Eating Habits Essay
Eating Habits Essay

Eating Habits Essay

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  • Published: April 16, 2022
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Habit can be described as a simple way of learning or in other terms a change in personal behavior with experience. Normally, a habit is acquired as a result of learning or repetition of a particular behavior. A habit loop can be described as a neurological loop used to govern all types of habits. This loop of habits comprises of three major elements: these are a routine, a cue, and a reward. When behavior a certain is developed upto a point that it becomes highly automatic, it is referred as a habit at this point. Habits play very crucial roles in people’s daily lives. As people grow, they end up picking different habits thus making it part of their life. Habits can be categorized into two main classes. These are; good habits and bad ones. Examples of good habits include hardworking, r


eading, writing, meditation and regular exercising (Duhigg 7). On the other hand, some of the bad habits include drug addiction, alcoholism, telling lies, stealing, and dishonesty among many others. This piece of writing thus asserts to go deep in to the issue of habits by exploring habits in eating. In addition, it connects eating habits with the habit loop described in the book entitled “The power of habit”.

People have very strong habits when it comes to eating. Like the other habits, some eating habits are good while others are classified as bad habits. Many of our habits were developed during our childhood stages in life; it does not imply that it is too late for them to be changed. Making sudden changes to eating habits, for instance depending so much on vegetables can result

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into loss of weight. Having sudden changes in eating habits is neither a good idea nor a healthy one. At the long run, it has been proved unsuccessful (Duhigg 23). Improving your eating habits permanently requires an approach, in which a person reflects, replaces and finally reinforces on his/her eating habits.
For a person to be successful, he/she has to make sure that he/she develops habits of success. Most fit people have a tendency of sticking to eating similar meals every day. When I come to beverages, successful people in most cases take the same breakfast, lunch and supper. This does not imply that take similar foods for their breakfast, lunch and supper. It rather implies that they have a variety of about three to four related meals to choose.

According to Entrena (25), drinking plain water but not soda or iced ice is a good eating habit. Drinking enough water us very vital to the functioning of the body as it aids in homeostasis as well as other functional aspects in the body. It has been established that most successful people drink around 6 to 12 glasses of water each and every day. During exercises, people should make sure that they take more glasses of water. This is so because much of it is used in these exercises.

Eating small amounts of foods often is another good habit to be emulated. This is the case because hormone cortisol levels rise whenever we spend more than three hours without food. High levels of cortisol in the body end up being stored in the abdominal parts(Duhigg 29). People should thus ensure that they take their meals on regular basis

as this will make their bodies remain fit.
Applying the habit loop in the context of eating habits, bad habits can be changed in order to form good ones. A cue is described as something used in triggering habits. For instance, the smell of a coffee from a coffee house can trigger a person to go and look. With time, a person will get used to taking coffee at a particular time and in this way it becomes a habit. When it comes to habits, a routine is something a person wishes to have it changed. Good examples of such habits include the habits of skipping meals and taking soda instead of taking water. Such habits should be avoided. The reward comprises of taking a course towards a certain positive behavior. This thus comes with the change towards the desired direction (Duhigg 31).


The above mentioned above many others are good and hence should be emulated for people to be successful. There are however bad habits when it comes to eating. Such habits should be highly discouraged. Some of these include taking very large amounts of foods, eating while talking, and not washing hands among others.

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