Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Project Essay Example
Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Project Essay Example

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network Project Essay Example

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One might believe that an infirmaries psyche operation is to supply physicians and nurses to help patients with their illnesses and diseases. However. there is a ton of operations and systems that go on in the background. At Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. they split up their concern information systems in four ways. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital usage this system to better communicate and coaction between the senior direction. employees. physicians. nurses and patients.

In add-on. the current system is supposed to better the efficiency of hospital operations. relationships with current and future patients. and assist senior executives in pulling offing hospital funds. PDF System Breakdown The current dislocation of the concerned information system is split between the followers: Accounting and Finance Information System. Human Resources Information System. Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) Inform


ation System. Knowledge Management ( KM ) Information System. These four systems combine creates Patton-Fuller Community Hospital.

The Accounting and Finance Information System; is chiefly used by senior executives. The Patton-Fuller senior executives use this system to pull off. hard currency flow. assets. liabilities. and net income. After all this information has been entered into this system PFCH can bring forth fiscal statements in which are demanded by federal ordinances. For illustration. at the terminal of the month. the person from the PFCH squad will come in in all information from that month i. e. how much money was paid to account receivables and how much money was paid out to debts.

After garnering and coming in. all the information from all the other systems the senior executives can so publish out fiscal statements. This procedure relies on a batch upon the right information being typed into

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the system. The Human Resource Information System is chiefly used to pull off all of the infirmary policies. process. and conformity demands ( Apollo 2013 ). Furthermore. it allows employees to carry on forces actions through the hospital intranet. By making these undertakings. Human Resource employees have the opportunity to concentrate on more critical human resource actions.

This system is so robust that it is besides used by HR personal for enlisting. preparation. and personnel ratings. One can name this system a one-stop-shop for all HR-related activities. The Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) Information System is used to construct patient trueness by letting patients to interface with the infirmary through the World Wide Web. Patient recommendations. ailments. and remarks are tracked by this system. In add-on. it provides patient satisfaction studies to upper degree direction. The last of the four information systems is the Knowledge Management ( KM ) Information System.

This facet of the infirmary trades medical records. These records are available to all physicians and nurses online. In this manner, physicians and nurses have the opportunity to help inpatient diagnosing and drug disposal. ERP Enterprise systems have an important function in any organization. Being able to incorporate concern procedures is really of import. “Firms use enterprise systems. besides known as endeavor resources planning ( ERP ) systems. to incorporate concern procedures in fabrication and production. finance and accounting. gross revenues and selling. and human resources into an individual package system” ( Laudon & A; Laudon. 2012. p. 0 ).

Before enterprise systems. companies used many package systems at one time. “Information that was antecedently fragmented in many different systems is stored in an individual comprehensive

information depository where it can be used by many different parts of the business” ( Laudon & A ; Laudon. 2012. p. 10 ) . Enterprise systems will play an of import function at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will incorporate their concern processes into one package system.

The infirmary disposal. physicians. and staff will utilize the same package system to make their occupation. Using one package system will let Patton-Fuller Community Hospital run more expeditiously. By nonholding, each section utilizes its ain package plan or information system. the infirmary will work as one unit. “Managers can utilize firm-wide information to do more precise and timely determinations about day-to-day operations and longer-term planning” ( Laudon & A; Laudon. 2012. p. 10 ).

In the instance of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital; medical and fiscal sections will be able to do precise and timely determinations about whom they are traveling to acknowledge into the infirmary and how much health care insurance that patient would necessitate. This is made possible because they are utilizing the same package and can see the same information. Therefore. with the correct ERP system Accounting. Customer Relationship. Knowledge Management. and Human Resources will utilize the same system. One of the leaders when making an adept infirmary ERP system is Promax.

Promax offers a broad scope of concern and engineering consulting. usage package development. care. application services. merchandise technology. re-engineering. systems integrating. independent testing and proof services. IT substructure services and concern procedure outsourcing ( Profmax 2013 ). Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is in an industry that is focused on bettering the quality of healthcare plus trying to run expeditiously while cutting downing costs and optimizing all operations.


maximize hospital net incomes Patton-Fuller Community Hospital must cut down costs and accomplish a seamless health care system. Reason being. it is of import to better the efficiency of information systems and concern maps across supply concatenation direction. stock list direction. patient relationship direction. human resources. finance and charge. This can merely be achieved when concern procedures are optimized and engineering is at the head. This would be described as successful Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) execution.

Furthermore. Promax has experience sing Healthcare ERP. supply concatenation direction. human resources. gross rhythm direction. patient relationship direction and concern procedure optimization. When working with Profmax companies will concentrate on bettering their nucleus human capital direction maps including paysheet. benefits. clip direction. and place direction. The following measure is to aline all disposal sections with everything else. These systems can be converted from the bequest systems that Patton Fuller Community Hospital already has in topographic point. Improvements

Once the new ERP system is implemented. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will see betterments across the board. For illustration. a physician will be able to see X raises that happen in real-time. Meanwhile, the patient will be able to have an electronic mail that contains the same x-ray. while the same electronic mail incorporating a study sing the infirmary overall public presentation. Nurses will hold the chance to order supplies from sellers and top-level executives will be able to take all this information that is being updated in real-time and utilize it for fiscal statements or company analysis.

Indecision. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will derive advantages when changing over to an all-in-one infirmary ERP. This ERP will consolidate operations and supply physicians and nurses

with more aid to assist patients with their illnesses and diseases. There will be a decrease in cost and alternatively, of holding four information systems Patton-Fuller Community Hospital will merely hold one. Thus doing Patton-Fuller Community Hospital runs smoother. faster. client-friendly. and bing the infirmary less money.

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