Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Project Essay Example
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Project Essay Example

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Project Essay Example

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Despite the perception that a medical facility's main goal is to offer medical professionals for patient care, there are various behind-the-scenes operations and systems in place.

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital utilizes information systems in four different ways to improve communication and collaboration between senior management and employees.

The current system aims to enhance hospital operations and relationships with both current and future patients, involving physicians, nurses, and patients themselves.

Support senior executives in overseeing hospital finances and provide a breakdown of the current dislocation of the information system, which is categorized into the following systems:

  • Accounting and Finance Information System
  • Human Resources Information System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Information System

The four systems that combine to create Patton-Fuller Community Hospital are the Knowledge Management (KM) Informat


ion System, the Accounting and Finance Information System. This system is primarily used by senior executives at Patton-Fuller to manage cash flow and assets.

Liabilities and net income are entered into the system of PFCH. This allows PFCH to generate fiscal statements required by federal regulations. For instance, at the end of each month, a member of the PFCH team will input all the data from that month.

e. The amount of money paid to accounts receivables and the amount of money paid out to debts is determined. Once all the information from other systems is gathered, senior executives have the ability to publish fiscal statements.

This process depends on the accurate input of information into the system. The Human Resource Information System is primarily used to manage hospital policies, processes, and compliance requirements (Apollo 2013).

Furthermore, it enables employees to conduct important actions through the hospital intranet, allowing Human Resource employees to focus on more

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critical tasks.

This system is also utilized by HR personnel for recruitment, training, and staff evaluations, making it a comprehensive solution for all HR-related tasks.

The CRM Information System is utilized to enhance patient loyalty by allowing patients to interact with the hospital via the World Wide Web. It tracks patient recommendations, complaints, and feedback.

Additionally, it offers patient satisfaction surveys to higher level management. The fourth information system is the Knowledge Management (KM) Information System, which handles medical records within the hospital.

These records are accessible online to all physicians and nurses, allowing them to assist in diagnosing and disposing of drugs for inpatients. ERP Enterprise systems play a crucial role in any organization, as they enable the integration of important procedures.

Firms utilize enterprise systems, also referred to as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, to integrate business processes in manufacturing and production, finance and accounting, sales and marketing.

According to Laudon ; Laudon (2012), the integration of information systems and human resources is crucial to create a comprehensive package system.

Before the advent of enterprise systems, companies utilized multiple package systems simultaneously. According to Laudon and Laudon (2012), the information that was previously scattered across various systems is now consolidated into a single comprehensive information repository that can be accessed by different departments within the business.

Enterprise systems will have a significant role at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (p. 10). The hospital will integrate their business processes into a single software system, managed by the hospital administration.

Physicians and staff at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will use the same package system to streamline their occupations. This unified system will enhance the efficiency of the hospital, as each department will no longer have its own

separate software or information system. Instead, the hospital will function as a cohesive unit.

According to Laudon & A; Laudon (2012, p. 10), managers can effectively use firm-wide information to make accurate and timely decisions regarding day-to-day operations and future planning. In the case of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital, the medical and fiscal departments can make precise and timely decisions on which patients to admit to the hospital and determine their required healthcare insurance coverage. This is achievable due to their utilization of the same software system and access to shared information.

Therefore, with the proper ERP system, various departments such as Accounting, Customer Relationship, Knowledge Management, and Human Resources can benefit from the same system. Promax is one of the leading providers of advanced hospital ERP systems.

Promax provides a wide range of consulting services, including concern and engineering consulting, usage package development, care, and application services.

Profmax (2013) offers a wide range of services including merchandise technology, re-engineering, systems integrating, independent testing and proof services, IT substructure services, and concern procedure outsourcing. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital operates in the healthcare industry with a focus on improving healthcare quality, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and optimizing all operations.

In order to increase hospital net incomes, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital needs to reduce expenses and achieve an integrated healthcare system. This is because it is crucial to enhance the effectiveness of information systems and business functions across supply chain management, inventory management, patient relationship management, and human resources.

Successful implementation of Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) requires optimization of business processes and utilization of cutting-edge technology to streamline finances and operations.

Promax has experience in using Healthcare ERP, supply chain management, human resources, and revenue cycle


Profmax companies will focus on improving their core human capital management functions, such as payroll, benefits, time management, and location management, in order to optimize the direction, care, and procedure of the patient relationship.

The next step is to align all disposal sections with everything else. These systems can be transformed from the legacy systems that Patton Fuller Community Hospital already has in place. Improvements will be seen across the board once the new ERP system is implemented, for example.

A physician can view real-time X-ray updates, while the patient can receive an email with the same X-ray. The email also includes a study on the overall performance of the hospital. Nurses can order supplies from sellers, and top-level executives can use the real-time information for financial statements or company analysis. Indecision.

By transitioning to an all-in-one infirmary ERP, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will experience several benefits. This ERP will streamline operations and provide physicians and nurses with additional support to aid patients in their treatment of illnesses and diseases. Additionally, this change will result in a cost reduction and the elimination of four information systems, allowing Patton-Fuller Community Hospital to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Make the infirmary more client-friendly and reduce its costs.

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