History of Nigerian People in Novels Essay Example
History of Nigerian People in Novels Essay Example

History of Nigerian People in Novels Essay Example

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  • Published: November 29, 2021
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I Do Not Come To You By Chance novel written by Adaobi Nwaubani reveals sad and strategic moments on the Nigerian people. The novel points out most of the difficult situations presented before it people as a kind of battle for survival. Even though the happenings are painful the nature shows a lot of human and proverbs that unfolds the paradoxes of poverty and wealth that leaves people hopeless.

The novel details more the working of the 419 and yahoo system in Nigeria. On education, Kingsley from his studies shows that the yahoo boys are in the 20s. Most of the people have attained an undergraduate education, and if not, the posses computer skills. This knowledge according to them is necessary. In some situation the “419” cell could be led by Cash Daddy.

According to the novel, 419 was an alien to th


e people of Nigeria, it crime a result of Western colonialism and enslavement of Africans and education, globalization and technology was becoming part of the people. Colonialism brought education (western education), where schools started growing and boys got educated. Even though crime is considered to be an old thing, and that no race could absolve itself, this form of crime was considered unfamiliar to the people of Africa.

The modern state of Nigeria is full of corruption as well as the constant trope. In the modernists works, the idea of corruption has turned out to be the headquarter of challenges and re-image that is taking control of the forms of literary creation. The materialist world being the drivers for wealth takes a very frightening position in the novel where people uses any mean to get the

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money, after all the end always justifies the means.

Capitalism has been notice through the novel in that from the 20th Century, the world generally had fallen part through the collapse of the binary world order, thus, the rise in the power of capitalism as a monolithic world array. The end of the Cold War, capitalism has been greatly rooted to the societal state of confusion and death of man’s soul. Globalization was as a consequence of the technological advancement which cannot be separated from the modern era.

According to the novel, poverty is the social stratification of humanity. It is measured by the how prosperous the village is. Yahoo Yahoo is the major manifestation of the materialism which is always at the back of the modernism as discussed above. Therefore, novel put it that poverty has to be understood and not be used as an excuse of rationalism.

On love, gender and relationship, Kingsley is pushed into such reality just after Ola leaves him and gets married to uneducated motor spare-parts business person. Ahead of visiting Ola’s mother with an intention of helping him get his girlfriend back, Ola’s mother decides to mock him. She tells him that love does not keep the pot boiling. Therefore, the heartbreak of losing his love and follow up of the sick father who was by then suffering from stroke pushes his family more into the cesspit.
Finally, the novel talks about class in a modernized way. It say that education is the foundation of the wealth possession. Kingsley being the eldest son of his parents, regardless of their qualifications in education, he falls into Nigeria’s squeezed middle class people. The fact

that Kingsley graduate from a University is a clear indication that he is in another of people, even though finding a job is difficult.

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