The Social Network Reflection Paper Essay Example
The Social Network Reflection Paper Essay Example

The Social Network Reflection Paper Essay Example

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  • Published: December 17, 2016
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I really appreciate and admire such a talented and intellectual person like Mark Zuckerberg. He has made an influential change of the whole world because Facebook is no longer a simple social networking website, it involves many aspects of our daily lives. For example, our friends post some important information only on Facebook because they consider it a universal platform that everyone should check every day. Besides, users of Facebook now have grown remarkably to five hundred million since 2004, which clearly shows its importance.

I must say that Zuckerberg is a very ambitious person. His creativity, courage of facing difficulties and challenging something unknown are the very key to the success, and those above-mentioned qualities also make a great entrepreneur. Also, we can find from the movie that Mark has undergone a con


siderable change of his life from an ordinary university student to a famous entrepreneur. However, in such processes, does he have to give up on something?

Because Facebook was gaining more and more reputation, some expansions are necessary. Some people wanted to cooperate with them, so an originally small group gradually became a large-scaled corporation. However, some simple things are no longer as simple as before. In order to get more money and fame, Mark betrayed his friend eventually. Somebody comes and somebody goes, that’s the cruel rule, but we have to face. The movie also deeply depicted the humanity issue.

Mark started his career by creating the social network, yet he didn’t get along well with his classmates and other people; that is, he didn’t socialize well. It sounds a little bit ironic, but isn’t i

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because of his different way of thinking that completes today’s Facebook? No matter how people objected and accused him, his only response is ignoring them and kept doing things he considered right. Perhaps it is the entrepreneur’s obstinate personality that makes his dream come true and further makes it possible to change the whole world.

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