The Resilient Child Essay

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Resiliency is tied to the ability to grow and develop continuously despite the adversities presented by this life; the ability to live through every day, despite the harsh life that brings forth fear and uncertainties in life. This ability is developed through nurture. Adults who expect children to overcome life difficulties are the enabling hand behind resiliency. Parents, teachers and all adults involved in child development must therefore understand the implications of their every action on the lives of children (Scaer, 2005). Identification of Risk and Protective Factors

A risk is a potentially negative state of being. Early childhood educators can use information regarding risk factors to make out student needs and evaluate the ability of their school to attend to those needs.

Protective factors are such conditions that promote the development of resiliency in children. They “facilitate the development of children who are careful not to involve themselves in troubling activities like skipping school or doing drugs. The conditions necessary to mitigate or buffer the effects of risk include: care and support, high expectations from teachers parent and the children themselves and the opportunities for meaningful participation. The larger number of these protective factors attached to key systems affecting children, the higher the likelihood that they are to develop resiliency (Scaer, 2005).

Early childhood educators must identify the risk factors, the protective factors, and the resiliency factors that are present in the children and their school. This way they are able to consider and develop strategies to promote the healthy development of children. It is incumbent upon them to focus our efforts on all individuals within the school population. Children viewed as “at risk” should be provided with basic skills and remedial work while those that are viewed as “gifted” should be given programs that are enriching.

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