American Public Health Essay Example
American Public Health Essay Example

American Public Health Essay Example

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  • Published: January 25, 2022
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The American public health association (APHA) defines public health is the exercise of averting diseases in addition to promoting appropriate health in groups of people ranging from small communities to whole countries. APHA further says that public comprises health professionals from various fields partnering with a common resolve of maintaining the health of the general population (APHA, 2016). I learned several things regarding public health from the sources provided, these included that; whereas majority of the people are aware that public health is important, in most cases they are not sure what really it is as well as how it affects their lives. Public health guards and enhances communities by stopping epidemics together with the spread of disease; supporting healthy lifestyles for families and children; guarding against threats in households, work, people as well as the environment; making sure there is acceptable


health-care services; protecting and enhancing the quality of our surroundings; and getting ready for and emergency response (Dwelle, n.d.). The information gotten from the literature provided is relevant to understanding the important concepts of public health because it was evident that, public health professionals can try to avoid problems from occurring or recurring by initiating educational programs, proposing policies, managing services besides conducting studies, in contrast to clinical practitioners such as doctors and nurses, who emphasize largely on treating people after they get sick.

It was also clear that, public health also functions to check health disparities. A considerable part of public health is enhancing healthcare parity, quality and availability (CDC, 2016). The information was able to guide us in understanding that, the structural ability of the public health framework is the collective resource

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and correlations necessary for carrying out the crucial processes of public health. Structural ability usually include; information resources, human resources, and of course financial resources among others.

The activities of public health can be looked at in terms of the important processes via which specialists seek to detect, address, and prioritize population-wise health challenges and resources including the outputs of these public health’s interventions and policies (Handler, Issel & Turnock, 2001).


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