.

in Saad ) . the popular manner tendencies of today are now made available to the multitudes. thereby leting consumers that originate from any societal categories can now experience the cues of belongingness. most particularly within the mention group through the manner trends that they have come to follow ( Saad ) . The inventions provided by manner. such as new vesture and the exclusive benefit of the adoptive parent to such peculiar invention. specifically that of belongingness and credence is merely one of the many instantiated psychological benefits of manner. Constitution of Identity

Psychologically. individuality is said to hold two of import dimensions. the personal and the societal. However. both dimensions of individuality are related in the psychological construct of “self. ” “self-identity. ” and “self concept. ” Yet each of the said footings more frequently than non given complex and at clip inconsistent significances which makes it difficult for individuality to be defined. Therefore. the safest manner to specify individuality is that it is the subjective construct or representation that an single holds of who she or he truly is ( Vignoles. Regalia. Manzi. Golledge and Scabini. 2006 qtd.

in Dittmar and Halliwell ) . The said definition high spots two of import facets. First is that individuality is in the place of a person’s subjective psychological experience alternatively of mentioning to it as an nonsubjective kernel. Second is that. individuality is

inclusive. which frequently involves single. relational and group degree representation of the ego ( Sedikides and Brewer. 2001 qtd. in Dittmar and Halliwell ) .

This besides implies that individuality is multi-faceted in nature. and that it is made up of assorted self- representations that vary from each other which alternatively of doing a unitary construction integrates changing facets of the ego ( Donahue. Robins. Roberts and John. 1993. 834 qtd. in Dittmar and Halliwell ) . By and large. the given definition means that every person has multiple individualities. Such position has been consistent from research findings. as people who are frequently asked “who are you? ” listed differing qualities and material objects that satisfy their demands ( Gordon. 1968 qtd.

in Dittmar and Halliwell ) . From William James’s “Principle of psychological science. ” he identified that one of the many representations of the individuality is the “material ego. ” He noted that an individual’s individuality. aside from the body’s physical boundaries besides includes material goods ( James. 1890 qtd. in Dittmar and Halliwell ) . In add-on to personal individuality. another sphere that is manifested within its context is that of organic structure image. which connote one’s ideas and feelings about his or her physical organic structure ( Dittmar. 2005c qtd. in Dittmar and Halliwell ) .

Traditionally. organic structure image is non considered as a sphere of individuality. However. as organic structure image constitutes a subjective construct. wherein a individual sees this as the self-representation of their organic structures to other. therefore it makes a batch of sense to keep such construct as a portion of individuality ( Dittmar. Phillips and Halliwell. 2007 ;

Halliwell and Dittmar. 2006 qtd. in Dittmar and Halliwell ) . So. how are these this related to manner? For the most of its followings. manner may it be in the facet of music. humanistic disciplines and the likes. is the gateway for them to develop and keep their individualities.

Manner. in most portion. plays a important function in the lives of many because it makes them view themselves in a different visible radiation ; assisting them specify who they truly are and how they truly experience. By merely buying the things that they want and are in manner. their specific demands are already met and they already experience secure about themselves. because they know that they look good in the eyes of others ( Zborowski ) . In short. manner is in touch with the individuality sphere of the “material self” and “body image. ” as it satisfies the demands of stuff goods and the attending that one gives in his or her organic structure as a whole.

Manner does non merely create individuality. but besides changes it. One individual can travel from “hip-hop” to “goth. ” Not at all times manner have the same consequence on everyone. For some. they are satisfied with their clothing’s comfort and versatility. They may non experience the pull that they have to follow the latest tendencies. but the fact still remains that they already established a societal individuality by leting themselves to acknowledge that manner is an ongoing rhythm.

Take for illustration in vesture. whether an single follows a tendency or non. the consequence of saying one’s ain manner through such medium can already function as a codification for people

to believe that an person is who he or she is by the apparels that he or she wears ; the individual may instill a political statement or merely go one of the crowd. The multi-functionality of manner every bit good as the contradiction it presents can be used as a agency of affecting. rebellion or either to suit or stand-out of the crowd.

As manner is a personal pick. it gives its followings the autonomy to make up one's mind on the how they can show themselves to the universe ( Zborowski ) . Harmonizing to writer Evelyn Brannon “fashion is both public—the feeling we make on others—and private the manner we explore our ain personality and tastes” ( Brannon. n. p. qtd. in Zborowski. 30 ) . Peoples are disposed to believe that as manner meets the desire of an person to distinguish oneself from the group. and at the same clip to conform to the societal norms. purchasing new manners are efficient agencies of set uping individualism.

Soon plenty. the manners they opt to utilize will be recognized by everyone else that. the same apparels and accoutrements they wear will finally be paraded by other people. As such. in order to divert people to wish merely like everyone else. most manner interior decorators recognizes the minute a tendency is already immersing into the conventional degree. So. they would let go of new manners because they understand that every individual’s demand to show themselves. The rhythm would so finally flow one time once more: people will buy alone and stylish points in order to re-establish their individualities ( Zborowski ) .

Sense of Positive Well-Being Historically.

psychological science has been reasonably much concerned with the indexs of a person’s ill-health and sadness. Recently. the focal point of psychological science is on the expressed factor that promotes a person’s wellbeing. which is known as “positive psychology” ( Csikzentmihayali and Csikzentmihayali. 2006 qtd. in Dittmar and Halliwell ) . It has been noted that one of the most of import facets of a person’s wellbeing is his or her experience of felicity. which is genuinely subjective in nature. Apparently. the good and bad events in one’s life affect an individual’s felicity temporarily.

However. it should besides be understood that people can and make adjust with this felicity. For illustration. one survey found out that lottery victors and victims of accidents that both ended in wheelchairs after their initial reaction to their good and bad experiences. have returned to their degrees of felicity prior to sing such events ( Brickman. Coates and Hanoof-Bulman. 1978 qtd. in Dittmar and Halliwelll ) . However. felicity is something that can non be easy measured ; as such recent surveies have focused more on the concept of a person’s subjective wellbeing ( Diener. Suh. Lucas and Smith. 1999 qtd.

in Dittmar and Halliwell ) . Such concept may include over-all cognitive rating of one’s life. sense of satisfaction. the “frequent experience of positive emotion and the absence of negative emotions. ” From the said position. it can be said that self-evaluation. like dissatisfaction about life or organic structure. the step of positive experiences. such as high self-esteem and body-esteem. and the step of negative experiences like depression and anxiousness. can be clear indexs of positive and negative wellbeing.

Additionally. in relation

to an individual’s stuff and bodily good being. behaviours such as upset feeding forms and compulsive purchasing of goods are besides damaging for the psychological and physical wellness of a individual in order to place whether their wellbeing is healthy or non ( Dittmar and Halliwell ) . How does manner tantrum in the large image? As stated from the given position. some of the indexs of a person’s positive wellbeing are high self-esteem and satisfaction.

Partaking in a shopping fling in order to purchase and choose the latest manner is an tickle pinking experience that promotes self transmutation may it be in the physical and mental sense. Although. manner is impermanent at times. in the long-term it boosts an individual’s self-pride. and provides them the assurance that possibly they may hold lost in some events in their life. leting them to experience that they are particular and alone ( Zborowski ) . To turn out such point. a shirt is merely a shirt—until a interior decorator logo is placed on it. and cognizing the quality of such things. its monetary value is far higher compared to other goods.

So. why do people pay for such big sums merely for the privilege of have oning it? For many the ground is within two positions. First. interior decorator labels allow persons to hold a sense of self-worth by merely the association of it. Personally. one time persons purchase stylish materials with interior decorator labels. the wearer’s self-pride is temporarily boost because they somehow made a connexion with well-known and expensive names that non all can see. Although mass-produced. that fact that the purchase is non the same as

others makes the purchasers feel that they are particular and alone.

Similarly. interior decorator labels besides serve as the symbolical representation of who the individual is and who he or she hopes to be. Parallel to this. the dignity of an person is farther elevated by the society or possibly their equals that are trade name witting. doing them happy temporarily as they feel that they already fit in the circle and they are already at easiness in the state of affairs wherein in a regular footing they frequently feel out of topographic point ( Zborowski ) . In add-on to this. manner followings tends to do connexion with other persons who have common mentality in life thereby reenforcing bonds that in a regular scene does non normally takes topographic point.

For case. a mere enquiry about a certain design of a current place decor can catapult an person to portion what he or she knows about the said merchandise. For the individual who shared the thought there is a sense of fulfilment because within himself or herself. he or she knew that he or she already shared something important to the person. and this is something that is invaluable. On the other manus. the individual who inquired about the merchandise can O.K. of such mentality. as he or she may comprehend the same thing and it is rather a verification of what she or he feels.

Meanwhile. manner can besides be a signifier of relaxation and an flight from the humdrum of life. For one. shopping for manner is non an easy undertaking. but for many it is something that lifts their spirit as it is an

indicant that the individual is in control of his or her personal environment. As stated. there are no Torahs that make an single accept manner. “No manner is imposed upon an single by force” ( Hurlock. 8 ) . Both the credence and rejection of manner is in conformity to single discretion.

As such. individual is free to do determination as to what actions he or she will take. Fashion is an priceless tool that allows a individual to travel to through the universe. may it be in the societal or concern scene. It serves as a communicating where in an person can freely travel on top of things ; carrying an person to accept such freedom. More than anything else. freedom is something that allows an single to gave a positive mentality about himself or herself. because there is no 1 to reprobate his or her actions. and such position can be seen in manner.

As stated earlier. a high-self regard and satisfaction are some of the cardinal factors of achieving positive wellbeing. and this is provided by manner through freedom of pick and the avowal of an individual’s character and spirit. In other words. following manner have become an imperative agencies of geting. trying and set uping one’s wellbeing as it signifies the autonomy to take and typify the ideals of felicity and a interruption off from the conventional.

The association of persons with the merchandises that they feel are stylish connotes that they are utterly re-evaluating themselves in order to cognize what type of peculiar tendency or manner they feel happy about. Furthermore. a person’s disposition with manner is one vehicle for them to get

away depression. emphasis and anxiousness because they know within themselves that on their life there is one thing that genuinely decreases their sick feelings. which is manner. Decision From the given positions. it is safe to state that manner is genuinely something that is ineluctable.

Since clip immemorial people have been engaged in such facet and over clip it has developed into something that is far more reaching. It is a mark of alteration. as it is an on traveling rhythm that allows a individual the chance of following the tendencies or non. While many people claim that manner is an indicant of higher criterions of life. current conditions today makes manner available to everyone else most particularly to the multitudes. doing it more recognizable and diverse.

For the followings of manner. such word encompasses non merely being stylish ; it is besides a host of myriads of psychological benefits that makes it deserving prosecuting to. Fashion is perceived as an avenue for persons to experience a sense of belongingness and credence. It serves as the rights of transition for people to go comfy and inclined with groups that portion their same involvements. Manner is able to supply the innate demands of worlds to be accepted and to belong through its uninterrupted alteration of construct and handiness to the populace.

It allows an person to do commitments with people they knew would understand them. One of the greatest benefits posted by manner is its capableness to set up and alter and individual’s individuality. Because it satisfies both the spheres of stuff ego and organic structure image. a individual is able to freely show himself through the manner tendency

that he wears and pattern. It creates a sense of individualism and promotes proper self-representation because in many ways manner expresses the interior ego of an person.

Constitution of a positive wellbeing is besides another benefit that can be derived from following manner. With the freedom it gives persons in order to take what they believe is fit for their personality. manner promotes high-self regard and satisfaction which spells an individual’s positive mentality in life and felicity. Although it is limited at one point or another. the felicity provided by manner is merely plenty for persons to see themselves in the visible radiation of who they wanted to go.

Similarly. the ability to take control of themselves and their environment through manner is something that inimitable as it provides them land to recognize the many good things that life has to offer. Generally. manner is a clear manifestation of how tendencies. manners and alterations. and in a greater sense the power of persons to develop the sense of belongingness and credence. constitution of individuality. and a sense of positive well being that greatly benefit their psychological wellbeing. Works cited

Dittmar. Helga and Halliwell. Emma. Consumer civilization. individuality and wellbeing: The hunt for the “good life” and organic structure perfect. New York. New york: Routledge. 2008. Hulock. Elizabeth. The psychological science of frock: An analysis of manner and its motivation. Manchester. New hampshire: Ayer Publication: 1976 Saad. Gad. The evolutionary bases of ingestion. New York. New york: Routledge: 2007 Zborowski. Megan. “The stylish encephalon: Dissecting why manner gas such a clasp on the heads of the multitudes. ” Colored Stone Magazine. vol. 17. No. 6 November/ December 2004

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