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Nowadays most people are obsessed with social networking sites and some of them are students. Some of them cannot afford to live or start their day without the social networking. The purpose of this study Is to shows how social networking site affects the daily interaction of people with their fellow men and to see if social networking ite helps people to become more sociable in real life. The study defines what really social networking is and how people became more obsessed with It.

The study also categorized some of popular networking sites that people using for socializing.This paper shows the effectiveness of social networking site for making people more or less likely to interact with people in real life. People In Real Life? The internet has given us the ability to connect with people from around the globe with a few clicks of a button, making it easier than ever to keep in touch with our friends and family. Because of that, social networking Is the biggest Industry of our time. In our times almost all people are using social networking sites, from kids to adults as well as the professionals are using It all the time.

But we all know that the most common user of social networking sites is students. Perhaps their day wouldnt be complete if they hadn’t log in, post, upload pictures, and updating their status. Peoples already put social networking as a part of the daily routine of their lives. So the question is what is social networking site? Why do so many people obsessed with It? And how does it started? A social networking site Is an online place where a user can create a profile and build a personal network that connects him or her to other users.In the past flve years, such sites have rocketed from a niche activity Into a phenomenon that engages tens of millions of internet users.

The growth in the popularity of these sites has generated concerns among some parents, school officials, and government leaders about the potential risks posed to young people when personal information is made available in such a public setting (Amanda Lenhart and Mary Madden). social networking began In 1978 with the Bulletin Board System. The BBS was hosted on personal computers, requiring that users dial in through the modem of the host computer, exchanging information over phone lines with other users.This was the first system that allowed users to sign in and interact with each other, although it was quite slow since only one user could be t Of distributed using the bulletin board Usenet. Usenet was created by Jim Ellis and Tom Truscott, and it allowed users to post news articles or posts, which were referred to as “news”. The difference between Usenet and other BBS and forums was that it didn’t have a dedicated administrator or central server.

There are modern forums that use the same idea as Usenet today, including Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups.The first version of instant messaging came about in 1988 with Internet Relay Chat (IRC). IRC was Unix-based, limiting access to most people. It was used for link and file sharing, and generally keeping in touch with one another (Miles Walker). Friendster, Myspace, Classmates.

com, LinkedIn, Tribe. net, Yahoo, Gmail and Facebook are some of the popular social networking site nowadays. Friendster was the pioneer of social networking. In its first three months, the social networking website acquired million users, amounting to 1 in 126 internet users being members at the time.

Friendster served as the launching point for the widely popular Myspace, who cloned Friendster and launched after Just 10 days of coding. In the following years, other social networking websites like Classmates. com, LinkedIn and Tribe. net started to pop up, including what was to be the most popular social networking website in internet history. Facebook.

com was launched in 2004 with the intent to connect U. S. college students, starting with Harvard College. In its first month, over half of the 9,500 students signed up.After gaining popularity, Facebook opened its registration to non-college students, and in 2008, Facebook surpassed Myspace as the leading social networking website (Miles Walker). Social networking has come a long way since 1978, and we will all witness its evolution for years to come, forever changing the way people connect with one another.

The objective of this study is: * To understand why people have need to use social networking as a way of communicating to one another. * To see if social networking site helps people to become more sociable in real life.To shows how social networking site affects the daily interaction of people with their fellow men. * To answer the question “Does online social networking site makes people more or less likely to interact with people in real lifer The methodology employed for this research is Descriptive.

This research used the method online survey for collecting data. Questionnaires will be distributed via online through Facebook poll; the correspondents in this research are the social onliners. Some of the data collected from several secondary sources like Journal articles, websites and online social media portals.

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