How Children and Young People’s Development Is Influenced by a Range of Personal Factors Essay

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Growth and development are dependent on many factors with some affecting some children more than others. The impact can be positive as well as negative. For example, the opposite of poverty is wealth and a child growing up in a home with no financial worries may be well fed and clothed and have lots of opportunities for educational development. However, these advantages can lose their impact if the child does not have a loving and supportive family.

Young children can be affected by many social, economic and environmental factors both in positive and negative ways. Because children are so vulnerable, they can be easily affected by things many parents and adults take for granted. There are four main factors affecting a child’s development: individual child behaviour and health, family life, learning environment and socioeconomic environment. Parental Interactions

Parental interactions with children can have a largely positive or negative effect on child development, according to Parents who spend time playing and teaching their kids through reading and by performing various types of hands-on games and activities can have a positive impact on their child’s development. On the flip side, parents who ignore or neglect to interact with their children in a positive way may be hindering their healthy development. Learning Environment

Children who are surrounded, both at home and at school/day-care facilities, by a strong learning environment that is both informative and supportive may improve their development. reports that research has shown children exposed to poor and underprivileged educational environments tend to be at a higher risk of being negatively affected in terms of their development. Health

Proper nutrition can have a direct impact on a child’s development both physically and psychologically as proper nutrition is related to functional outcomes for children as they get older. In other words, unhealthy eating can lead to weight gain and other negative effects if the child does not learn how to eat healthy early in life. The Royal Children’s Hospital stresses the fact that it is the increased duration and intensity of the exposures to healthy eating habits, through both hands-on learning and leading by example, that really make a positive impact on a child’s development. Social Interaction

Research has shown that social isolation or lack of socialization can lead to early childhood development issues, such as speech problems or an inability to socialize with others in a civilized way. The socioeconomic environment in which a child is raised can have a drastic effect on their development. An example of how this could affect a child negatively is if he/she is not socialized with other children, such as neighbours, classmates or family members.

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