Social Networking Short Narrative

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Assalamualaikum and very good morning As for today, I’m standing here to present the pros and cons of social networking. . Social networks allow user to communicate, collect & share their thoughts, ideas, photos and information’s with each other, either by internet on their computers or on mobile phones. Nowadays, social network has become a necessary for every person eventhought it was invented for socializing. I bet you that, every each person in this world must have at least one social network account. It can be either, facebook, twitter , tumblr , instagram and such.

So why is it this social network become more and more important in our daily live. Have you ever wondered your life without social network? Or maybe a day without it. Hmm, you may be missed an information or encountered a problem in your relationship or business. The structure of a social networking site is quite simple. Users register to the site, create their profile describing their interests and putting some personal information, and finally add friends/contacts to their profile. Adding a friend involves a confirmation step from the other party most of the times.

The view of a user’s profile is usually limited to the friends of that user, unless the user wants the profile to be public. In that case, all users of the site can view it. Social networking is now become a part of every day’s life. It is trending more than movies or fashion. It gives some great opportunity for the people. . . It is varies for different people. Some might get a benefit from the social network and some also might encounter a problem by involving too much in social network. So for today, im gonna share what are the pro and cons of social network itself

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