Life with Healthy Body Essay Example
Life with Healthy Body Essay Example

Life with Healthy Body Essay Example

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  • Published: November 29, 2021
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The rates of aging in adults can vary significantly, with genetic makeup and lifestyle factors influencing both the aging process and the occurrence of chronic diseases. This study investigates measures that can be implemented in youth to promote good health during old age. Research has shown that consuming nutritious foods during adolescence helps prevent age-related illnesses (Bragg, 2004).

Maintaining a well-balanced diet helps manage weight and boost the immune system (Bragg, 2004). It also protects against diseases more likely to occur in old age due to poor eating habits. Healthy eating habits contribute to lowering harmful cholesterol levels as well (Sapre & Thakur, 2014). Regular vigorous exercises aid in weight loss by burning excess calories (Sapre & Thakur, 2014) and enhance mood while reducing depression, increasing brain cell longevity (Bragg, 2004). Studies show that older adults who exercise


regularly have better muscle quality compared to those who are inactive.

Regular physical activities, such as exercising and staying active, can help prevent aging complications like back pains, muscle aches, and difficulty in mobility during old age (Sapre & Thakur, 2014). Engaging in mentally stimulating activities has also been shown to have memory benefits (Bragg, 2004). Multiple studies have confirmed the effectiveness of these activities for individuals entering old age (Sapre & Thakur, 2014). The specific activities may vary depending on personal preference - some people may enjoy crossword puzzles while others prefer reading. It is important to note that tobacco abuse is the leading cause of cancer and death globally and can be prevented (Bragg, 2004).

Smoking cigarettes is the primary cause of lung cancer and also raises the risk of chronic lung disease and heart problems (Bragg, 2004)

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Misusing alcohol increases the chances of developing liver cancer, cirrhosis, and other chronic illnesses (Sapre & Thakur, 2014). Experts universally agree that any form of substance abuse increases the likelihood of health complications in old age. Therefore, decisions made during youth impact one's quality of life in later years.

Observing healthy lifestyle trends, as demonstrated above, results in a higher quality of life in old age.


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