The Dressing Benchmark Essay Example
The Dressing Benchmark Essay Example

The Dressing Benchmark Essay Example

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  • Published: November 17, 2017
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Basically dressing is meant to prevent nakedness. However the way of dressing can be influenced by a number of factors like beliefs, religion, climate and social standards. How a person dresses says a lot about his character and beliefs.

Most women in England dressed in silhouette and wore long gloves and shawls to cover bare shoulders and arms. The material to make the dresses was made of soft cotton which only the rich cold afford. In Rome only senators were allowed to wear garments dyed with Tyrian purple as a sign of their social status. It brought class to families and raised their social status. Wearing of lion skin in Africa by a man signified his brevity in the community.

They believed that lion was the king of the jungle and by killing it a person become as brave as the lion. During the ice age


era people dressed in animal skins to keep warm. These are examples of how culture influenced dressing and how different styles were adopted. In history people did not have much to choose from and kept their dressings as simple as possible.

With the growth in cloth manufacturing companies affording cloths has become cheaper with other people also opting for second hand cloths. Dressing has gradually changed due to new fashion trends over the years. There are individual who major with fashion designs and designing cloths is their career.
Religion practices influenced peoples clothing in that individual was supposed to wear in a certain manner to gain respect. In Islamic religion, a woman was believed to be the image of the family.

The woman chastity brought honor to the family and incase she was violated

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the men of the family may be ostracized or even viewed as weak. In order to earn respect in the society a woman should not flaunt her looks but was supposed to wear a hijab.

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