Reaction Paper in E-Commerce Essay Example
Reaction Paper in E-Commerce Essay Example

Reaction Paper in E-Commerce Essay Example

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  • Published: December 27, 2017
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City hosted a seminar focused on the 1 Armed GAME Regional Marketing Management Education. The main theme, "Intensified Marketing Strategies in a Complex Emergence of Multiple Channels and Technology," was highly valuable to marketing students like us. Attending the seminar gave us a significant advantage, as we learned important aspects of being a marketing student, particularly in the business world.

We were incredibly fortunate to have exemplary and experienced speakers at the event. Without their expertise, we wouldn't have gained such valuable insights into our chosen profession. Mr. Hans was the first speaker and discussed "Digital Marketing: Reaching and Serving the Market in A New Way." During his presentation, he emphasized the significance of pursuing Marketing Management as a course, given the ever-advancing technology and the necessity for marketing professionals to reach


the market.

Furthermore, Mr. Hans shared potential career paths in the realm of e-commerce, such as digital market planning specialist and digital marketing analytics specialist. This seminar not only enhanced our marketing skills but also boosted our self-confidence in shaping our professional future. Ms. was our second speaker and she highlighted the importance of "Marketing Yourself: Finding Your Way to the Top."

This time, we focused on improving our website skills. In a short amount of time, we were able to refresh ourselves in web analytics and were encouraged to be vigilant in identifying our key performance indicators for assessment. We were fortunate to meet a woman who shared her key ideas on developing an effective website and learned so much from her. We were also amazed by the potential profitability that marketing professionals can achieve with effective skills. Another speaker, Ms. Anna

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Liz, discussed event management and how to plan and execute successful events. She emphasized the importance of event marketing objectives for lead generation and interaction. During her session, we had the opportunity to interact with our fellow attendees. She highlighted that friendly interaction is crucial for creating successful brand experiences at events. Additionally, there were Q raffles, token awards for each speaker, announcements, and talented student performances including singing and dancing. One of the sponsors also presented the significance of their herbal drink, Lady G, for women during their periods. The program ended with closing remarks from Sir Apron and a choir performance.In general, the program was successful! Students received their complimentary snacks and participation certificates before dispersing to safely return home. We are grateful for the chance to be invited as marketing students in this episode.

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