Healthy eating for Toddlers Essay Example
Healthy eating for Toddlers Essay Example

Healthy eating for Toddlers Essay Example

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  • Published: March 24, 2022
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The article highlights the importance of recognizing the distinct nutritional needs of children aged one to three in contrast to adults and older children. Toddlers, due to their high energy levels, need a sufficient amount of nutrients to support their continuous growth. To ensure optimal development in this age group, it is vital to provide a balanced diet consisting of three meals per day as well as snacks.

In order to prevent constipation in toddlers, it is essential to ensure they consume an adequate amount of fluids throughout the day. It is recommended to introduce a diverse range of foods at an early age as this helps establish healthy eating habits for the future. The author suggests that toddlers should have a balanced variety of foods in appropriate portion sizes, including vegetables, five portions a day of starchy foods, three portions a day of dairy foods, and t


wo portions a day of non-dairy protein-rich foods (Benelam, Gibson, and Stanner 112).

Each toddler has unique nutritional requirements. According to the author's argument, active toddlers require more energy compared to less active ones. However, both active and less active toddlers are capable of self-regulating their food intake.

According to researchers (Benelam, Gibson, and Stanner, p.113), toddlers' consumption can vary due to factors like appetite, growth spurts, or illness. Toddlers can regulate their energy intake by considering the energy density and eating speed of food. Those who eat less during the day tend to have larger portion sizes, while those who eat more frequently have smaller portion sizes.

It is recommended that all toddlers receive supplements of vitamin A, C, and D. Providing healthy guidance on the appropriate frequency and portion size

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of foods low in nutrients but high in sugar, salt, and fats is crucial as it can cause dental decay in toddlers.

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