Pestel Analysis of Subway Essay Example
Pestel Analysis of Subway Essay Example

Pestel Analysis of Subway Essay Example

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  • Published: November 4, 2016
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PESTEL Analysis

3. 1 Political Forces

Subway can easily apply its business license in plenty of the countries. It is because that Subway is operated by complying with the political rules such as tax policies, environmental protection laws, employment laws and other political rules.

3. 2 Economic Conditions

Having set up with low cost, it is a very good advantage to Subway. Subway has fully supports from its major suppliers so that it has its completely adequate materials and needs to work out its products in the business.

Moreover, both of the growing market of healthy food and also the franchising facilities set up of Subway are the main economic factors too to prove that Subway is in good economic conditions.

3. 3 Socio-cultural Conditions

ign: justify">Trend towards the new generations and also white collar class that are inclined to live in a busy life style is a very good advantage to Subway too. This trend has caused the growth of Subway’s market and benefits due to the speed of food and services.

Furthermore, people nowadays are able and willing to spend more money on purchasing higher class and quality materials especially on food.

3. 4 Technological Changes

Owing to the well-developed technology of the whole world, there are many innovations and developments that is worth to Subway to invest and utilize, such as computer ordering system, drive-thru service and others. It will have raised the speed and efficiency of those Subway’s services by investing and utilizing both of the innovations.

3. 5 Environment Factors

Consciousness of healthy diet and awareness of

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obesity from publics are the main factors of environment that cause Subway to provide ranges of more nutritious and healthier food which is also unique and fast too to all customers. Besides that, due to the increasing amount of vegetarians in recent years, Subway has to offer vegetable menus to satisfy this large amount of customers.

3. 6 Legal Factors

Subway has to operate its business by complying healthy and safety guidelines which are set up by the government. Besides that, labeling of genetically modified foods also has to be complied by every Subway restaurant chains.

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