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Positive and Negative Effects Sports Can Have on the Psychological Development of Children
1329 words 3 pages

Sports psychology is an interdisciplinary science that involves studying about how psychological factors affect performance and how participation in sports and training affect psychological and physical factors. In this paper I will discuss the positive and negative effects sports can have on the development of children. The popularity of children engaging in sports is rising […]

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Child Development Self Assessment Sports
Environmental Trauma in Childhood and Development
810 words 2 pages

In essence, among other factors that influence human development such as biological factors, experiences from childhood have a relatively and considerably huge impact on the development of toddlers. Some of these are such as environmental trauma. Environmental trauma can be gained from depressing and stressful situations that are outside the child. Environmental factors are not […]

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Child Development Psychological Disorders
Early Childhood Language Development
1244 words 3 pages

Does Child Language Development Majorly depends on Innate Language Development rather than Parental Speech I strongly support Chomsky hypotheses that babies majorly develop language based on innate language development rather than through parental involvement. According to Chomsky, human beings have language acquisition device in their brains which houses the ability of an individual to not […]

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Child Development Voice
Separation Anxiety Disorder in Children
2835 words 6 pages

Abstract Causes and risk factors associated with separation anxiety disorder. The exact causes of separation disorder are not known. However, environmental, biological, psychological, social factors are believed to be the triggering factors. The common symptoms of anxiety disorder are worries, fears, refusals to go to school, sickness poor school performance. There are several ways of […]

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Anxiety Disorder Child Development Social Anxiety
The Need for Pretend Play in Child Development
580 words 2 pages

This article strives to present the important aspects of imaginative play in the social and cognitive development of children. In pretend play, children basically form imaginations and manipulation of ideas that to a great extend may trigger emotions (Kaufman, 2013). According to the authors, make-believe play is very vital for development of children especially from […]

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Child Development Early Childhood Education
Role of Neighborhood in Child Development
1744 words 4 pages

THE CHILD Age: 4 Gender: Female Ethnicity: White, African-American, Hispanic Any special needs/strengths/interests: No special needs; Displays normal/above normal progress in social interactions, emotional stability, physical coordination, and cognitive progress Temperament observed: Sometimes when Kay talks she doesn’t give eye contact when she is being reprimanded. She is also a very picky eater, She refuses […]

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Child Development Child Observation My Neighborhood
Understand Children and Young Person’s Development
1826 words 4 pages

The procedural child and young people development which is also known as development milestones is vital to process every child goes through. Right from birth to adulthood, children develop, grow and learn (Keenan, 2016). All children and young people tend to share a similar pattern of development; therefore, development milestone is roughly the same. However, […]

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Child Development Child Observation Dyslexia Erik Erikson Vocabulary
Child Development: Symptoms of Dyslexia
1262 words 3 pages

Dyslexia is health condition that affects a person’s reading and writing abilities. This condition is common in children, especially those attending elementary school. Whereas other kids have fun reading and writing, this is not the case with dyslexic children. Apart from reading and writing difficulties, other signs associated with dyslexia include inconsistent spelling, frequent confusion […]

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Child Development Dyslexia Vocabulary
Role of Transformation in Child Development
494 words 1 page

Child development includes all the emotional, psychological and biological transformations that take place in children between birth and adolescence. As children grow up, they gain dependency and autonomy levels increase. In this paper, we shall review the current issues involved in infant and adolescent development by examining an article on child abuse by parents with […]

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Child Development Community Development Personal Growth
Nature and Nurture in Children Language Development
1391 words 3 pages

Behavioral theory touching on the growth of children assumes that, for the children to be able to speak first words they usually imitate on what they hear. Due to the continuous reinforcement on what they are able to hear on a daily basis, then children are able to learn to speak a certain language. The […]

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Child Development Personal Growth
Early Childhood Development Personality Theories
1564 words 4 pages

The main difference between adaptive and maladaptive behaviors lies in the behavior patterns of the two. The two exhibit opposite patterns. Adaptive behavior patterns are positive and functional to the individual while maladaptive behavior involves patterns that are dysfunctional to the individual. Adaptive behavior enables individuals to adapt to different situations in a positive manner. […]

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Attachment Theory Child Development Erik Erikson Personal Growth
Important Aspects of Child Development
1012 words 2 pages

Child development can be defined as the emotional, biological and psychological change that usually occurs in beings in between the birth of the child. In the personal progress of dependency to the increment of autonomy. It happens to be a continuous process of every child though tends to have a predictable sequence. The case study […]

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Child Development Down Syndrome
Parenting a Child with Down Syndrome
2476 words 5 pages

Down syndrome does occur in one out of every 691 births within the Unite States due to the presence of an extra chromosome 21 at conception. It is the most common chromosomal cause of intellectual disabilities. Down Syndrome not only does affect the children but their families as well. Majority of the children that have […]

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Child Development Down Syndrome
Development of Child and Family Relationships
636 words 2 pages

For every human being to reach the adulthood, they have to undergo through several stages of development which begins early in the childhood era. These changes cuts across all span of life of a child, that is biological, physiological and emotional, this implies that development is a complex process which starts from simple aspects to […]

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Child Development Family Family Values
Bullying Affect a Child’s Development
402 words 1 page

Children in middle and late childhood start developing different cognitive abilities that are essential in improving their overall developmental structures. One of the cognitive abilities that the children are the improvement in memory retention and understanding. As a child I did not understand why other students did not understand the concepts that were being taught […]

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Bullying Bullying In Schools Child Development
Are Kids Having Too Much Screen Time?
456 words 1 page

Screen time refers to the activeness done behind a screen, such as on computers, TVs, tablets and smartphones. It includes the time kids spend on social media, video games, watching the TV shows and movies, chatting and browsing. The growth of technology has enabled children to operate electronic devices. With this capability, children are spending […]

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Child Child Development
Importance of Sleep for Child’s Development
647 words 2 pages

Child’s Development How new parents adjust to the sleep-wake cycle of an infant The parent should try to compensate for the lost sleep. This can take a 20-30 minute doze which can work out the attitude and feeling of tiredness of the mother. It is also advisable for the mother to try to catnap as […]

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Child Development Sleep
Life-Span Development in Middle and Late Childhood
615 words 2 pages

Life-Span Development in Middle and Late Childhood The age between seven and eleven has considerable growth patterns. Children gain two to three inches and about seven pounds annually. The skeletal bones and muscles broaden and lengthen. Large body movements and small body movements are refined as well as growth in the sense of competence and […]

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Child Development Community Development Middle School
Activities For Child Development
1235 words 3 pages

Introduction Child development is the biotic, psychological and emotive deviations that occur in human’s life in the period between birth and adolescence; this takes place as individual advances from reliance to increased independence (Feldman, 2016). It is a continuous process that can be predicted but having a unique path for every child. The frequency of […]

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Child Development Erik Erikson
Effects of Internet on Child Development Essay Example
1689 words 4 pages

180 to learn was reported in 65 cases, to play was reported in 57 cases, to browse in 35 cases, and to communicate in 27 cases. Thus, the five indices of child home Internet use in cluded: 1) the continuous variable years of home Internet access and the dichotomous (report ed-unreported) variables of child home […]

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Child Development Education Regression Analysis
Discoveries Made by Dr. Maria About Child
558 words 2 pages

It will be unfair if we do not acknowledge the services and work of Dr. Maria in discovering the child. She was a keen observer of children. She studied them scientifically. She conducted various studies and found that children loved to do small constructed work provided it suited the age and stage of development. She […]

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Child Child Development Education
Holistic Biographical Narrative of a Child Essay Example
1175 words 3 pages

 Introduction: In this essay I will be discussing about the observation of a nine month old baby girl called Sarah, who lives with her mother and father in a private home in East London. Her two parents are from different races but were both born in United Kingdom. During the observation Sarah’s mother used very […]

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Child Child Development Narrative Social Psychology