Imperialism During 1800s Essay Example
Imperialism During 1800s Essay Example

Imperialism During 1800s Essay Example

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  • Published: April 2, 2017
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During the 1800s, Great Britain’s empire expanded to many countries all over the world. They were a very powerful nation, spreading their influences to these countries. Their empire included India, parts of Africa, and other parts of Asia. Great Britain’s rule had both positive and negative effects on the colonies.

Great Britain’s imperialist rule on the colonies had a negative effect. According to Document 7, the colonial rule Britain had over India was economically unfair. The higher positions were reserved for the English and the Indians were kept in a “state of slavery”.According to Document 8, British colonialism in Africa was horrible. There was a social disadvantage because of discrimination and racial segregation.

An economic disadvantage was that there were not enough water supplies and the education was limited to the privileged. Even though there were some negat


ive effects on Britain’s colonies, there were many positive effects their rule had on the countries. According to Document 5, Great Britain had a positive economic influence in India by having improved irrigation, sanitation, and the development of transportation.Ever since Great Britain colonized in India, the death rate had lowered and there was a suppression of war.

India had begun to industrialize, building a lot of bridges, railways, and roads. According to Document 6, Africa was socially and politically helped by Great Britain. After the colonization of Africa, Great Britain put an end to the slavery in Africa and established Courts of Law to teach the Africans responsibility of liberty and of justice. Great Britain’s imperialism over many countries was for political, economic and social causes.

According to Document 1, Britain colonized the Malay States because they felt like

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it was their job because these States had a messy government. Great Britain helped the Malay States politically, economically, and socially. The British Civil Servants went to organize a system that secured justice, freedom, safety and introduced railways, hospitals, and water supplies in these states. According to Document 6, Africa was in a bad state before Britain colonized it. Before Africa was colonized, Africans practiced extermination and slavery by each other.After it was colonized, slavery was ceased and there was a system of education that would be available to them.

Another reason why Great Britain helped weaker countries was because they felt it like was their job but soon it became a “white man’s burden” since the weaker countries were unstable. The 1800s was a time when Great Britain was one of the most powerful nations in the world. Their empire stretched up to India, parts of Africa, and other parts of Asia. Britain has had a great influence over these countries, whether it be a negative or positive influence.

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