Global Marketing Cultural Analysis On Srilanka Sociology Essay Example
Global Marketing Cultural Analysis On Srilanka Sociology Essay Example

Global Marketing Cultural Analysis On Srilanka Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 1, 2017
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Sri Lanka, officially the democratic socialist democracy of Sri Lanka. Known as Ceylon before 1972 is an island state in south Asia located about 3 kilometres from India. Originally known as Heladiva, has a population of 20million people. Bing a midway between south East Asia and west Asia, it became a naval nexus and besides became the Centre of Buddhist faith and civilization. Around 78 % of population is Tamil ; who are normally concentrated in the E & A ; North of the island.

Soon per capita GDP of Sri Lanka is around US $ 900 which is top highest in south Asia. The literacy rate is 92 % which is considered the highest in south Asia & A ; 2nd highest in Asia. Sri-Lanka has ever been an of import port and trading station in the ancient universe, and


increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours by merchandiser ships from the Middle East, states like Indonesia, Burma, Persia, Malaysia and Thailand. Sri Lanka has a really good relation with UK and had the British royal naval forcess stationed at Trincomalee. ( The MahaVamsa )

Geographical Puting

Location - Sri Lanka is an island located in the Indian Ocean, the southern portion of India by the Palk Strait and the separation from India. It is besides known every bit the as Serendipity island.

Climate - Sri Lanka is located above the equator at 5 A° 55 'and 9 A° 55 ' , the longitude between longitude 79 A° 42 '- 81 A° 52 ' . Sri Lanka 's maximal length is 435 kilometer, and a breadth of 225 kilometer. Sri Lanka 's is65610 square kilometres, including 64,740 square kilometer

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of land country and 8.7 million kilometres of Waterss of the entire country. ( Tourism Sri Lanka )

Topography - The cardinal and southern Sri Lanka, Pidurutalagala is a unsmooth cut of the tableland in the 2524 metres the highest extremum in a mountain scope. Sri Lanka one 1000 pess, five sixths of the land at an height of less than. Different rivers and watercourses flow from all waies toward the sea in the center of the mountain and longest river, Mahaweli Ganges flows to northeast ( 332 kilometer ) . ( Encyclopedia of the states )


Social establishments

Sri Lanka is rank 53 amongst 86 societal establishments and gender index in the twelvemonth 2012. The state was run 45 amongst 102 societal establishments and gender index in the twelvemonth 2009.

The 2011 homo development index ( HDI ) mark for the state is 0.691 which is 97th topographic point out of 187 states. The gender inequality index mark is 0.419. Sri Lanka`s planetary gender spread index evaluation for 2011 is 0. 7212 which is 31st topographic point out of 135 states.


Family dealingss in the state have a figure of legal systems. Civil jurisprudence is the chief, but three parallel legal systems, besides applies to: Islamic, Kandy, Sinhala, and Thesavalamai the Torahs are rooted in peculiar cultural or spiritual patterns linked. UN study based on the information reported in 2001, 11 % of misss between 15 and 19 old ages old married, divorced or widowed, compared 2percent of male childs in the same scope. The mean age of matrimony for adult females is 24.

The study of the Asian Development Bank is the armed struggle and the tsunami catastrophe, making

contributing to the kid 's matrimony. The authorities reported that there has been a steady diminution in 1996-2003, the figure of Muslim misss marry before the age of 16, chiefly due to more and more involved in higher instruction. ( Social establishments and gender index )

Husband formed an of import societal web to back up the atomic household, covering most of the societal dealingss. The relations of the person, who can eat or married people tend to represent. As a consequence of these patterns, the local Sinhalese society is highly uneven, non merely in cultural or category degree, but besides relatives.

While Sri Lanka may look a conservative society, it will, because it has several centuries, a series of attitudes and behaviour. Traditional arranged matrimony in Sri Lanka. While immature people can now take their ain spouses, Constellation, caste and parents recognized, is still an of import factor. The aged bring greater security in regard of Sri Lanka, and the old. The aged normally remain an built-in portion of the drawn-out household. ( Sri Lanka a Country Study )


The current instruction system in Sri Lanka is in the nineteenth century by the British colonial Masterss from the British instruction system. They besides created an Independent School male childs and misss. These establishments include simple, in-between and high school. Free instruction becomes a cosmopolitan franchise in 1931 consequences in public schools in 1938. After that, many authorities schools in all states called Maha Vidyalayas. These schools Teachs linguistic communications aˆ‹aˆ‹Sinhala and Tamil.

To the present twenty-four hours, the six-year primary instruction, after bookmans participated in the scholarship test. Clear Scholarship Examination of being admitted to school and was

awarded a monthly fiscal support until they passed from the University.

After primary instruction, secondary instruction is for five old ages. After bookmans sitting authorities scrutiny, the General Certificate of Education Ordinary degree makings, two old ages of high school instruction continued. Then there is the good university entryway scrutiny of the GCE Advanced Level Examination. Who was admitted to the University of Apprentices or trainees of the vocational and proficient schools or be employed in the companies or authorities sections can come in. They besides can be used as a traditional university foreign pupils, or entree to higher instruction at the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Medium for larning in school today is harmonizing to the female parent lingua Sinhala and Tamil. The two compulsory topics are mathematics and linguistic communication. The bookmans of all primary schools in junior high schools get the authorities free uniforms and text editions.

Medium-sized university medical and technology college in the United Kingdom and other modules may be Sinhala, Tamil or English on the university. Some universities besides provide after graduation awarded the class of the 2nd grade.In add-on, a big figure of private international schools were introduced to the instruction of the current day of the month. ( My Sri Lanka )


Sri Lanka 's political system is a presidential system of authorities. Sri Lanka 's political system, the president is the caput of the state, the authorities, the Cabinet, and the commanding officer of the ground forces. The term of office of the president by the people of Sri Lanka for six old ages, and the right to re-election for two back-to-back times. Another advantage of the political system

in Sri Lanka is the big cabinets enshrined in the fundamental law of 28 ministerial stations, including the 2nd hold presidential. ( )

Since its independency, the United National Party ( UNP ) DS Senanayake as the Union of the chief party leader 's incorporate individual in charge of the chief units of the Kuomintang, became the first Prime Minister of Ceylon after independency. In 1952, he won a immense triumph in power until his decease in 1956. Divided resistance leaders do non hold, until 1951, when Solomon Bandaranaike left the UNP formed the Sri Lanka Freedom Party ( SLFP ) . Over the old ages, the SLEP go the island 's other chief political party, advocated by the the UNP friendly west as the former Eastern Bloc, SLFP. ( Encyclopedia of the states )


Sri Lanka 's legal system is highly blended with several Torahs. The major factors that have affected the complexness of Sri Lanka are the cultural and spiritual diverseness of the state which drew back 1505-1948. The legal system is prejudiced by English common jurisprudence and Roman-Dutch. At the same clip the legal system is besides prejudiced by the ancient local system of Torahs illustration: Kandyan, Thesawalamai jurisprudence and Muslim jurisprudence.

The Portuguese ruled the coastal countries of Sri Lanka from 1505-1600 but their influence on the legal system of Sri Lanka barely minimal. During this period they were ruled over by the Dutch and their jurisprudence was introduced to the coastal countries. Roman-Dutch jurisprudence highly affects the jurisprudence delict and more over common jurisprudence has been implemented in many waies which are compulsory implicated by statutory Torahs and judicial determinations.

The commercial

jurisprudence of Sri Lanka is wholly based on the rules of English commercial jurisprudence. Roman-Dutch jurisprudence, which is considered the common jurisprudence of Sri Lanka, governs the general jurisprudence of Sri Lanka. But now English jurisprudence has expatriated the Roman-Dutch jurisprudence in particular Fieldss of jurisprudence of contracts every bit good. The condemnable justness system in Sri Lanka is wholly based on the British rules it has besides been under terrible alterations over the twelvemonth.

The present fundamental law was adopted on grand 16th, 1978. They believe in Buddhism and they besides give proviso to the `` first topographic point '' , doing it the responsibility of the province to `` protect and further the Buddha Sasana, '' while assuring to all faiths the rights preserved in the fundamental law. Those articles guarantee every individual freedom of belief, morality and religion including the freedom of confesses of his or her pick and promises all citizens the independency to attest their spiritual beliefs in worship, observation, practicing and instruction. ( Lanka Legal )


The importance of seeking to do friends in Sri Lanka can overpower many new exiles. Make new friends in Sri Lanka is a great manner to fall in a group or association. By our pick of nines and associations, run into new friends today. Even better, nines and associations can entirely supply you know what their involvements. Like most other exiles, when the top of the move to a different location would desire to make, you will be with other exiles populating at that place through nines and associations made aˆ‹aˆ‹contact.

A similar hunt Club Association in Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka 's political organisation

In Sri

Lanka, faith and spirit groups and professional organisations in Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka instruction organisations, self-help groups in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka 's societal nine, the particular involvements of the Group nines in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka 's athleticss and fittingness nine in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka 's play club the visitant centre in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, adult females 's nines, adult females 's organisations in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka worship. ( Expat Finder )


Meeting and Greeting

Sri Lanka Business etiquette is more formal. It is of import to retrieve, as a invitee, you will bask all the cultural differences to give some leeway, but it is still best to seek and adhere to some of the local imposts.

  •  Greeting, a handshaking is the most common signifier.
  • The handshaking is house.
  •  Greetings meet or go forth.
  •  Work force may agitate custodies with other work forces and adult females to agitate custodies with other adult females.
  • Many Sri Lankan adult females may non desire to agitate custodies with people. Wait for a adult female to widen her manus.
  • As most degrees of civilization, Sri Lanka to utilize the rubric.
  • If a individual does non hold a rubric, use the honorific.
  • Used as the rubric of the individual 's first or last name.
  • Wait to be invited to utilize before a individual 's name.

Business Card Etiquette

  • Initial handshaking and recognizing card exchange.
  • Title and makings are of import, so be certain to add them to your card.
  • Sinhalese and Tamil translated into one side of your concern card is a nice touch, but it does non count.
  • Please present your card with both


  • Treatment and regard for the individual on the card - so make non pocket them, learn from them or utilize them in any manner disrespectful.
  • Communication

    •  It is really of import to keep the face of all of the communicating.
    •  Bash non abashing place, or under force per unit area. Never publically criticized.
    •  Sri Lanka 's non-confrontational, their communicating manner, it is of import to seek and read between the lines. They might state one thing but mean another one, it is by the message hearer.
    •  Watch a long intermission, and avoid contact with the eyes or blazing equivocation scheme.

    Business Meetings

    •  The relationship is so of import to the concern, it is ever a wise investing of clip to set up the relationship between the conversation started any meeting.
    •  Sri Lanka will be feeling and do non worry, there are at least a small spot about your background, and so they will experience comfy making concern or to discourse concern with you.
    •  In fact, the first meeting of the company should be near to strictly a work to construct relationships.
    •  Send your company prior to the meeting, the participants and the conference agenda some background information, it might be deserving.
    •  Meeting may disrupt other concern, but this should non be construed as in any manner rude.
    •  The first meeting will take topographic point normally mid-level staff to roll up the information presented to decision-makers. Decision-makers set up a good relationship, and a solid proposal.
    •  Remember, merely the top people in a company will normally do a determination, so be patient and make your best to run into people face-to-face. ( Kwintessential )


    Sri Lanka

    is a multicultural state. Sri Lanka follow the Hindu, Christian and Islamic faiths, such as Buddhism is their major faith. About 70 % of the population follows Buddhism from India Ashoka in the third century BC supreme. The Sinhala land played an of import function in the formation of early to see over 2000. Buddhism is considered to be the highest moral and philosophical civilization and civilisation of the Sinhalese.

    Hindooism is chiefly used for the Tamils aˆ‹aˆ‹in Sri Lanka really belongs to South India, Hinduism is chiefly used around the 5th and 6th centuries AD Zola dynasty of southern India, the Sinhala power and domination led to a considerable figure of island appear Ranke from southern India, northern Sri Lanka. Therefore, during the domination of the King of Sri Lanka 's Tamil Hindu, Hindu temple is widely built. Chiefly worshiped in Sri Lanka is Hindu God Vishnu, Shiva, Kali, Ganesh God and Skanda.

    Seven per centum of Sri Lanka 's population is Muslim. , And subsequently settled on the island in the early Arab bargainers from the Middle East to see the southern portion of Sri Lanka for their concern. The tenth century Muslims community in Sri Lanka increases their advantage growing.

    Christian religion came to Sri Lanka, the reaching in the sixteenth century, the Portuguese when they ruled the Roman Catholic hit a immense graduated table, many Catholic schools Sinhalese and Tamil province in the island. The transition of Christianity is done under British regulation. Capable to certain limitations, subsequently Christian Sinhalese in Sri Lanka is the governing National Movement. ( Tourism Sri Lanka )


    Religious art is non merely a signifier of aesthetic signifiers and spirits,

    but it is besides a ocular manner, to reflect the spiritual, logical and traditional valuesa, and suggested that in the dedication of the bystanders. Ocular beginning of Christian art is to take God 's Avatar plan and the people with a specific civilization and doctrine, a decisive epoch in the history of world, and besides held worldwide to pull the restraints and restrictions of all ages and climate 6 AD in Anuradhapura Museum of cross Nestorian Christian art available in Sri Lanka, the first ocular explain. But no the the Christian period Sigiriya as proved by Dr. Senerat the Paranavitarana.

    The Lusitanian period pictures and sculptures, there is no concluding verification, aggression because extremist attitude and strong religion in the hegemony of the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands by the Netherlands to better. However, many statues from Portugal during the being of the celebrated celebrated by their Broque contour. Before the Black Madonna in the Goa Jaffna respected image of Madhu and Talawila, some of them. This is a unusual sarcasm, the earliest pictural symbol of Christianity bing tile cosmetic base Buddha sculpture in Reedy Vihare in Karunegala.

    The history of the church sculptures and Coast Markss Sri Lanka can pull to the usage in the the Oratorian epoch of desire Theatre caput. This is the their vehicles divine direction who proposed Nadagam the. In the last portion of the eighteenth century at that place two Somanas now in Tewatte Museum. There is besides a wooden cross in the eighteenth century the celebrated Saradiel the Utuwankanda and sculptures of St. Joseph in St. Joseph 's Church Pamunugama his brother or uncle. He is from a household

    of sculpturers. Era picture began, the largest common Church of St. James the Saints and attractive drapes in the museum Tewatte. ( Art Sri Lanka )

    Life Conditions

    Inadequate lodging conditions in Sri Lanka by a batch of people, particularly in rural countries. Therefore, some of the caput of the metropolis hopes to happen a better criterion of life. ( Seeduwa, Sri Lanka. 08/02/2010 )


    Sri Lanka is nutrient centre, particularly those who like it. Sri Lanka is a vegetarian. The professional nutrient in Sri Lanka is the same nutrient is another manner in a different part. Rice and curry is the chief nutrient of Sri Lanka.


    Sri Lanka has a assortment of houses available like Villas, Apartments ( 1bhk, 2bhk, and 3bhk ) , Houses, Kothis etc. and all are good equipped with modern engineering in flooring, healthful, interior decorator roofs with P.O.P ( Plaster Of Paris ) engravings. All these sort of houses can be seen in all urban countries where as in rural countries people still used to populate in kaccha houses but in some of the rural countries people besides has some pakka houses excessively.


    Sri Lanka has no approved national frock because of this, there are three chief communities named Sinhala, Tamils, Muslims populating together. Under normal fortunes, the Sri Lanka work forces do non believe the articulatio genus collar long-sleeved shirt work forces to have on national frock and white sarong, a Member of Parliament, including the president wear it.

    The individual have oning the similar frock due to the influence of each other, in some instances, even if there are differences. There are besides regional differences are excessively big. Most middle-class work

    forces wear pant and shirt. If this is an chance to go a full suit with tie and a jacket and Western manner, adult females wear saree from the impact of the Indian adult females 's dress Osari Kandy Ladies, dresses or Jerseies and shirts and so on.

    Male Kandy known as the "MUL Anduma '' of the frock worn by the bride and the bride, the groom is a colourful, including a immense figure of accoutrements, such as a tractor, a turban and places, and other traditional nuptials. The Kandy King periods wear and presently worn by the leader, sometimes teeth Temple. Covering the whole organic structure St. Kurana positions: Allah 's holy book the Muslim cap to have on a shirt, sarong and pants, sometimes with adult females.


    Sinhala people in Sri Lanka, India and Europe, the power supply has been ruled for centuries between the islands, the demands of diverse and far-reaching cultural left frontal activity and high spots. Buddhism has been held across the state had a great impact, many fantastic temples and ancient town is obvious. But surely the spirit of the Holy Land in Kandy and Colombo, the capital of the traditional fishing small town, pass some clip to acquire a complete position of this vivacious state.

    Sri Lankan people are what makes this state a great topographic point to do the kid excessively is an of import portion of. Them a warm smiling and a friendly involvement, so that the prosperity of cultural and natural appeal more gratifying. Suitable for out-of-door diversion and merriment in the Sun, the beach is a good pick, but within the

    national park, but besides can supply interesting experiences, such as at the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. Activities such as beach, Dehiwala Zoo, Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage, river rafting cricket, nomadic Anuradhapura around to see Independence Hall, kelaniya Maha Vihara Negombo fishing small town, pettah bazar etc.

    Sri Lanka has Mild and humid clime, good dirt, abundant rainfall. Sri Lanka harvest a assortment of fresh green goods, including fruit and seafood. Visitors will merely surprise interesting mixture of spices and ingredients, but was told that Sri Lanka 's local culinary art is by and large spicy. In peculiar, the state 's curry is the most celebrated can be truly hot.

    If you can non manage the spices, you should inquire for your nutrient to be diluted. However, if you like a small spicy rice, so you will be made like a traditional curry coconut milk, green Piper nigrum, onion and aromatic spices such as Myristica fragranss, cloves, cinnamon and other really gustatory sensation of herbs. Curry is normally accompanied by rice and is the national dish of Sri Lanka.

    In the larger towns in Colombo and Kandy, visitants can happen plentifulness of dining options, such as Continental culinary art, Chinese, Nipponese and Indian eating houses. But you will non desire to lose to seek some alone local features, such as threading hoppers ( steamed mulct noodle pealing ) or hopper ( similar to muffin above soft baked egg ) . By kitul thenar tree sap called coarse sugar, fudge is a existent dainty, and the fertile tropical fruits such as durian.

    Most of the nutrient supply and Ceylon tea is considered to be one of the best tea in the universe. Something

    stronger, more assortments of Arrack, fermented thenar juice made from thenar sap seek one.

    Food in Sri Lanka, are by and large really inexpensive, nice repasts, the monetary value every bit low as one dollar. A inexpensive tiffin in a surprisingly little coffeehouse called "hotel '' 100s of the best topographic points. Here you can acquire rice and curry home bases, or short to eat, such as spicy axial rotation. Kottu barbeque is another favourite must seek is alone in Sri Lanka, can be found in most of the street stables. Sri Lankans eat with his right manus, but every java store can supply you with cutter.

    There are many good shopping chances, in order to suit within the diet choice in Sri Lanka. Colombo and Kandy, modern shopping promenades, all the authoritative consumer goods can be bought, five-star hotels every bit good as some high-end galleries.

    Sri Lanka handcrafts include Cu, Ag, bone, wood, ceramics, old-timers and keepsakes. Kniting undertakings, such as coir mat, rattan baskets and reed weaving gift, because making so fantastic batik and lacing technology and the lacquer. The mask is one of the most exciting traditional trades. They are still in usage to depict devils, liquors, the male monarch and queen of the dance, festivals and spiritual emanations. A mask for the tourers is a really high quality and first-class keepsakes.

    Small stores in most metropoliss and towns around the island, you can purchase traditional handcrafts. For a existent shopping experience, 100s of representatives of the caput of Colombo 's Bazaar market fresh nutrient and trades sold in the out-of-door bazar. Under normal fortunes, the monetary value is really sensible, but feels free to

    dicker, if you want to seek and cut down costs. ( Hotel )


    Social security commissariats exist for both private sector and public sector employees:


    Before the visit to Sri Lanka, you may necessitate to acquire the undermentioned inoculations and medicines, the hazard of vaccine-preventable diseases and other diseases you might be interested in your finish: ( Note: Your physician or wellness attention supplier will find your what is needed, based on factors such as your wellness and immunisation history, countries of the state, you will be accessed, and planned activities ) . In order to maximise the benefits need at least 4-6 hebdomads before your trip, allow your vaccinums to take consequence and get down taking drugs to forestall malaria, if you need it, when to see a wellness attention supplier. Even if you have less than four hebdomads before you leave, you should still see the needed vaccinums, anti-malarial drugs and other medicines and information about how to protect themselves from disease and hurt and a wellness attention supplier.

    CDC recommends that you see a wellness attention supplier in the travel medicine professional. If you have a medical status, you should besides portion your travel programs, any physician, you can see other medical grounds. If your travel programs will take you to more than one state in a individual trip, be certain to allow your wellness attention supplier know so that you can have the inoculation and information for your finish. Long-run travellers, such as those who intend to work or analyze abroad, may besides necessitate extra inoculation demands by their employer or school.

    Although the disease is non a disease, the hazard in

    Sri Lanka, the authorities needs some visitants to bring forth xanthous febrility inoculation xanthous febrility virus transmittal hazard states. If you will travel to Sri Lanka from any state outside the United States, this demand may impact you. ( Centres for disease control and bar )


    The 13th Amendment of the Constitution of Sri Lanka, Sinhala and Tamil the official linguistic communication, English as a nexus linguistic communication definition. In add-on, Sri Lanka 's cultural linguistic communication in the Constitution is Sinhala and Tamil. Government bureaus of any citizen of the state have the right to cover with any of the above three linguistic communications. However, the Government can non function the populace, authorities employees between the 2nd and 3rd linguistic communication ability due to the deficiency of these three linguistic communications. Tamils aˆ‹aˆ‹and Sinhalese are the Sinhalese Tamil said the 2nd official linguistic communication of the civil service. English is the 3rd linguistic communication of communicating in public and authorities bureaus. These chiefly include the Language Policy ( OLP ) .

    The official linguistic communications of the Commission are a statutory organic structure established by the 1991 edict gives the power to supervise the execution of the OLP.

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